back to article Mexican drug gangs slug it out on YouTube

A bloody war between rival Mexican drug gangs has spilled onto YouTube where two competing cartels "taunt each other with blood-soaked slideshows and films of their murder victims", Reuters reports. The war between north eastern Mexico's "Gulf Cartel" - with its private army "Los Zetas", led by Osiel Cardenas, and "traffickers …


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End prohibition - end drug gang violence?

Those blood spattered bodies were eerily reminiscent of gunned down gangsters from prohibition era news photos. Perhaps production and distribution of currently illegal drugs should be brought under legal control? Certainly, this behaviour is no longer seen in the alcohol trade.

This is the position held by 'The Economist' magazine:

and 'Law Enforcement Against Prohibition'

amongst many others.

As Dr Strangelove said "all that is required is ze vill to do it."




i agree with above

some people just wanna get high - let them.

the gov are more than happy for people to kill themselves with booze and tobacco as they make masses of tax revenue from them.

clamping down just drives things underground. if legalised at least we can monitor some of the more dodgy aspects that are going on (for example lacing weed with etched glass to improve weight and looks) and to control purity and strength

also it seems ridiculous to have the british medical association classing, say cannabis, far below all manner of legal things (tobacco killing many and 75% of violent crime, rape and murder being associated with alcohol) but the police clamping down. all they have done in clamping down on cannabis is make heroin now easier and cheaper to get hold of! well done Tony! maybe David Cameron might be more sympathetic :)

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