back to article Solwise PL-200AV 200Mbps powerline Ethernet adaptor

Devolo's first HomePlug AV powerline Ethernet adaptor, the dLAN 200 AVdesk, wasn't a unit that plugs straight into a mains power socket, unlike Netgear's HDX101, which I reviewed last week and, for that matter, UK vendor Solwise's 200Mbps PL-200AV product. But while the HDX101 and the Solwise use much the same form-factor, they' …


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Anonymous Coward

Different vendors

I was wondering if it was possible to pair the Devolo HomeAV and Solwise or do you have to stay loyal to one supplier? What transfer rates/impact does it have having multiple vendors kit?

I can see some locations where the Solwise would be best for me, others where the Devolo would.

I'm sure others might like to know too.

James Anderson


devolo HomePlug

Hi - yes the devolo will work with the Solwise as they both support the HomePlug AV standard. devolo also have released a wall-plug version too



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