back to article Survey shows hole in asset management market

Here's a little challenge for someone – the development of a little client PC auditing system that fires off details of configuration and applications to help desk operators. It would seem there is a big market for such a tool if a recent survey conducted by Centennial Software is any guide. This has shown that an estimated …


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Anonymous Coward

Already there, in bits

There are two main avenues already...

1. VNC : why ask what's on screen, if you can ask politely to see their screen, open task manager, etc.

2. Reporting tools.

a) Microsofts has quite a few WMI based scripts, perfect for gathering information on demand - remotely even.

b) While a lot more expensive, Lavalys Everest has a remote audit, which can grab DLL versions, processes, software versions, event logs, PCI info, and even grab screen shots of applications or all of windows current desktop

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