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Not every living-room computer is a Windows XP Media Center Edition PC or a Mac capable of running Apple's Front Row software. Both systems can connect to a TV and provide a remote control to help you select content to play, but there are plenty of older machines out there that have been put to use as song storage systems. What …


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What I'd like to know....

As with all reviews I would like one thing added, what happens when the device is plugged into a Linux box, presumably not a lot. Perhaps El Reg can amend it's reviewers guidlines to include at least a 'Tested Not usable with Linux' as a minimum ?

I also wonder can the usb dongles be bought seperatly from the remote so that you could use it on more than one box (we have a set up in the lounge and a second in the bedroom both of which have access to our music )

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Re. What I'd like to know...

Hi, Trevor

If a product's manufacturer says it will work with Linux, we'll mention the fact in a review. When something's a USB Mass Storage device - which Linux can handle, IIRC - we say so too.

However, we can't connect every other device to a Linux PC on the off-chance it may work. That said, we always welcome contributions from readers who've tried a product and found it works with Linux, and I'd invite them to post their findings as a Comment to a review of the product.

Comments are here for readers to ask questions and provide their own take on any given gadget.

Tony Smith,


Reg Hardware


Amount of songs in list limited

I noticed that the lists that have more than 10 000 song at it, will make the device to bug out and turn off. At least it will show my lists up to 8 000 - but not the 14 000 and above. I am DJ besides - and have a lot of music. If this is a behaviour for all devices - it really should be written about in the spec - and especially in the the reviews!

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