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You're about to launch your latest all-in-one Windows Mobile 5.0 device but need it to stand out from the plethora of similar PDAs and handhelds. What do you do? Simple, give it a quirky brand name and then tout it as the world's thinnest GPS and Wi-Fi enabled Pocket PC phone... At least that's what E-Ten decided to do with …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I bought one

    I bought an X500 last week. I bought it because of the hardware spec, mainly built in GPS & WiFi & phone. I have had palms since the original palm pilot, and once went to the dark side and bought an imate pda2k. I very quickly went back to palm and a treo 650.

    However, my memory is bad and the thought of a GPS built in, giving me traf cam alerts had me excited.... Doh.. how wrong I was. It is typical windows. Slow, counter intuitive, takes so many clicks to change anything, and best of all Tomtom crashes with 30 secs of it starting. Oh and Tomtom were about as helpful as a chocolate teapot ("Your device is not compatible, sorry"). I'm hoping Co-pilot live might work.

    If you like Windows mobile PDA's then this could be for you. If you are a palm user then I would stick with your existing product until palm come up with some decent hardware.

  2. Trevor Livett

    I bought one

    Like you I am an avid Palm user, but this new Glowfiish X500 look very impressive, when you say the windows system is slow, how slow is it, compared to the Palm, I also know the windows program are bloated, in other words take a lot of memory to run software, have you herd of, it's a Palm emulator, there is a free trial download, if you do decide to try it can you please let me know how it runs on the X500.

  3. Giles Jones Gold badge


    Sure Windows Mobile may seem slower than Palm OS, but it is more functional.

    Both Symbian and Windows Mobile are sluggish at times on every device I have used. There's so few phones running PalmOS these days, commercial software support is fading.

    As for the X500 being expensive, Clove are selling it for £364 and that's with VAT.

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