back to article Adobe opens Flash to Firefox

Adobe Systems is prying open its ubiquitous Flash media player to improve interoperability with the increasingly popular Firefox browser. Adobe announced Tuesday it has released source code for the ActonScript Virtual Machine scripting language engine used in Flash Player to the Mozilla Foundation under Project Tamarin. …


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A few corrections: Sharing the AVM2 between Flash and Firefox will do nothing to "improve compatibility and stability with Firefox." If you have the Flash Player/VM on your system then you have Flash, end of story. There is no such thing as a Flash compatibility issue with FF, or IE for that matter.

From a technical standpoint this will hugely benefit FF3 by allowing the browser to compile JavaScript into machine code and run very, VERY, fast. It gives FF a leg up on IE in that department.

Lastly, Flash is not under assault from AJAX. It's popular to think in terms of "my programming language is better than yours" but it simply isn't the truth. Both do similar tasks. Both are based off the same language - ECMA. Both are growing in popularity. Take a look at the job boards. There are gobs of job openings for both AJAX and Flash developers. Just because I'm a Flash developer doesn't mean that there's an AJAX developer somewhere out of a job. We're not competing with each other. Well, maybe a little. :-)

Dan Florio and Flash Developer

This topic is closed for new posts.


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