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Rich Green, Sun Microsystems' new software chief, thinks his rivals are "hung up" on service oriented architectures (SOA), and are failing to grasp the bigger picture. In an interview with The Register, Green said that Oracle, IBM, SAP and others are using SOAs to integrate existing components. But the long-term goal should …


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Sun's Missing Quantum Leap

"According to Green, Sun's developer focus means it is building a community that can create applications and services for Sun and customers. This will take Sun's integration approach beyond just an Oracle Fusion versus SAP NetWeaver play, he says."

Actually the Quommunity is building Sun's Applications and Services, as IT will be able to do for all such IT Players. The Knack comes in the Money invested/deposited in those major IT Players [IBM, Sun, MicroSoft, HP, Lenovo, Intel, AMD etc. etc.] being reinvested/deposited with the Virtual Reality/Virtualisation Majors who would choose to use their Systems for their Virtualisation Program/Projects.

It is a Paradigm Shift in Powerful Control Matters whereby, rather than Virtual Programmers being tied and contracted to specific companies by virtue of their Application to those companies, the companies by Virtue of their Application of Investment in Programmers can retain their Interest and Claim their Expertise/Skillsets.

He who pays the Piper, can call the Tune rather than any particular Toon thinking to play the Piper for the Excellent Piper likes to play well to and for a Global Audience.

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