back to article FSP Booster X3 GPU-friendly power supply

Upgrading your PC? Want to fit two graphics cards, but you don't have a powerful enough power supply? Well, PSU-maker FSP may have just what you need. The Booster X3 is a supplementary PSU that slots into a 5.25in drive bay and is used exclusively to power your PCI Express graphics cards... The X3 is about the size of a …


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Graphics card power. Where will it all end?

Am I the only person in the world who has a big problem with the amount of power that the latest graphics cards are using? Whats the point of having low power CPU's like AM2 Athlons and Intel Core Duo's if the latest Graphics cards are going to help push the world into Global Warming oblivion anyway? Have graphics card manufacturers not thought about power comsumption and energy prices?



For Colin.

Yo Colin.

If you ride a Ferrari, doesn't that engine get hot in the process of burning rubber? Doesn't it drink petrol like a thirsty Irishman while getting as many horsepowers out of the machine as the manufacturer put in?

Even energy efficient cpu's still need a huge fan. Video cards have a tiny little windblower to cool its gpu...

Nah, just kidding. I agree. It is time for the graphics card industry to shift focus and work on cards with lower power consumption.

I do believe in the future we will look back and laugh at methods to cool our power hungry cutting edge hardware.

Soon; No fans and no power consumption. Great!


Martin (in China)

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