back to article IBM nets MRO for $740m

IBM has bought asset and service management specialist MRO Software for $740m. It's the company's second software purchase in as many days. IBM will establish MRO as a business unit within its Tivoli division under general manager Al Zollar. IBM plans to incorporate MRO's technology into Tivoli, sell MRO through IBM's channel …


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Anonymous Coward

Missed the point of the acquistion.

MRO is the leader in computerized maintenance management systems; the IT asset management they do was incidental but important for them to acquire as a defensive play. The CMMS market is consolidating just as it begins to co-opt the calibration management systems (pulling in those related functions since they are so close).

Datastream was number two, and were absorbed by Infor earlier this year. Infor is pushing an ERP play against Oracle and SAP, both of which have inferior CMMS/ CCMS tools. IBM grabs MRO, doing a few things to the various markets:

1) it puts a huge financial backer behind the market/

technical leader in CMMS, enabling them to co-opt

calibration eventually and take that market lead as


2) it keeps MRO out of Oracle's and SAP's hands, denying

them a solid piece of augmentation in their upcoming

battle against Microsoft (oh yeah)

3) it puts asset management tools in IBM's hands, thus

putting some real meat in Tivoli's system management

suite. Now you can not only track device uptimes,

back them up, manage them remotely... you can track

their TOTAL cost, roll it up in organized hierarchies,

use auto-discovery to manage your IT investments, etc.

4) puts some very smart, customer-focused people under

the IBM umbrella. MRO can now grow with a bigger

safety net underneath them.

Now *that's* how you do anaylsis.


This topic is closed for new posts.


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