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Data Centre

Bit barns and all the things you need to run them

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Re: It's been a long time coming


From revision control to operating systems

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Re: Two things


Tin foil hats, black hats and bald men

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Re: Diretional antenna


Automate, Rinse, Repeat

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Microsoft leading cloud provider......


Sell, Sell, Sell!

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Re: The Swedes might as well have Assange first

Personal Tech

We have better kit at home

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FCC boss blesses T-Mobile US-Sprint merger amid sketchy promises, lashings of incoherency


On a boat, doing ....

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It's 50 years to the day since Apollo 10 blasted off: America's lunar landing 'dress rehearsal'

Emergent Tech

Rise of the Machines

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AI Whiskey, Absinthe is more like it.....


Also known as where's the sodding IT angle!

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Long-distance dildo devotee deploys ding-dong over data deceit

The Register Lectures

You've seen the speeches, now have your say

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Register Lecture: Hidden heroes of Alan Turing's Enigma

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