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Data Centre

Bit barns and all the things you need to run them

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Lawyers' secure email network goes down, firm says it'll take two weeks to restore


From revision control to operating systems

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Re: A friend of mine was giving a demo yesterday


Tin foil hats, black hats and bald men

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I used to be a dull John Doe. Thanks to Huawei, I'm now James Bond!


Automate, Rinse, Repeat

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Re: A few good pints


Sell, Sell, Sell!

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Re: Clever idea to retain employees

Personal Tech

We have better kit at home

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Re: My tuppence worth


On a boat, doing ....

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Re: Oops

Emergent Tech

Rise of the Machines

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Why can't robots just learn to do things without being told?


Also known as where's the sodding IT angle!

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Oracle boss prevented from Brexit Britain trip due to US shutdown

The Register Lectures

You've seen the speeches, now have your say

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Register Lecture: Right to strike when your boss sells AI to the military?

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