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BOFH: Licence to grill ... stupid users


I've been using Office 2007 at work for quite a while now and I still have trouble finding things in the ribbon. But once I put all my most used commands into the quick access toolbar it wasn't too bad - I only need to go to the ribbon occasionally instead of all the time.

As I've said on other forums: if the first thing I have to do to make the ribbon useful is put all the stuff I use frequently onto the quick access toolbar, then there's something wrong with the ribbon as a user interface.

There are a few features in Excel 2007 that I like. One that I've been wanting for many years is autofiltering on "Contains" rather than just "Begins With" or "Ends With". Also, the new COUNTIFS and SUMIFS functions are useful. But that's about all. I don't use Word as much, and I haven't seen many differences; certainly not enough to offset the pain of learning the new interface.

At home I use Office 2000, and there's very little I can do with 2007 that I can't do with 2000. I can even handle version 2007 file formats thanks to the compatibility pack. I'm not planning on buying a new version of Office for the home in the forseeable future, especially since I'd need the Professional version to get Publisher etc (which I do use), and that's the best part of $1000.

Oh, the article? Yeah, pretty good, but I think I'll wait for version 3 before I buy it.


BOFH: Hordes unleashed... by a RAM upgrade


Have to agree with John Riddoch

This is the same BOFH and PFY who have a history of stealing the RAM from users' newly-upgraded PCs to use in their own gear. Now they're reclaiming RAM from computers they're getting rid of and just *giving* it to the users? It doesn't fit - unless they're damaging it first in order to rack up the overtime support charges, but that doesn't seem to be where this is going...


BOFH: BOFH vs Bot: Ultimate Smackdown


Electromagnetism FAIL

@LyingMan: " they are electromagnetic opposite poles.. actively repelling each other.."

Opposite poles attract.


BOFH: Made of win


Beyond 2000

I remember watching it when it was called Towards 2000...


Oklahoma offers War on Terror numberplates


@Nick - Re: Why not their own terrorist bombing?

"Gosh, I wonder why the plate doesn't feature Oklahoma City's own terrorist bombing"

They have a separate plate for that, of course:

Oklahoma City Bombing Victims And Survivors


But it's nice to know that anyone can declare themselves a Gold Star Parent with http://www.tax.ok.gov/plates/sp037.html.