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Beeb says sorry after iPlayer network fail

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BBC licence payers

the licence payers are complaining ... but they still get terrestial TV ...

QUESTION: do you have to be a licence payer to legally watch/listen to content on BBC iplayer ?

THOUGHT: but radio streams are constantly throwing error messages , 'file corrupt' ? worse reception than 1970's in the highlands laddie; often beeb servers/BT connections serve too slowly to be watchable. Shifting to internet broadcasting has shifted me to stoneage reception and quality - is the beeb and BT gonna give me my money back ?


India and Belgium decry Chinese cyber attacks

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Re:At the risk of sounding xenophobic

yes , that post is sharp to the point of propaganda, can we have some verifiable facts/names please?


US Army struggles with Windows to Linux overhaul

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Linux Wins

There must be many reasons the US military has chosen to invest so much cash in Linux. The Department of Defense is one of the most powerful (the most powerful?) and best budgeted (the biggest budget?) software buyers and developers on the planet. Via US companies they are the world's biggest supplier and manufacturer of weaponry.

That's a lot of Linux based software and the ultimate 'Why choose Linux' report to go with it..even if their software development is restricted to camouflaged versions of Excel the implication is that a linux platform scored highest overall from the list of -

return on investment

speed of development

freedom of development






fit for purpose

profit making

patriotism (immigrant Torvalds over citizen Gates, US jobs)

learning curve

etc etc etc

Even if they got it wrong (and they have been known to) , from an organization that believes, absolutely, in the need for technical superiority and associated skills (with the conviction they posses these attributes) their choice is supremekly influential. This battle is the turning point in the war and the one the stock market will be changing sides after.

Is 'hippy hacker' concern at Linux becoming the 'Oppenheimer OSS' the reason celebrations are so relatively muted? If so, txs developers for showing this glimmer of emotion winning out over *reason* and would you please code a 'Swords into Ploughshares' switch into the core?


Brown announces new counter-terror plans

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no such thing as illegal immigrants

Only illegal governments -

Perhaps you'd like to list the numerous illegal immigrants convicted of terrorist acts in the UK? Seems like brown's "aliens are terrorists" propaganda is already working.

'Secure' the railway stations? what next..bus stations? motorway services? it's not possible to 'bomb-proof' urban society. there will always be a way to attack it. A mildly creative 13 yo could come up with the method and weaponry to make the front pages.


A PC to call your own...

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we need revenge

yup, how dare they developers presume ownership of my machine..

so off the top of my head - write a script that detects a reboot now/later dialogue and messages a website with the offending script name. scripts get ranked onsite for their intrusiveness by number of annoying dialogues generated (+ uninstalls - how useless others have found said scripts), blog the boots off the website and sell it as a general reference point for script downloads. get rich off all they deluded developers..

and..if you try to remove the messaging script..