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Microsoft product groups back off February 'big bang'

David Ward

It amazes me

It always never ceases to amaze me how a product by microsoft can be delayed into mainstream retail on every occasion , I mean theyre just basically the same batch of dross coding as the last version and the 4 previous ones dressed up to look like lamb with a few extra lines of code superglued onto the same old chassis to make a few tools that few people will never bother using any way. Business' have to pay thousands to keep up with the latest software to maintain compatibility or keep support and despite the delays there will still be some "unforeseen bugs" UNFORESEEN jeez have a bit of pride in your products microsoft , heres a thought dont release it until all the bugs are gone. Now thats a radical idea is'nt it? A piece of software that is bugless????? Guys you could hld off releasing it till 2208 and it would still have bugs ..maybe best to start waaaay back at the beginning on Win 3.11 remove the bugs in that and progress from there . ONLY IN SOFTWARE ARE companies allowed to get away with selling a product that is defective. If microsoft products were cars they would have been withdrawn at every point because theyre not safe or they crash or theyre too complicated to use for novices.