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Microsoft tells Ultimate Extras fans to 'hang on'


Vista a waste, Always was...

Indeed I beta tested Vista Ultimate, and got Vista Premium with a new laptop for free as an OEM (guess what? its been gone for several months now, it was not worth the slowing down of a brand new laptop just to use Vista). I use Windows 2003 server with windows 2000 for the 2 towers, and Windows XP MCE 2005 on my new laptop (Dell is your friend when you want to complain about Vista). After implementing the Vista emulations that are readily available online for FREE (start menu, Wallpapers, sounds, themes, icon upgrades, shell upgrades), and adding sidebar for XP, and VLC media player for the "DREAMSCAPE" Exclusive movie wallpaper functionality, (wow thats been around for like 6 years already, whats the big deal?) My windows XP MCE system runs faster then the exact same system with either the Vista ultimate beta or the Vista home premium... And it is not burdened with all the calling home and big brother / DRM "FEATURES" that Vista forces on you. Not to mention the often override UAC bugging you every 5 mins for anything that is NOT Microsoft in origin. I wanted the nice TV PVR features that Home premium and Ultimate promised but when I really looked at what I got, it was much more efficient to just used XP MCE then to bother trying to get Vista running better by doubling up RAM, and Video card... Oh By the way. the "exclusive" Areoglass features, are also available from the original concept developer (NOT MICROSOFT) for Windows XP as well. It works like a dream on XP. No problem at all. This was something my Vista Home premium was not able to accomplish on my equipment at all. But it works 100% on windows XP from the original developer? go figure? Kudos to Otaku...

As an IT consultant my consistent answer for Vista is don't bother. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it...