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Microsoft to bring back beloved 1990s super-hit BATTLETOADS!?*


Back in the mists of time

Rare have an even better heritage going back even further. Those of us of the older persuasion well remember Ultimate Play The Game, who became Rare. Now, they were ground breaking. You weren't supposed to do 3D ( of sorts ) with 48k !

Minecraft is doomed!


UK.gov to warn tweeting twits, celebs 'n' pals on court case comments


I'm no legal eagle...

but where do things stand if said Tweet/Blog/ ( insert soshul meja thingy ) comment is from abroad?

For example: If person A in America Tweets something the Old Baily is not best pleased about and I happen to be following them but do NOT ReTweet, I'm assuming nothing will happen. But I will still know what I'm not supposed to know. You know what I mean?

If I tweet a link to a website outside ( but do not comment at all about ) the UK/EU containing content that would make a Judge burn his wig, what then? Would it be the same if CNN broadcast a name in a news report and I happen to have that as part of my TV package? CNN are in U.S jurisdiction.

I'm confused.


Total cost of that axed NHS IT FIASCO to taxpayers: £10.1bn


It's stuff like this...

that actually makes me ashamed to be connected to the I.T. industry and the public sector. It's huge mismanagement, enjoying the gravy train too much and general incompetence all round.

The best of it is, no one will carry any form of can over this ( no blame culture ) and no real lessons will be learned. It's not as though there's not enough precedence, NIRS2 springs to mind.

Oh, and we have to fork over the money and just put up with it.


Bolivian president's jet grounded so officials can look for Snowden

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Re: Stop the Pigeon

You're right about the Hooded Claw trying to get our beloved Penelope. I could be wrong here, but I seem to recall the 'friend' was her lawyer trying to get his hand on her fortune. The Ant Hill Mob was there to protect her.

A quick trip to IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0173587/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 has just confirmed the ol' marbles are basically intact for the mo.

What were we talking about?


Douglas Engelbart, PC pioneer and creator of the mouse, dies at 88


I'm standing on the shoulders of giants

Thank you sir. You made my I.T. life and I suspect others a whole lot easier.