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Password manager LastPass goes titsup: Users LOCKED OUT


Maybe a little research/sanity here ...

I do not work for LastPass, but I am a long-time paying customer.

1. Before you start bashing a cloud-based password manager, do your research ...


Nothing (except maybe meta-metadata) is stored in the clear in the LastPass cloud. Once you authenticate, the encrypted blob is downloaded and decrypted locally on your system. If you add a site, note, whatever, again, it's encrypted locally and then added to the cloud blob.

Show me a cheap, roll-your-own password solution that supports multifactor authentication, one-time passwords, secure password sharing, and rollbacks, and I will buy VC stock in the company.

2. Downtime this (for me) morning was pretty annoying, no lie ... but in 4 years this is the FIRST time I've ever experienced any hassle ... so for a darn cheap system with an offline fallback, this is pretty darn good. About the only thing I'd ask LastPass product management to do is to put in a "manual offline" option to force using the local copy ... but that has its own security issues as well.


Boffins 3D-print biomimetic shark skin


Y'all aren't thinking big enough

Imagine, if you will, that this technology is able to scale up to, say, be able to be applied to a cargo ship or supertanker. If they can get the propulsion optimized to spec, a 10%+ improvement in efficiency (and translated bunker fuel costs) ain't nuthin to sneeze at.


Breaking with your back-up supplier is a sticky business


A case study that turns into a thinly-veiled elevator pitch?

Well played, well played.

Spawn of Satan because, well, it was a good deception.