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Antarctic ice shelf melt 'lowest EVER recorded, global warming is NOT eroding it'


Re: Nice article

I'm sorry, squid?


London Underground cleaners to refuse fingerprint clock-on


I've used these before and....

They worked absolutely fine. It was a cheap system in a hotel chain for the hourly paid staff, all hourly paid staff used it and for obvious reasons salaried staff did not, and I would guess that over the course of approx 3 years my print failed to scan first twice, three times at most. Each time it beeped and I scanned my finger again, which worked. Lost me around 2 seconds.

The simple fact is that when you actually look at what data is stored and how it can be abused, there is very little reason to object to it.


Limbaugh: If you hate Apple then you're a lefty blog-o-twat hipster


So, Limbaugh suggests that the Democrats should win?

"Nine out of 10 tech bloggers are biased against Apple, Limbaugh predicted"


"Limbaugh added that the bloggers are probably Democrats"

So by his own prediction, based on a sample group of his choosing, Limbaugh suggests that 90% of voters are Democrats, which in a democratic society means that they must be right.

It's terrible mathematics I know, but still a better use of statistics than anything I've ever heard him say.


Beam me up? Not in the life of this universe


Missing the point

I'm being lazy and not reading all the comments to see if anyone else got here first, if so my apologies:

Let's assume technology HAS reached this point, and we can successfully scan at the relevant level of detail, plus recreate the tissues in exactly the same structure, can we actually rebuild the brain right down to the electrical impulses that control memory and be confident that the thought processes within will not change? Might I be transported an atheist and arrive thinking "Actually maybe this whole Intelligent Design thing sounds pretty convincing..."?

Would we actually know a change like that had taken place?

A lot of people are talking about compression, would you want your data compressed in such a way?

Lastly, would anyone actually want to do this? Let's remember that you never actually "go" anywhere, this is the equivalent of a fax machine that shreds the original as part of the scanning process. A teleporter, by definition, kills you.

Now, if it worked 100% perfectly that's not much of an issue, and while it's not ideal an accident where the message is lost/corrupted means you cease to be that's part of the risk too.

But what happens if for some reason it fails to vapourise the original? Suddenly there are two of you, so do you put one to death? How do you pick one? Do you split their assets? What if you have a family, do you share the wife and kids?

In my hypothetical space travelling future, I'll stick with the nice safe method of propelling myself through the heavens with a nuclear weapon.


Remember Streetmap? It's suing Google in a UK court


This is getting silly

Ok, I'm all for fair competition and giving the little guy a chance, but competition should be based on everyone having a fair chance, not penalising someone for being good at something.

When Google maps first appeared, I had been using Streetmap for ages, and was a big fan. Google maps worked better. If it hadn't, I'd still be using Streetmap.

Streetmap surely have no right to sue Google because their product wasn't as good? If I opened a restaurant and a year or so later someone else opened a better one down the road that pinched my customers, I wouldn't be able to sue them, I'd have to up my game, and quickly, before my customers left never to return.

Streetmap had a good product. Someone else released a better one. They didn't move quickly enough to salvage the situation, and they lost the business. End of story.


T-Mobile US announces 'no BS' rate plans, iPhones, LTE


Same in UK

The lack of understanding is every bit as common in the UK, although obviously not so much on a tech site such as el reg.

I just bought a Nexus 4 (£279), cancelled my previous contract and got a T Mobile sim only contract for £16 p/m, unlimited calls, texts and data.

Almost everyone who asked what I was paying for the new phone were convinced that their 24 month contract with 100-200 minutes and 500mb data for £41 p/m was better because "the iphone 4 only cost £100".

I guess the biggest barrier to people is paying upfront rather than paying it gradually, at least the new model is transparent!


Apple's marketing honcho Schiller attacks Android, Samsung


No fragmentation?

Possibly been covered already, but I'm lazy and skimmed the comments.

3 years ago I was given an iPod touch, and despite it confirming to me that I did not want an iPhone, I had to admit I loved it. I effectively retired my phone/laptop from online use when I was at home, and for emails/new/checking lottery results etc it was really handy.

During that time I have gradually seen the apps I used (some free, some paid) drop off, as developers stopped supporting older versions of iOS, and Apple refused to allow my device to upgrade, apparently because I don't have a camera and some apps use it (?).

Some of these are understandable, some not so much. The National Lottery app no longer works, why? All it does is download a few numbers and display them. Simple games like Mahjong download an update and then refuse to run, with no option to roll back.

I see no reason to upgrade my MP3 player because Apple think 3 years is a sufficient lifespan, my old iPod third gen is still running fine, and that's 10 years old.

That to me is enough to ensure I never buy another Apple product. Ever.


BlackBerry juices Z10 handset with OTA software update


Where is the UMA?!?!

When they add UMA back in, I'll buy one within minutes.

In fact, that goes for any of the top smartphones.

Except iPhone. I'm not that desperate.


Wi-Fi hotspots, phone masts: Prepare to be assimilated by O2's Borg

Thumb Down

Orange/EE UMA

It may interest those touting Orange/EE's UMA options to know that Orange are withdrawing the service, they now only have one new handset which includes it and have no plans to add it to anything else.

I have been happily using UMA on a BB and Signal Boost on a Galaxy S2 for ages now, due to getting no signal from any networks in my home, my partner's home, or my office, and I am now effectively stuck with my old handsets.

The popular theory online is that operators worldwide have realised that they miss out on pricey roaming costs when customers use UMA abroad, but personally I just think they couldn't be bothered anymore.