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EMC: Backup is BROKEN, do you hear me? Now buy this other thing


Actifio Is Radically Simple Copy Data Management... TODAY.

"Chief Marketing Mouthpiece?" Ouch.

Setting that aside... you nailed it. All I'd add for your readers is that it's important to remember that the big storage vendors created the Copy Data growth problem, and benefit the most from it. It's naive to think they're the ones who are going to solve the problem. Mr. Manley is dead right about where the market is going, but until EMC tells financial analysts that it's no longer going to get the revenue tailwind of massive same customer data growth, this copy cat strategy is more about protecting EMC market share than it is about protecting customer data.

I'd all so point out that they're calling for a data management model that tames storage growth, sets SLA's for production applications, leverages backups as assets instead of insurance, and manages data in its native format to make it accessible instantly. For all the breadth of their current product line... they have NONE of those capabilities today, and Actifio has ALL of them.


Actifio plans wider data management portfolio


Re: that's quite a bit of hype there batman

I'm not sure who you spoke to, Nate, but I wonder if he was drinking from an EMC coffee cup at the time.

Anyone who'd like to hear from customers and partners directly can do so here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAcue2XWwqAlvfy2a7AV0F84_RIUl3J2o

We're for real, Batman.


Storage upstart polishes copied-data slurping tool


Re: who uses it?

Mike Troiano here, I'm Actifio's CMO.

The short answer to your question is enterprises with 15TB-2PB of production data who find their storage requirements are growing too quickly; they're unable to ingest data fast enough to meet their internal SLA's; or the RTO or RPO objectives they can support using conventional technology just don't get the job done.

Most businesses today are dealing with a storage explosion. When you look closely at the data growth, you find production data growing at a linear rate, and "COPY DATA" - meaning data produced by all the systems that make copies of production (backup, snapshot, DR, BC, test & dev, analytics...) - growing geometrically. Copy data is what drives the storage explosion, because each of the systems that create it operate in a silo, creating copies without knowing what copies already exist. And while it's true there are plenty of systems out there to treat the symptoms of unchecked copy data growth (dedup, WAN optimization, etc.), Actifio is the first that cures the disease.

We do that by virtualizing some or all of the data protection apps I mentioned above. We replace those systems with a single one that makes a single, golden copy of whatever you'd like to protect in production, then stores incremental changes to it in such a way that you can recover anything instantly for up to 90% less than it would cost to do so through conventional means.

I hope that helps your brain stop hurting. If you'd like to know more, just ping me on Twitter @miketrap.