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Mozilla: Native code? No, it's JavaScript, only it's BLAZING FAST


Joy to the World

My dream has come true!

I've always wanted to write in C or C++ and then hope that my code can properly be parsed into a niche language, and then after some debugging of code that "is so arcane that application developers are advised not to try to write it by hand", it would be able to run in only one web browser, provided that the user is able to update it to its latest version, has updated it within the last few months and has in fact enabled my "optimized" code to run in it.

Then it might or might not run faster than if I had written it in JS in the first place.


Beam me up? Not in the life of this universe

IT Angle

Conclusion - compression is beyond our means

The authors conclude that "The requirements discussed in this paper illustrate that quick teleportation is beyond our means".

After reading the paper, I conclude that the authors haven't heard of compression or caching. There is also an implicit assumption that the guys on Star Trek don't know what a brain is, so they need to recreate it at the quantum level every time they beam someone.

IT angle: If you mention Star Trek in your Introduction, you better get your IT right.


STROKE this mouse to make apps POP, says Microsoft

Big Brother

Re: Is it just me?

The "comfort" bit is meant to offset the discomfort caused by TIFKAM.

The discomfort from the comfort mouse will be addressed by a future product.


Russian copyright wars to continue despite AllofMP3 shutdown



"True music fans should not support them"

Aheemm, so only fake music fans support them? Based on "AllofMP3.com, the UK's second most popular source for music downloads after iTunes" I can only conclude that the UK has barely any real music fans left according to BPI.

Great success!