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House passes, Obama disses 55,000 visas for educated immigrants


The Big Lie - We Can't Find Skilled Americans

The STEM Jobs Bill of 2012 that passed the House today grants 55,000 green cards to foreign STEM students in US colleges – and simultaneously eliminates the Diversity Visa Program and 55,000 Green Cards for immigrants from underrepresented countries.

The bill discriminates against Americans and immigrants from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. It deprives Americans and non-India immigrants an equal opportunity to achieve their own American Dream. It reduces classroom seats, dorm space, financial aid for students, and a fair chance for American citizens to compete for jobs in our own country.

The mythical skills shortage is the big lie. There is NO shortage of American talent more than ready, willing, and able to fill these jobs and take our country forward.

Why can’t Silcon Valley and Microsoft find skilled talent? Because they don’t want to.

Since Microsoft bought the high tech immigration visa law (H-1b), they (and other high tech companies) are not legally required to ever consider Americans for American jobs.

If there’s a tech skills shortage, then WHY.

• Did Microsoft layoff 5,000 Americans, and hire 5000+ foreign guest worker replacements?

• Why won't MS call recruit the employees they laid off BEFORE hiring more foreign visa workers?

Make no mistake, this high tech company strategy has nothing to do with a mythical labor shortage and everything to do with corporate greed and labor arbitrage.