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Google to devs: Fragmenting Android is AGAINST THE RULES


Re: RAM issue? Not exactly, nor CPU.

Everyone BSs you and me about this stuff. Here's what I mean:

Nexus S vs Infuse 4G - Current situation.

Infuse runs Gingerbread as of April. Official, legit, no hacks/roots/nada. TouchWiz because it's Sammy, and so on.

Nexus S now has JellyBean available. Also legit and official. No Touchwiz, even though it's Sammy too, since it's the Nexus brand.

Both have 512MB RAM, and Hummingbird Cortex A8 processors, but the Infuse has a 1.2Ghz while the Nexus S is a 1.0Ghz.

In reality, the other specs of the phones have no relevance to the question of compatibility and power for the OS version. That leaves us with a clear reason why the older phones get left behind: $$$$$

All the carriers want you to buy a new phone every whenever-you-sneeze, because that's more money for them, either through cancellation fees, non-subsidized purchases, or contract-extensions. The phone makers want it, too, because that's more $ for them also.

Why would the combined might of AT&T and Samsung, or Verizon and Motorola, or whoever you care to think about, want me to be able to easily upgrade my early 2011 phone to Jelly Bean, or even ICS, when they've got their precious Galaxy S Eleventy, Droid Razr Super HemiMax H3D to sell you on?

No, this is one area where Apple has it right. Apple controls its hardware, and the carriers bow to Jobspawn. What Google needs to do to kill fragmentation is implement a policy something like this:

"All phones of XYZ minimum specs (mostly CPU & RAM defined) must have an official upgrade available for users to install that will update the device to the new OS version within three (3) months of the version's official release date."

Then there needs to be some sort of penalty for non-compliance.