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Researchers seek Internet's choke points

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Hmm, dodgy numbers

Over 80% of speed for 80% of the users is the same as under 80% for 20% of the users. So if cable is more than 20% of the time it may be as insignificant as the following

DSL slower than 80% for 20% of the users

Cable slower than 80% for 20.1% of the users

Very dodgy quote.


Ten external battery packs

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Crummy selection

Pretty useless selection of products I'm afraid reg. do a search on Amazon between 20 and 30 quid and there's loads. Personally I went for the powergen 8400mAh which I can vouch for as providing enough juice for two iPhones heavy usage for three days (festival last weekend) and only cost £23

And it's got a built in torch!