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US military's RAY-GUN truck BLASTS DRONES, mortars OUT OF THE SKY


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How my batch process nightmare was solved by a Wombat


Re: Can't be co-incidence (can it ?)

They go hand in hand with a Womble then do they? (pronounced Womball for you non English)


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So, who here LURVES Windows Phone? Put your hands up, Brits


I'm liking all my Windows Phones

I'm really pleased with the performance of my Nokia 620 windows phone. It's a great little camera for happy snapping. Its also a great free turn by turn sat nav. (all the free maps of Europe anyone) Email is functional, and I can open word, excel or powerpoint files, as well as PDF's.

It also uploads all my photo's to my skydrive account, so they are backed up straight away.

I don't use much out of the App store myself, but I know my son does on his winphone as well.

He wanted one after seeing and using mine, and loves it.

I also had an older Nokia 800 winphone that the screen broke on. That was great, and I managed to replace the screen myself for about £40.

I think it's like anything. if you are in a product stable (Google / Android, or Apple, or Microsoft/Nokia) for many services, then it makes sense to keep and use the products that integrate with the ones you already have, and use.

To me, the match with Nokia and Microsoft was a good combination.


Buying a petabyte of storage for YOURSELF? First, you'll need a fridge



That what I thought would be an interesting article with some facts and figures, ends up wishy washy with the answers supplied by the commenting community.

Upvotes to all those that could be bothered to supply the relevant information.


Orally urinating turtle boffin in nominative-determinism classic case


Some Scientists!

So we have observed behaviour in the Fitzroy turtle that can "Breathe through it's butt"...

Now we have observed behaviour in the Chinese soft shelled turtle that can wee out of it's mouth.

Can someone PLEASE teach scientists the correct way to hold a turtle the right way up!


Got a BMW? Thicko thieves can EASILY NICK IT with $30 box


put a lock on the OBD port

A simple physical key lock on the OBD port should keep their techno mitts clear.

Wire that up to the alarm sensor as well. BMW could do that for a nominal charge of say £100 fitting (£35 parts + £65 labour).

I would be more worried why it doesn't seem hard for them to gain entry into the vehicle in the first place.


Police mistake reveals plan for Assange's Embassy capture


Its all a fanastic game play by the CIA... Put your paranoid hat on and grab the popcorn.

Contrary to to popular belief, the Americans are not stupid. They can be meticulous in their planning when required (look at NASA). Perhaps they want Assange so badly they have gone for the long, slow and subversive methodology.

The CIA will have already been briefed on the required outcome the US government expects, "at all costs".

Maybe they did create these "trumped up charges" (Maybe Assange dropped himself in it and it was great timing for the US/CIA) to force him from his safe haven, whilst not denying that they will put out an extradition treaty on him if he is sent back. (They won't, but that's not what they want you to think.)

They don't put in an extradition treaty to the UK, their bestest buddies which would be a far simpler legal course of action for them, which strengthens peoples thoughts about the leverage through sweden as the expected course of action.

This is all that most people have been focused on.

He can't go back to Australia (burnt that bridge already, they've disowned him).

Once he's made his choice of next safe haven to jump to, (Equador in this case) the CIA are in a position to get their local agents in position, grease the palms of those in power, bribe and coerce those with influence.

They want a long drawn out process in England. it takes the focus off the clandestine Equadorial CIA staff movements. It gives them the time to set things up the other end.

And wait.


Once Assange legs it to Equador, there will be massive amounts of media in the UK and descending on Equador for several months.

The heat will die down, the media will grow bored and move on...

And then there will be a swift extradition notice to the Equadorian government and he will be whilsted off, all legal and above board.

So many icons to choose from! The helicopters, the big brother, the joke alert.. I think the choice was right though