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Greedy Sky admits: We crippled broadband with TOO MANY users

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Not just overloaded - duff firmware increases load

One particular router is adding to Sky's problems - hundreds of users are reporting multiple random disconnects since Sky pushed out latest firmware upgrade to their Sagem router.

More interesting is that they are suggesting buying a new router or upgrading package as solutions.

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Sky have another problem -

After a problem where my Sky Sagem router randomly but persistently dropped the ADSL connection for a few seconds, I discovered the problem was directly connected to the Routers new firmware and a quick reflash of the older firmware brought the issue to an end.

Looking on their forums shows im not alone with over a hundred users reporting the same problem on Sky's forums since the start of this year. What is interesting is Sky's response which is firmly sticking it's head in the sand. With users reporting the Internet connection light on the router turning red they are being asked to check

a. their wireless is not too far from the router

b. they havn't exceeded their download limits,

c. whether they are willing to BUY a new router

Pointing out the fix to about 10 of the users brought a swift response from Sky - If I continue to spam the forums - expect to be banned.

What is going on and why havn't they acknowledged their is a problem with the new firmware?


'Shut your head and be pheasant'

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A Guide For Users - Dealing With Technical Support Staff

Rufus brings up an interesting point, how to treat customers who are both open topped and not phesant. but I'd rather start a conversation about what we would like our customers to do to make it a better interaction.

A Guide For Users - Dealing With Technical Support Staff

Please be aware that computers are immensley complicated - more so than engineers.

If the computer has developed a fault, it is often best to turn off the machine and restart it before calling the support line.

Even if the rebooting solved the problem the problem should be reported.

Helpdesk staff are rarely experts in all the areas that relate to your issue.

Mention early in the call if the item has ever worked and try and think if anything else might be relevant, eg. there's a powercut or you dropped it down the stairs.

Follow instuctions and report back on your progress with plenty of verbal confirmation and interaction.

If you want to know, ask and if you are uninterested try and be polite - sometimes engineers need to talk things thru to clarify their own thoughts and are rarely gifted with the ability to properly judge the level of detail each caller would like to hear.

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