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Boeing CEO says no more 'moonshots' after 787 Dreamliner ordeal


Re: From an end user's perspective

I agree about Concorde.

But would like to note that apparently the fuel consumption per passenger per Atlantic crossing wasn't that much worse than on a 747 of the same time period. People often quoted the consumption of the afterburners, but those were only used for two short periods on an Atlantic crossing. Also comparing consumption per hour doesn't add up either. The cruising hight resulted in less friction, also Concorde was a very small, cramped and light plane.

Of course, compared to a modern plane, things have moved on, and we never seen what a modern Concorde would be like.

Most of the extra operational cost seemed to be down to maintenance. Which again had to be spread over fewer passengers.


Hacker-smasher: White hats join forces to build bot-beating weapon


Re: Chaos Computer Club

No. But once we stop thinking in strict black and white terms, the really question is where on the grey scale they are. And I would argue that they are pretty much on the light end of things. They are very careful to operate within the law.

For the Bundestrojaner, it was the government who broke the law, not the CCC. And at the conference 2 years ago, they actually obtained a license to run their own GSM network, so they can show how to hack it, as it would be illegal to hack an operational one.

But overall, most of the active members are really more the old-school type of hackers with a soldering iron. I really loved the "Not your Grandfathers moon landing" http://media.ccc.de/browse/congress/2011/28c3-4821-en-not_your_grandfathers_moon_landing.html oh, and there is also the laptop in space thing or Building a Distributed Satellite Ground Station Network - A Call To Arms http://media.ccc.de/browse/congress/2011/28c3-4699-en-building_a_distributed_satellite_ground_station_network.html


Chaos Computer Club

CCC, most defiantly not black hats. The club is very open and has a huge member base. So yes, there are the occasional black sheep's. But from a public representation they are more on the white-ish side of things. They often get invited as expert witnesses, for example by the constitutional court.