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They WANT to EAT YOUR COMPUTER - welcome your ANT overlords

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Re: Sigh..

Thank you for your informative post. I was going to write a similar post explaining the nature of the sting and its effect, but you covered most of it already. One sting is bad. But if you accidentally step on a nest, you can get hundreds of stings at once.The venom is a combination of toxins, histamines (they cause allergic reactions), and formic acid. It causes a small, very painful blister, and the surrounding skin is also irritated. The blisters take about two weeks to heal. Words like "fire" and "burning" only begin to describe the effect.

Most of the nests I've seen were adjacent to or underneath logs and boards on the ground. The ants also fill up junction boxes if there are conduits leading to the ground. The boxes I've seen were filled with moist dirt. I'm not sure if the ants were eating the wires, but the moisture ruined the electrical parts.


Intel 330 120GB SSD review

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Re: SSD Mounting kit

I resorted to Velcro strips with adhesive backing. If you ever need to remove the adhesive strips, lighter fluid dissolves the adhesive and it can be cleaned up easily with a paper towel, leaving no marks on the metal or plastic as long as you're careful.