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Tesla vs Media AGAIN as Model S craps out on journo - on the highway


The BBC article was not about attacking electric vehicles, it was about attacking the UKs electric vehicle infrastructure (ie; the lack of charging stations and charge times). To prove this the writer was trying to do a long distance journey in the electric vehicle. Admittedly the car was only designed to do short city distances, but the article was trying to prove a point.

Electric vehicles are required for the future - but until the infrastructure is sorted out it will never take off!


NASA: There are 17 BEEELLION Earth-sized worlds in Milky Way

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Re: And how many billion humans are going hungry today?

"@jake - And how many billion humans are going hungry today?"

Science and the curiosity that comes with it is never a wasted pursuit! Devices, conducted research, and knowledge from NASA (and other large research agencies) have helped our civilisation in numerous ways!

If you are going to comment about how money could be used to help those below the poverty line or in the third world then perhaps you should start with celebrity blogs and tabloid news sites and not on stories about genuine scientific knowledge and discovery.


Patrick Moore: Lived with cats, accompanied Einstein on the piano


Re: Good job he wasn't a diplomat

I guess losing the love of your life is difficult to get over...

There are a lot of people who fought and lost people in WWII that still have that same idea of the Germans. It is sad, but unfortunately emotional memories do often skew perceptions and understandings for decades. The important thing is that our generation (and future generations) cast aside these misconceptions.

It is important to remember Patrick for his contributions, and not that one opinion.

RIP Moore.


Apple, Samsung begin battle for billions in US patent smackdown


Bored now

Bored of all this now! People have preferences and opinions and should be allowed to buy the device that they want, sales numbers on either side does not correlate directly to lost sales.


Texas Higgs hunters mourn the particle that got away


Re: But. (@ AC Posted Friday 6th July 2012 10:32 GMT )

I've got to agree with Mephistro!

Just because you can't immediately take a new discovery and impart that knowledge onto a new device or technology to help someone does not make the attempt to discover it futile!

So much knowledge has come from experiments like these that haven't held any day to day meaning for generations. Charles Babbage designed the original 'computer' nearly a hundred years before it was viable, short-sighted people surely would have said the same to him - "Why bother?!" , "What use is this!?". Or the likes of Tesla whom demonstrated Wireless communications and power over 100 hundred years ago that now 'Wow' people at tech shows or through wireless charging pads for phones and vehicles.

Pioneering into the depth of science is what keeps innovation going, and no one can say that this will or will not have a benefit to the human race in 10, 15, 100, 1000 years time! - Just because we may not live to see that benefit does not mean the benefit should not be sought!

Who is to say that now we have proven the Higgs Boson / Field that (in the distant future) that knowledge can't be used to negate mass (?), allowing pollution to drop as haulage companies, air travel, and space travel could greatly reduce their mass - and hence weight on earth? - I realise that this may sound far-fetched but the point is you never know what research may yield - and I think it is massively short-sighted of people to criticise the funding that some scientific pursuits get.

As with any research there is only so much money that you can spend - diverting all the LHC funds to (for example) cancer research does not necessarily mean that cancer will be cured more quickly. By funding these projects who knows what world problems can be fixed in the future.

*Rant Over* ...I think.



Google in dock again over defamatory auto-complete


Ego stroking

My auto complete just comes up with "Actor" ... I'll take that - better than Satanist anyway!


Top US Senator to Apple, Google: 'Curb your spy planes'


Oh the irony

It's ok for the US Government to use UAVs to spy on the innoncents all around the world, but God help any corporation who tries to film me flipping burgers on a sunny Sunday afternoon!

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