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HP frogmarches new Xeon, Opteron chips into ProLiants


Re: LRDIMMs are at end-of-life - long live HyperCloud

We are concerned as well, not just regarding legal issues. Specs for the HCDIMMs(Hypercloud) seem better suited for upgrading our existing servers. We see significant performance enhancement and better ease of upgrading with HCDIMMs. I work in the tech research/manufacturing side and do not understand why anyone would be interested in LRDIMM architechure design. To be frank, this design is terribly difficult to use, if not impossible, with existing RDIMM memory installed. With the HCDIMMs, they can coexist with regular RDIMMs. At least with the faster HCDIMMs, they are compatible with older machines as well, and can up to double capacity with them.