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Let's all binge on Blake’s 7 and help save the BBC ... from itself

Tom Graham


miss the point of keeping the license fee.

Sure, the BBC could be more successful and more popular and make more money for more good TV if it became properly commercial.

But then it would not a proper commercial management.

The thousands of useless Purnells all doing pointless management jobs, making fat salaries, awarding themselves 6-figure bonuses and payoffs - these would be swept out.

Hence these people will fight tooth and nail to keep the status-quo.


Moto fires BROADSIDE into the flagship phone's waterline with X Play and Style

Tom Graham

Re: Interesting..

Android version is 5.1

Update frequency - probably never, going on the last one - it never got upgraded from 4.4 to 5.


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Gaze upon the desirable Son of Alpha: Samsung Galaxy A5

Tom Graham


I hate to sound like an advertisement.

But having just bought a new phone from an "obscure, irrelevant" Chinese OEM -

Specifically a ZTE Blade S6

I have to say it pisses over this Samsung.

£170 from Amazon.

A 615 processor instead of 410

2GB RAM instead of 1 (makes a huge difference to multitasking & performance compared to my old Moto G)

Android 5.0.2 instead of KitKat.

A non-pentile 720 screen.

Sure, it's plastic, but I have come to the conclusion that plastic is actually a better material for making phones from than metal and glass.


Apple MacBook 2015: Twelve inches of slim and shiny fanboi joy

Tom Graham

Re: I think the idea..

I could live with just one port.

But that would be one port and a power connector.

Effectively this is a computer with no ports, and has lost the mag-safe power connector which is one of the best things about my MBP.

Sure there is a market for these - people whose use is 100 percent mobile - but that is a pretty small market and they are cutting themselves off from a much bigger one.


Top Ten 802.11ac routers: Time for a Wi-Fi makeover?

Tom Graham

Re: What About the HomeHub 5?

I have got one of these and it is pretty good.

Can't compare it to the others for speed myself, but other reviewers have and say it's near the top.

And BT sell them online to non-BT broadband customers for £129, which makes it one of the cheapest.


Microsoft Surface 3 Pro: Flip me over, fondle me up

Tom Graham

Re: Who ate all the pies?

Yes, it's a real computer running a real OS.

Just like...

Thousands of existing models of laptops.

The only difference being - it is marginally slimmer than the slimmest existing laptops from Lenovo, Apple etc at the expense that you cannot comfortably use it on your lap, or on the tray of an aeroplane or train seat.

For the same price I would prefer an ultrabook or Air with a hinged keyboard.

And it is bigger, heavier an more expensive than tablets, which are not full computers.

So what is so great about it?


Ice core shows Antarctic Peninsula warming is nothing unusual

Tom Graham

Re: I'm not an expert

Er, yes we can.

If the current variation in temperature is within the bounds of historic natural variation, as recorded in the ice core, then of course it can be explained as being just natural variation. In fact this is the best explanation according to the principle of Occams razor.

What is so hard to understand?

They don't teach science good these days.

Tom Graham

Re: I'm not an expert

If the current temperature variation is within the range of what has happened naturally in the past, then it is statistically insignificant.

If what is happening now is shown to be in line with what has happened in the past, then there is no reason to the that what is happening now is due to some new "unpleasantness".

Or put another way, if we can explain the current temperature variation we do see as being down to the natural historical tendency for temperatures on Earth to vary over time, why would we need to think up any other reason to explain it? Occam's razor.

The conclusion quoted above seems to be saying:

"The present variation we are seeing is nothing outside of historical norms, and does not indicate a threat to the stability of the ice sheets. But if there were to be more temperature change in the future at a rate that was faster than the current or historical norm, then this could be bad."

So what?


The iPad 3 would make me so horny...

Tom Graham

Re: a tablet without it is not worth having

"If you never owned a previous model you're not really in a place to make the comparison"

Yeah right. The fact that I have spent hours looking at the screen of previous iPads owned by various people including my girlfriend, is irrelevant. I really can't possible compare without having owned an iPad 2 for a year. Plus the fact that they have the two versions on sale side-by-side in the shops.

No I can't possibly make a comparison, and my opinion is invalid.

" certainly I note not one jot of graininess compared to my PCs/laptops."

Yes, but it's still visibly pixellated, unlike a Kindle, and unlike the new model. Maybe for playing angry birds it makes no difference.

I am glad you are happy with your iPad2. There is no deed to be a dick about it.

Tom Graham

Re: Blame your tools. not your ipad

There was an article about it somewhere, I forget, that explains it.

Down to two things:

Hardware limitations - at least in the first iPad, the performance of rendering text was actually slower than for graphics, so people just converted text to graphics.

Secondly, it is easier for designers to guarantee a fixed layout when they just effectively scan each page, rather than to get competent with using HTML5.