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Bucks muck chuck muck-up leaks 840 email addresses


If the bucks muck could chuck any amount of muck, would a bucks muck chuck muck-up?


Digitech iPB-10 guitar effects pedalboard for iPad

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Gave you a free review unit did they?

As a long-time gigging guitarist, these are both laughably expensive (£500 for the unit plus £whatever for an iPad versus the offerings of Line6, Vox et al), badly built and a batshit mental idea - why do you want your fondleslab unprotected on the floor of an effing pub or club, right the path of the next spilled pint and under the filthy soles of your shoes?

In addition - I found the models to sound far too digital at any kind of volume, which asks questions of why the fruit it's packaged as a floor board.