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Gremlins in the first six months? It's the seller's problem – EU court


Re: Great that's Apple F*&^ed then

My son eats them too. The cheap Chinese knock offs last longer than the real Apple ones in my experience. Talking to other parent they all report the same thing, they'd last long if they were made of cheese strings. The same son manages to keep micro USB cables working fine, even where the buying policy tends to be see how many more than 5 cables you can buy for less than a fiver.

The normally very helpful Apple store people aren't so helpful when it comes to cables claiming the little darling must have done something to them.


That dreaded syncing feeling: Will Microsoft EVER fix OneDrive?


Re: Screw OneDrive, when are they gonna fix WINDOWS????

OS Market share?

Do you mean desktops? might be 1%

Servers? Has to be rather higher? Wikipedia quote a finger of 36% for web servers, for what its worth.

Total sales? Linux probably outsold Windows last year thanks to all those phones, set top boxes, printers, routers, NAS boxes and the trillion and one other sorts of things that run Linux that don't look like a PC. Android sales are about 250M/y while PC sales managed 75M/y.

So it looks like Linux is used by more than 1% of us.

Most people run Windows on their PCs because they have no real choice. When people are given a choice very few people chose Windows, I mean look at the phone market place, what did Windows manage here? Did they manage 2.5% market share? and that's despite tons of TV advertising and trying to buy market share.


Panasonic pitches Ultra HD 4K x 2K monster tablet


Re: Dump the Windoze

And he gets down voted for that?

All three people in the world who want Windows8 must be online this afternoon.


Samsung worker confirms April launch for Galaxy S III


Re: What's starting to worry me...

Interesting take.

iPhones/iPads are essentially fashion accessories and as such will be here today gone tomorrow must haves. While they appeal to the cool kids today they'll go the same way as shoulder pads and flairs when the winds of fashion change.


iPad 3 shell shots spied on web


New design needed

What they really need to do is to update the basic design on the iPad, mine is looking so dated these days, I mean look at the little screen and great big surround, at least in black it doesn't look quite as shabby as the white ones, but they're starting to look like an old fashioned telly. Surely they should be aiming to take the screen to within a millimeter or so of the edges. The damn surrounding is just wasted space.