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Wired broadband adoption dips as wireless flies


Australia figures misleading

Wired vs. wireless uptake numbers from Australia are bound to be misleading as many people have to decide between wireless broadband and dial-up, not wireless broadband and wired broadband. In thousands of exchanges around Australia, there simply isn't an ADSL port to be had. (Telstra has under provisioned since day one.) At that point the options are:

* Wireless broadband, if available.

* Dial-up.

* Satellite.

Australian numbers are only meaningful if you compare what choices people have made from the choices *available* to them. As Telstra continues with their TopHat program (adding ADSL2 ports to existing RIMs), we should see greater wired take-up again...until the ports are exhausted.

Note that there's no point asking Telstra as their don't keep a count of how many people are waiting on a wired port to come free. They have a national demand register and they claim to have a 'waiting list' for ports. The waiting list does not exist and the demand register is rarely used.

Given that Telstra's main infrastructure spend has been on 4G networks, it's entirely self-serving for them to claim that people don't want wired Internet. People want it, they just can't get it.


Australians love mobile devices, but not mobile downloads


ADSL uptake is slow because there are no ports

As always, thanks for the fact-based coverage of network issues here in Aus.

Regarding "mobile broadband accounted for 90 percent of new connections added in Australia between June 2011 and December 2011"

Hardly a surprise when in so many areas it is impossible to buy an ADSL connection. There has been a chronic scarcity of ADSL ports throughout Australia for years. In my area, your only chance of getting ADSL is to wait for someone to move or die. Telstra is now rolling out "top hats" to add more ports to existing RIMs but the program is moving slowly and will only cover a fraction of the areas that lack ports.

So, it's not too impressive that wireless broadband uptake has been so high when the alternative is dialup, not ADSL.


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