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Microsoft challenges US gov over attempts to search overseas data


Maybe im just stating the obvious but ...

Can't the US gov just get a copy from the NSA backup of all M$ data?


Brawling neighbours challenge 'quiet' cul-de-sac myth



The reg writers have nothing better to do than this ...

I'm seriously considering leaving this "crap" behind for good unless the reg does something about the poor quality of its s***t writers.


MtGox boss vows to keep going despite $429 MILLION Bitcoin 'theft'


And people still don't think bitcoins are a scam?

Really ... still?


This stuff cracks me up ... a currency but mostly used illegally then "illegally" goes missing from a place well known to store illegal funds and people are annoyed by this because they can no longer get access to their scam wallet?

WTF !!!


Virgin Media spanked by ad watchdog over 'in your neighbourhood' fibs




I get mailings from them offering me broadband despite already being signed up so this is hardly new.

Virgin seem to have OCD which requires them to spam mail every address they can get hold of, its about time someone slapped them.


Julie Larson-Green: Yes, MICROSOFT is going to KILL WINDOWS


Re: still behind.

I'd love to know why you think microsoft are so far behind???

In my opinion, if you strip away all the apps and just look at the OS windows is leagues ahead of its rivals in so many ways ...

1. The desktop version of their kernel is now running on desktops and their flagship console

2. The mobile OS "out of the box" integrates and pulls together a single view of all your contact data with no apps needed.

3. Microsoft software is useful, yeh awesome you have an iPhone or Android device but angry birds is totally pointless.

Point 2 there is a key one ... people bang on about how Apple's ITunes store has a million apps on it but only about 5 of them are any good and those 5 you absolutely must have to make IOS worth using.

I think its about time people started to understand what Microsoft are doing there before you bash a very powerful platform.

The only thing that comes even remotely close is linux ...

Android on the mobile, various distributions on various devices including desktop.

If someone out there can pull together and make this stuff all talk "smoothly" then I would be impressed.

Get a reality check!!


Re: Moronic Idiocy

Only 1 product is actually called "Windows" ... the kernel!

That's like saying "stop calling ubuntu linux" it's not linux its ubuntu ...


The irony being that they are all running on "windows" behind the scenes ... they just don't look like what you consider to be a "windows UI".

XBox one is basically a windows 8 PC


Re: Why Windows is doomed.

My windows 7 box boots in about 12 seconds.

My windows 8 box in about 3 with UEFI or whatever it is called.

I don't think "boot time" is really going to kill windows.

That "lazy code" has mostly been ripped out with most developers now writing .Net applications the API's are fairly clean and fast ... the problem is crap application developers refusing to grow up and move with the times ... Micorsoft is now suffering because it finally told people with windows 8 "No more, we've moved on and so should you!".

Good on em I say ...

Merging windows phone and RT is the most logical thing Microsoft did in a long time and look at that no mention of Ballmer anywhere ... what a suprise !!!


Decades ago, computing was saved by CMOS. Today, no hero is in sight


Re: Massively parallel computing?

Ever heard of a gpu?

That's basically how tech like CUDA works on nVidia / similar devices ... i did also see (on here) that nVidia are working their way in to the HPC arena through a partnership with Dell.

Software efficiency is definately the more urgent way to go though, as a software developer myself I find that whilst my code could be really efficient it spends most it's time wating for the platform it sits on to do stuff using a fraction of the cpu and ram in the gaps between all that bloat.

It's time for a standard platform / framework that simply works instead of abstracting away the problems it causes.

My thinking being that 5th gen languages will open the door for programmers to simply "talk to the cmputer" but the real work needs to happen in lower level optimization beneath the surface.


PlayStation 4 BLUE LIGHT OF DEATH blamed on power cords, TV sets, butterflies in China


Where did I hear this before ...

Oh yeh that company that people love to hate ... Microsoft!!!

And yet many will make some random excuse for Sony because they are not Microsoft ... brilliant !!!

It sounds to me like the ps4 is suffering from xbox 360 syndrome ... so lets keep an eye on xbox one issues because the ps5 will likely have them in a few years time.

You gotta love how a reputation once acquired is seldom changed ...


If this doesn't terrify you... Google's computers OUTWIT their humans


Double take ... WTF !!!

Did they just say that?

considering all the hype about how google only employ the best this seems a bit ... well ... odd ... how could this be?

Oh wait now i get it ... google staffers aint all they claim to be !!!

And that's news?


ETERNAL PATENT WAR: Apple and Samsung locked in battle again


Just fine them both and throw it out

Couple of Billion dollars should do it.

Wasting court time.


HUMANITY STUNNED - Apple Retina iPad Mini arrives. A solemn moment


Apple does it again ...

Somehow adding the word "retina" to a product makes it worth another £600 in every fanbois eyes.

Yes it may havea few more pixels but lets consider the reality ... its still an inferior product as about 99.9% of all software that is considered "good" on it requires about half that (angry birds anyone?) ...

Seriously .. why bother ... give me a Surface Pro 2 with a retina display an i'll consider being impressed, USB for a start and I wont have to pay an extra £400 to gain another 128GB of space.

Isn't it about time people started looking at iProducts as what they really are ... toys ... and toys don't deserve such hype ...

Dear Apple,

Please make a serious tablet ... lets call it the MacTab Pro.

It'll come in 5" and 10" variations and have an i7 processor with 8GB of ram.

It'll support USB and DLNA so I can plug in a USB hard drive stream to a movie any smart TV in my house.

It'll charge using USB so I don't have to pay a premium for some connector that will be useless when the next version comes out.

It'll run a touch enabled version of Mac OS so I can run all that cool high quality software that fanbois really hype about instead of "kiddy mode" iOS.

It'll be smart and talk to me thorugh Siri, be able to talk to my home through the same conversation and even allow me to talk to others through integration for simple productivity options like skype.

It'll as always look good, but actually be useful for a change.

It may actually be worth your rediculous prices for a change.

It'll be the first product I actually bought since the iPhone 3G.


Someone with common sense.


Virgin Media suffers growing pains as Cable Cowboy daddy settles in


Re: Cost saving idea

What he said


I am a recovering Superwoman wannabee




Replace the word "woman" with "man" and re-read that article.

Everything still applies (apart from the high heels of course) ... women like you crack me up.

This is a competitive industry for men too, there's always someone after that job and from a business managers point of view they promote the person they feel will commit the most to the business.

A single person with no outside commitments is probably working more hours than you because they don't have to raise kids is just 1 factor.

Poor you ...

This article is total BS!

If you want more from life go get it stop whining about it.

FYI: My boss is a woman and chooses to be at work rather than at home raising kids, i'd love her job but I really can't be bothered with the hours she does so fair play to her.

On top of that, the MD in our company is female, she has kids and never moans about life.


JPL wants to fire a laser at MARS!


lolz on the WOFUD

It is a typical american approach to life ...

Lets test this harmless thing (or so we will have people believe).

I still think it's funny that Americans can somehow take ownership of parts of the moon ... wtf?

Someone needs to step in and tell the american gov to go F*** themselves (NSA anyone?).


Snowden leak: Microsoft added Outlook.com backdoor for Feds


Nominating Eadon

As long as there's nothing from Microsoft i'm pretty sure Eadon would give it a resounding "there's nothing wrong here".


Mint 15 freshens Ubuntu's bad bits

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Re: Trust Me.. Linux := Wank

I'm glad i'm not the only one out there with this type of problem.

Everyone seems to praise linux as being "the backbone of the world" but in reality ... you need to be a friggin linux dev in order to install the dam thing without problems.

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Re: What I found with Mint 15

And this is my issue with any Linux distro.

I find myself taking hours to do things that take me 10 minutes in windows because of "niggles" stuff like setting up product X isn't always just a matter of pulling from some repo, there's the whole dependency train that results in hell.

Others find that installing Linux is second nature, my experience has always been one of chaos since most distros dont "just work" on my PC despite the fact that im running pretty common hardware "average" I would say.

I tend to keep my hardware fairly recent, Linux IMO seems to prefer running on older slower kit, not much good for a gamer / developer like me as anything within 5 years of the cutting edge provides this continuous headache for seemingly no reason.

It would be something daft like, the GFX card would work in 2D mode but not in 3D.

Or the sound drivers would cause a random crash.

I want to see more windows like driver handling in Linux as "it just works".


Re: missing the point

If you cant figure out how to shutdown windows you aint cut out for linux.

Any IT pro claiming that shutting down windows is hard / difficult to find should quit working in IT and just use a computer setup by someone else.

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This hardcore windows user slightly impressed

As a long term windows user and C# developer I spend most of both personal and professional life in a windows environment.

The comment above by anon was started by a quote I posted in another thread.

That thread talked about yet another mess that the gnome team had gotten themselves in by forking and changing stuff from 2.0 to 3.0

This I have to say is making me question the my previous claim on the poor validity of Linux as a desktop OS.

I have found Ubuntu to be a bit of a pain in the past even from the install point of view as something in my hardware seems to cause the installer to fail without some command line switches from the get go.

This is my main objection to ubuntu but it comes with a few more concerns.

I refer to Ubuntu because arguably it's seen as one of the leading distros that is really pushing people to try Linux these days but similar things can be said of just about any distro.

If Mint really does fix these type of things and then excel and improve in so many ways I may have to revisit linux in the near future and when i do, mint will be my starting point.


What's the most secure desktop operating system?




1. You never interact with it.

2. Everything runs in an instance which is fired up and then shut down.

3. It can be setup so entire domains running on it have no access to the files that are the ESXi OS.

4. Never seen or heard of a virus targetted at it.

5. Exploits are pointless since you only ever talk to a host OS running on it.

It's a bit bull in china shop ... and built for servers (big ones at that) ... but it makes an awesome desktop OS to host your "environment".

Also means you get the best of all worlds since you can run any OS on top of it!!!

The way I see it there's only 1 "unauthorised" way in ... take the hard drive out and plug it in to another pc then access the files.


WTF ...

Why do people have to take this stuff to the extreme.

It's a given that any computer with any means to take input from its surroundings is inherently insecure at some level but do you guys really have to be such douchebags about it?

I believe the question should have been worded differently, perhaps something like ...

Given that total security is impossible for a connected computer, what does the community feel is inherently at least of a risk from every day threats from a clean install and easiest to keep at a peak?

On the basis that linux kernel source code is given away freely to any that would care to download it I would be inclined to suggest that linux is one of the least secure systems out there.

My thinking would be on that basis that some corporate OS would be more secure.

That said, the fact that the source code is freely downloadable makes it easier / faster to point out and resolve security concerns.

So linux is both the least secure and the most secure "kernel" out there today.

As for implementations that sit on that kernel ... it is like most things, open to interpretation.

I would argue that to some extent the security of a computer is down the competency of the person securing it, it's a simple matter of "the more you know, the more you can handle".

With that in mind ... there is no 1 "most secure OS".

For example:

I could put the windows dev team up against say canonicals dev team and set them a challenge to keep a computer running for the longest possible time without infection / compromise that can be proved then set the world on both.

It's reasonable to assume that both could win in such a scenario and both could lose.


Fines 4 U: Mobe insurer cops £3m penalty for grumble dumping


Not the olny issue with mobile phones

When buying a phone on contract the phone and the contract should be separate costs so you know what you're paying for the device and your line rental.

Why can I not get a brand new phone without a contract (as in released today, top of the range)?

Personally I think the whole mobile industry is bloody scam and needs major shake ups!


Panasas: We'll move the earth for you SIXTEEN times faster than FTP


Something wrong with those figures

Roughly 17 minutes to transfer 10GB allowing for latency on a 1gb/s connection.

Assuming you are actually "utilising 100% of the bandwidth" (as they claim) ...

1gb/s = raw throughput of roughly (give or take) 1GB every 10 seconds (8 bits per byte) + any overheads.

Tested locally on my 1gb/s LAN connection when using roughly 80% (give or take with variation) of my bandwidth I can push from a SSD on my local machine to a 5 disk NAS 1GB in under 20 seconds (i do this all the time).

given that the internet inherently comes with "excessive latency" (lets just call it that for argumentative purposes) ... i'll assume an additional 50% on my time with a clean direct line.

so thats 30 seconds per GB x 10 GB = 300 seconds (about 5 minutes).

So actually at their fastest speed on 1gb/s they are only actually using 1 3rd of the available bandiwidth.

Their slowest being a lot worse.

That said ....

I have 130mb/s internet connection and using bittorent i can stream 10GB down in 40 mins easy (again something i do all the time)!

So are they even using 1/10th of the bandwidth?


Google erases G8 venue from Earth: Microsoft doesn't


Yup ... where is Eadon

I too am waiting for some Microsoft dig from Eadon.

Is he on holiday or something?


NSA Prism: Why I'm boycotting US cloud tech - and you should too


You cannot avoid being tracked

Even you never went online you would still be tracked.

If you have a birth record, a social security / national insurance number, a bank account, a home address, a car.

The list is endless, and this information all ends up in databases that are being more connected to more arms of government every day.

Just face the fact that you're being watched and deal with it.

What worries me about all this is corruption.

If any part of any government suddenly takes a disliking to you, your done for!

People go missing every day, their friends and family go asking the government for help finding the missing thus they only get the result the government chooses to spoon feed us.

People talk about things like tianamon square only happening in china, are you really sure about that?

Do you really think that only happens over there?

And who is to blame?

We are, we give these people the power to handle situations we aren't interested in being part of.

The general population doesn't want to handle killers, terrorists bomb threats and god knows what else they simply want to get on with living their lives to the ideals set out in documents like the US Constitution.

The side effect is an implicit trust, they do what they do and you go about your life hassle free, not knowing what could be happening just next door.

Is it worth it?

That's a perspective point of view and will always be based on the life you have.

The only way you could live without most "privacy invasion" is to pack up and find a nice spot in the middle of a forest somewhere ... you'd still be watched from satellites mind oh and there would always be some government near by that claims they own your land that you setup your "hut" on so don't count on it for long.

I've even seen websites that offer you a chance to buy a portion of the moon.

Your best bet is to invent warp drive and get the hell out of earth and on to a planet with no governments.

Oh wait you won't be able to since you'd have to do that in private or likely some government would get all "ansy" about what your up to and claim your planning a missile attack or something ... so basically you're screwed!

Anyway since this is being copied on to a government system right now ...

Hi [insert branch of any gov here]

Could someone who looks after your searching system do a quick search for me and tell me where i put that quote for a new pc my mate sent me last week ... I can't find it and I know you guys have a bunch of backups of it?

Oh and since money is technically unlimited (according to america anyway) can't you just quickly drop a few million in to bank account, I need to buy a few things?


Leaks point to new mystery Macs 'with Jony Ive's fingerprints on'



Um I think you screwed up there Eadon (yet again).

Copying apple in any way results in a huge legal battle that spans years and bores the crap out of the courts (look at samsung) so for that reason alone Microsoft likely wouldn't do that.

Microsoft don't "copy Apple" they simply get the same suppliers for apple parts and put their own spin on stuff, but lets face it who are the real genius solution builders in all this ... Intel, ARM, nVidia.

I wonder if Intel have board meetings that go something like this "So what can we invent today that will cause major uproar in the industry? what if we let users do more with less power? Oooo that's a good idea, then we can see who writes the least efficient software, lets go ... ". 6 months later ... oh look we just released 4th gen Core processors, go fight over it.

And lets not forget that Steve Jobs the god that everyone loves is simply "making desirable" ideas that Bill Gates was throwing around in the 90's "tablet computing", "touch" and so on.

Yeh Apple are so "cool" it took them 20 years to do what Bill said would happen.

Microsoft only started to suck majorly when Bill took a step back and put that douchebag Ballmer in charge who thinks the world owes him something for every dumbass idea he has.


How Microsoft shattered Gnome's unity with Windows 95

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Re: These sorts of articles are annoying.

My main use of my home computer is gaming and game development, an area that today I still feel linux isn't quite as strong as windows in (although admittedly is very close since steams push).

Whilst I agree with virtually every statement you make, I don't think linux is quite the "1 shoe fits all" type solution that windows has been all these years.

It's well known that Linux until android has basically been the domain of tech savvy user and for good reason, it's a different mind set and works in a tech savvy way.

An interesting question might be, how long before Linux gets a good clean standard for touch at a low level?

Considering Linux in general still has ongoing debate over desktops and desktop functionality I can see it being some time, this I believe to be Linux biggest failing.


When I refer to "Linux" in this comment I mean "Linux Distributions" in the general sense, because after all "Linux" is not an operating system, it is merely a kernel on which OS code sits.


Success is a matter of opinion

Depending on who you talk to each person will say "this company / group is the best / winning".

It's all subjective and irrelevant.

Given that ...

Microsoft accept that they have their way of doing things and will do things their way no matter what, this results in progress being made and gives them this "on, off, on, off" habit in windows version like, dislike pattern out there.

Linux, like every other open source project out there is all about decision by committee and every stupid moron out there that has an opinion seems to get a say no matter what resulting in an endless loop of testing 1 fail after another.

It's about time open source projects started working a bit like companies and have some level of structured plan that leads down a defined path so instead of being stuck in the dark ages things can move on.

That's Linux's biggest problem.

Just build it and tell people to suck it up like Microsoft does!

Notice how the biggest complainers about "start buttons" or "tiles" are Linux lovers?

Yeh they can stay over there and mess with software that will always fail to be in the limelight.

As for "Linux is popular" (comment by someone else):

Android was built by Google not the Linux community, Google is a company, driven and with a precise path.

This is why GNOME will never be any good, it lacks direction from the leadership down.

Ubuntu however ... stands a good chance of really making it as a consumer OS IMO, it just needs a little cleaning up, well built with a direction and another plan based project, and why: canonical get it!

It's about time the Linux community started to grow up and stop thinking they own everything and have the right to demand crap backward changes every 5 minutes, when that happens we will seriously start to see Articles like this about Linux!

I feel for Linus Tolvolds having to put up with the crap he must get daily.


Microsoft touts business features of Windows 8.1


Windows 8 is not a Mobile OS

People seriously make that comparison? WTF !?!?!?

Android should be compared to IOS and windows phone not windows 8.

When someone else creates a better product Microsoft will learn, until then, "get what you're given and like it" I believe is the situation!

This is where all the linux fanbois down vote me and flame about how awesome it is but linux is only a kernel ... show me a version of linux that isn't riddled with issues and i'll conceed defeat ... that's actually a trick question since the linux community is incapable of agreeing on anything thus all versions of linux built on the kernel have to deal with excessive indecision below them and thus are limited in their ability to anything of serious value.

I believe the closest to this are canonical and red hat, neither of these companies have produced an entire enterprise grade desktop to datacenter environment that has stood up when compared to Microsoft offerings and yet that list of garbage complaints about Microsoft continues ...

Begin down voting - Linux fails!



Think you're ready to make a big career bet? Read this first...


Qualifications are not as important as you might think

Time and time again I have beaten off hundreds of other candidates when applying for jobs and why?

Because instead of saying stuff like "i have this bit of paper" i say stuff like "when i did X i proved I had Y skill which is what you are looking for."

I've spoken to a ton of managers that now refuse to entertain the idea of employing a junior developer who has as their main technical source of knowledge a comp sci degree simply because these people are not being taught how to write good code to standards and works with few bugs, the habit seems to be to teach students how to read books and surf the net whilst drinking a lot of beer.

Most people I have worked with have said that they often feel their degree wasn't exactly well spent time too.

It seems to me that a simple practical test is the way of the future.

And as for what to bet your future on ...

Go with the flow like all good IT staff do!

You work in an ever changing world in a faster changing industry and always have, you will only find yourself out of work when you fail to keep up with the times.


Microsoft links Skype to Lync


You lot are stuck in the dark ages

Lets face it the concept of a traditional land line for calling is basically a dead end now.

The internet has grown to a point where people expect integration and quality and a call made through a telephony based line gives neither.

Businesses want to have call center applications that automatically show them the contact / account details of a caller on receiving the call.

They also want to see more technology that puts them in control of cost not the likes of BT.

It's a choice of the business / infrastructural managers on weather to do any of this not a requirement, microsoft simply state that you can.

I believe microsoft want to make all calling effectively free so all you need is an internet connection and can get in touch with anyone in the world.

And to all those dumb shits out there that think this only works if your pc is on ... ever heard of a voip phone?

You can plug the dam thing directly in to an ethernet port requiring no PC at all!

Oh and if someone calls you at 6am do what you do at the moment with your mobile ... DON'T PICK UP!

It's not difficult, skype / lync is basically a 21st century replacement for telephony.

Sad that you are so blinded by rage from a rep Microsoft got like 20 years ago and haven't moved on!

I bet if Microsoft invented something like an unlimited free power source you dumbasses would still troll places like this just to get your kicks complaining about how the oil industry will crash or some other crap like that.

Retards, its progress - DEAL WITH IT!

Begin down voting if you are a retard and up voting if you have even a tiny bit of common sense.


The Metro experiment is dead: Time to unleash Windows Phone+


Re: Too litte too late

@Charlie Clark

"One should never say never but Apple and Android now have established ecosystems of users, manufacturers and software developers in the mobile space and, by the looks of it, better toolchains for cross-architecture development."

Did I just read that right ... you mention "cross architecture" and "Apple and Android" in the same sentence?

WTF !!!!

Microsoft appears to be the only vendor developing an OS that runs on both ARM and x86 architectures from what I've seen. Apple only have 1 set of hardware specs to work from, Microsoft simply have a basic interface on which their code sits.

Not related to you but ...

I love how Apple does something 10 years after Bill Gates says it will happen and everyone thinks the sun shines out its arse and Microsoft still get met with "some 20 years ago they did something shit so we hate them".


Congress asks Google to explain Glass privacy policies


Re: And think of the kids ..

You're working on the assumption that GG is used purely to record and keep everything the wearer sees?

My understanding is that GG would do things like use facial regonition to overlay a persons current facebook status on your world, yes GG could be used to record in that fashion.

So does leaving a smart phone on in a stand on charge overnight apply the same ruling if it's borrowed by someone under age?


People forget the key point here ...

You can't be in public these days without being tracked / recorded in some way.

Cameras are everywhere, from CCTV to traffic cams to god knows what.

If you don't like being recorded / tracked, don't go out in public, live in a concrete box and buy anything, never talk to anyone or have any form of contact with anyone, never have a credit card, bank account, oh and a birth certificate so you can't be born either, and you can't have a job because that ties your earnings to nationally trackable social security / national insurance number.

Face it, its the world we live in, Google are simply making that point totally clear.

I like the idea of Google Glass but it needs some good applications, I think the government are just being a pain in the ass because they know Google are better at data gathering than they are and rather than admit it they will come up with some legal reason to get the full details of how this technology works and then give it to some shady part of the government.

Think about scenarios where your part of a forum or group with special interests, or "i'm lost where are you".

So even if Google get told no ... this is going to happen!


Ubuntu 13.04: No privacy controls as promised, but hey - photo search!


Its still crap

Why ...

It's a bitch to install on my hardware because it doesn't understand one of the most used GFX cards on the market.

File transfers to and from my linux based NAS are more than double the speed on the same machine running windows.

It still (IMO) looks like crap, anyone can add a few gradients to an interface and call it new, try creating something new!

No I don't feel like spending hours removing everything I don't want and setting up a ton of small apps that basically don't like each other because versioning on dependencies.

Begin flaming and down voting.


Microsoft: All RIGHT, you can have your Start button back


It's purely because it's Microsoft

If Apple released an OS that looked identical to tifkam (metro) people would be all over it saying how visionary it is but Microsoft with their "capitalist agenda to take over the world" (so 20 years ago) sad geeks stuck in a forgotten decade would rather just bitch and whine about it.

It's optional, configurable, and if you really know your stuff ... TURN IT OFF!


Begin flame and down votes!


Re: Hmm...


"Second thing is this: switching it off means that newbies suddenly need expert knowledge to install a different OS, they can't just pop in a disk."

What ... like virtually every linux distro you mean, yeh that would make a change wouldn't it?


Re: Hmm...


Um no ... UEFI is a global standard and does not require anything from Microsoft to work.

Microsoft offer signing as a free service for those that want it, but it's definately not required.

and this ...

"Anyway, that list is not about people being resistant to change, it's about people being resistant to change that was instigated for marketing reasons - to get people familiar with Metro in the hope that those people will then demand it on phones and tablets."

... reminds me of the huge negative feedback people had about microsoft introducing the mouse.

It'll sort itself out in time.


Re: Once again...


Wow that says a lot, the fact that you don't rate me actually means i'm pretty clued out considering some of your average blanket statements on here.

My point was simply ... "given away freely" and "allowed to see the source" are both considered part of the whole "open source" agenda and you bang on about how the world runs on code like this ... yeh maybe it does at a kernel level but that's about it, beyond kernels find me a company that can truely claim that they only run on open source solutions for their key business process.

If you can't do that ... STFU because you are so full of telling everyone else what you think you know you fail to realise how dumb you sound.

Now say something as equally childish as "Everything else you say is equally clueless." I can't wait as it will basically prove my point that you can't find such proof thus proving your stupidity.


Re: @Wardy01


bloat is bloat however you look at it, windows requires about 15GB of space to perform an install but has a clean instal footprint of about 4GB, most linux distros i've seen install about 10GB of "extra stuff" that I didn't ask for. I think that many are getting better at this though and offering more "choose what you want" style installs so give it time and i'll happily conceed that for the most part i could one day find a "bloat free linux distro".

My nVidia GFX card is usually the biggest headache (of many) with linux but I found even the very first step of the installer doesn't work for me unless I load the installer with some command line switch (its been a while so don't ask me what that is).

The point is, options like that are usually point and click on a radio button or tick box in a windows installer but with linux you have to have some command line knowledge of the options available to get the install to work on my pc.

I may just be unlucky in that I have hardware that for some reason is not considered important for linux distros but again, in a windows scenario I do nothing more than literally hit next a few times and type in a product key to get to my new desktop and I have never seen that with any linux distro.

Needless to say, I do like what Linux distros stand for and the fact that linux support is improving is a good sign.


Re: do not understand open source ... prefer not to be honest about it

Microsoft sells solutions, very few companies build good competitively priced solutions that offer the same flexibility and the same ease of use so it makes sense.

Canonical or Red Hat are some of the better names but they won't provide you an end to end solution without some big bucks and if they do ... it still aint "open source" so it's the Microsoft deal again.

People seem to think "open source" means "not Microsoft" ... what gives?

Let me put it bluntly ...

Ubuntu is open source, but if you hire canonical to do something proprietary for your company that is not an open source solution. It simply sits on top of an open source platform.

I don't think I've ever seen a company that can safely say "we are open sourced and everything we run on we provide the source code for".


Re: Once again...

You are just as wrong as Eadon, unless you'd like to show me where the source code is for your corporate code that you have this "considerable budget" for?

The component parts might be open source initially but the solution (which is Microsoft sells) is very much closed source.

You still pay for support for each of the parts / the developed bit by a third party, and the third party developed bits are still not open source because the internet does not have them listed on a public repo like github.

This is the same solution as buying several off the shelf Microsoft products and plugging them in to each other.

The only difference is that instead of your product supplier and your support company being the same the chances are they are various companies.

People really need to get a grip on what "open source" really means ... SHOW ME THE SOURCE CODE FOR YOUR SOLUTION THEN IT'S OPEN SOURCE!


Re: Once again...

@Eadon -

"I'd say that open source is better for non-geeks. If you let non-geeks loose on the internet with an Windows box, then they will get hosed within 20 minutes. Linux systems do not have that problem, you can give a modern linux distro such as Linux Mint to a newbie and let then surf the web with Firefox or Chrome open source browser, and they will be much much safer. Because the open source solution just mentioned is of a far higher quality than the modern proprietary equivalents (e.g. Windows 8 / IE)"

That may have been the case in the days of windows 95 / XP because MS had the monopoly so it made sense that hackers / virus writers would target the OS, lately Microsoft isn't so much of a monopoly and more and more hacks / viruses are turning up to exploit Mac OS and Linux.

Safety is about assessing threat or risk, and the typical scenario is that the user with the least experience / technical knowledge will be using a windows machine thus the easiest to overcome, with that line fading fast so does the perception that a linux machine is inherently more secure.

No system is impossible to compromise when it accepts connections from the internet, its only a matter of time and the hackers know that but until now they focused on what got them the highest impact (windows computers due to the monopoly) without that monopoly anyone is game.

Some other comments I find questionable ...

"On the server side, critical systems such as stock exchanges, use open source - e.g. Linux based systems."

Linux based yes, open sourced no. You also forget that "Linux" is just a kernel not an OS.

"People on The Reg either do not understand open source or for some reason prefer not to be honest about it."

Yes you appear to be one of them.

Open source = code is given away freely

I have never seen any financial system (as you seem to refer to these as being "open sourced") source code just given away in this manner as it would be commercial suicide to do so.

What you refer to as "open source" is actually "non commercial / not for profit" which has its merits but also has its drawbacks, the afformentioned "financial systems" fit none of these descriptions as they are both "profit based products" and "closed source" the developer being either in house or a third party contractor from some big name.

I find it amusing how people like to think of large commercial solutions as "open sourced" ... find me a git branch with a banks source code on it and I'll admit I'm wrong here.

I do however agree with this ...

"As for comparing MS paid-for support with non-paid for support, it's a false comparison, that's disingenuous. You should be comparing it with *paid for* open source support, which is commonly available these days."

Nuclear because you are soooo unbelievably wrong.


Re: Microsoft's strategy is FAILING

I disagree ...

My hardware is fairly cutting edge as I'm a hobbyiest game developer and whenever i grab a linux distro and try it out for kicks I too have this headache.

I have found that linux installs tend to be smoother on older hardware and even then you get a load of what might be considered "bloatware" if MS had done the same (probably some huge legal debate would ensue too).

People rave about how great linux is, I find it "bitty" some of it ... really cool, other bits a complete nightmare.


IT salaries: Why you are a clapped-out Ferrari


lol ... its the same old story .. a random email comes in that I never asked for because once upon a time I was looking for work some 5 years ago or something.

So I think, ok this is vague but kind of down my street i'll give them a ring.

I get the guy on the phone and immediately talk all technical to him about the type of code I write and how I need a company that works the way I do.

I deliberately avoid words like "agile", and ".net" in favour of "iterative business applications using C#" in order to ensure that they know what I'm talking about.

If I get the impression the agent on the phone isn't clued up at least partially I drop it there and then.

I see people complaining about salaries and it reminds me of a conversation I had with my team last week at a regular lunch where the flow went something like this

Me : ... I find getting work really easy, is it me or are general oop skills in demand at the moment?

team: well the problem is that there are a lot of developers out there but few can write business apps

Me : surely you test them right?

team: oh yeh, we give them the usual "build something that does this" in the interview but those basic examples don't show you the flaws.

team: yeh the issue is that you can't really confirm the difference between a programmer that can write code and and a programmer that cand build to business requirements in a couple of hours.

Me : so how many people did you guys interview before you took me on?

team: well we had about 150 CV's passed to us from the agency we dealt with, and only about 30 of those were even close to the job, after interviewing about 10 of those we could get rid of the obvious skill lacking candidates but then you end up with the people that can sell themselves not knowing if they can do the job.

Me : Strange how there can be so much of a gap between "writing code" and "writing solutions that work".

team: yeh, it seems natural to us, because that's what we do but these days you can get an MCPD on a 6 week course and universities seem to teach you how to do research and learn rather than how to be a good programmer.

And here's where the penny drops ...

A university degree is seemingly the "UK standard for determining level of knowledge" but I don't have a university degree, and I beat back the other 15 other candidates that were shortlisted in under 2 hours (i had the job in the time it took me to get home after the interview).

How did I do it ...

It's about proving that you're capable of more than citing textbooks or copy and paste from google search results, programmers that can think about and actually solve the problem are about 1 in 200 these days but the industry doesn't seem to have caught up with that yet.

When the industry does, there will be a huge shift, demand will remain the same but the list of people that have proven ability will be easy to find thus stripping out those other 199 people in every job on offer.

When that happens programmers will go back to being what they once were!

Just to be clear:

I've been a professional programmer now for about 10 years, since about year 3 of my career I have not seen a salary below £30k, if you know what you're worth and can prove it then there is no reason why that £718 average shouldn't apply to you too.

ONS base their stats on the entire UK, London and other highly built up areas often pay a premium for getting a person to come in to the city, I live in the south west of England and have gone to interviews where the salary on offer is the "average for the area", someone else on here quoted a Bournemouth role offering "£20k something", and on more than 1 occasion i've attended such an interview and told them under no circumstances would I accept less than £30k (or whatever it was I was worth at the time) and been "reluctantly called back" by a manager some 2 months later because they employed some cheaper alternative that didn't have a clue.

The point is, many "IT Managers" these days are "Managers" and many have come from roots in business not in IT, so when you tell them what a skill is worth they will often take their typical "Manager" point of view and say something like "Well I know I can get someone with your CV for cheaper" my response is simply ... "OK do it, but when they screw up i'll charge you a premuim to fix it" ... when their manager (possibly the MD) comes back with something like "you better get this right this time" all of a sudden they want to spend real money on talent.

It's time managers in the business learnt that IT talent is not something to be taken lightly when an average project is to develop software that will enable your business to turn over millions. It's not until that system has problems or is unable to deliver for some reason that this sort of thing comes to the surface ... be wise people, know the manager you're dealing with, if they can't see the value in your skill set move along to the next job because you'll be shat on the whole of the time you are there else.

And to quote someone else: "outsourcing is good, I get more to fix the problem in the longer term".

And a final note: aren't programmers meant to be well known for thinking outside the box ... so start doing that guys! I won't be told by some overpriced MD that IT isn't worth getting right and any MD that feels that way can employ some indians then let me know when they feel they learn't their lesson.

Disclaimer: I'm not racist, when I say "Indians" or other terms that come across insulting I'm generalising the industry's complete lack of ability to spot lack of talent when looking for a project team, typically it's India I see the outsourcing going to because "its cheap", in my opinion "it's cheap for a reason".

"When I ring my ISP I don't want to talk to someone in India because my problem is with someone in the UK", it's not the Indian peoples fault.


What's most important? Bandwidth over kilo-miles, or milli-watts?


That might be so but that also has nothing to do with this article.

They are specifically talking about sending light down a fibre and 300GHZ is not a light range frequency.

The point being, that fibre technology is looking like it's on the horizon of some improvements !!


Amazon yanks SimCity download from store


Re: No one has the right to complain, they should read the EULA for EA.

Everyone has the right to complain.

An EULA may be a legally binding contract between you and EA but a contract has 2 sides and if EA fails to live up to their end as a product / service provider you have the right as a consumer to cancel the contract which may include refund of charges.

Failing to provide a suitable solution / alternative to the given "breach" in the contract puts EA in a legal minefield, by effectively failing so badly they are making themselves a legal target dispite the EULA.

I've this time and time again, the big company says stuff like "you can't sue us when we suck and we will do what we want so suck it up", but the loophole states that when the contract itself is in question the terms are determined by the courts (in the EU anyway).

Big american companies tend to put clauses like this in an EULA as a deterrent as it works for the most part and saves them a lot of cases, but it can still be challenged and a court can still give the consumer the right to compensation for their actions.

An EULA is not the last word when it comes to law, a judge is!