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Computer expert and broadcaster Ian McNaught-Davis dies at 84


Working with Mac

I'm one of the lucky ones who worked with Mac, as a TV director on a couple of BBC projects after the days of Micro Live. As an engineer-turned producer, I got a dream job of making a pilot programme on the experimental european HDTV standard (1250 lines, known as Eureka95 - was in competition with a Japanese 1125 line system, Muse or Hi-Vision). The programme was to be shown at the IBC trade fair in Brighton in 1988 (yes we had HDTV then), to an audience of chief engineers and company bosses. Mac was our first choice for the gig, and happily he took the job on, not only presenting in the studio recording, but doing a personal appearance at the Brighton premiere. It can't have been for the money, but because he took on jobs that interested him.

He was fantastic to work with, as patient and unflappable when the cameras weren't rolling as he appeared to be on screen, and with a wicked sense of humour. Great company and a wonderful raconteur.


Elgato EyeTV Mobile


A word of caution about this product (from one who owns and is happy with an earlier model) - as elgato state on their website, they DON'T handle the freeview HD signal (the DVB-T2 standard). So it's standard def only, which may be fine on smaller screens, but makes the product line look a bit outdated and due for update?