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HP Pre 3 webOS smartphone

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Great phone :-)

I just wanted to say that the HP PRE 3 is one of my favourite phones to date. Being a long time PC and OS X/iPhone developer, I was a total Apple fanboy. When the HTC Desire arrived I thought I would get one to see how it compares to the iPhone. After a couple of days it went back in the box and sits in the cupboard. In the recent HP Touchpad fire sale, I managed to get hold of one. My wife uses my iPad so I wanted to get another tablet and the HP looked interesting. For some reason I just love WebOS and enjoy using the tablet so I thought I would go get a Pre 3 to see if it is just as good and I have not been disappointed yet. Now my wife has my iPhone 4, my 3GS is a backup phone and the Pre 3 is my pride and joy. Its fast, multi tasks and the card system is a joy to use.