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British designer builds $15m iPhone for Hong Kong mogul


Sorry, but this story is completely fake



Inside the shadow world of commercialised spook spyware


Um, really?

There is one very important fact that we seem to be glossing over here: the PI representatives received all of this information from sales people. Snake oil peddlers have mostly been chased out of the defensive security industry, so guess where they have ended up? Does this field ("commercialised spyware") give the impression of competitiveness based on technical merit? Or, more probably, just a race to the heights of exaggeration and depths of greed? Is there really a significant number of brilliant engineers with no moral qualms willing to work for middling salaries on such dubious products?

None of the technical claims presented are new or significant. Given the extremely poor security posture of most targets (using Skype, ridiculous password choices, etc), even amateurs will succeed most of the time. This is especially true of amateurs who happen to be governments or their contractors, and can do such things as invade physical spaces and telecommunications hubs with impunity.

Just watch them try to help you attack a reasonably defended target, then you will realise why they have to sell so hard.


Windows 8: Half million previews downloaded in 24 hours


Take note of recent developments please

"...ARM-based systems expected to form the majority of Windows tablets."

Given the roadmaps put forward by both AMD and Intel, I find it hard to believe that by the end of 2012 such an expectation will be fulfilled. Now that application compatibility is an issue, who will make ARM-based Windows 8 tablets if they have x86-based options? Hard to sell someone on 25% better battery life when their apps won't run...

I think ARM-based tablets will be killed off UNLESS they are much much cheaper.

Note that this is mostly a psychological argument: people associate Windows with backwards compatibility, not novel uses or experiences, even if Windows 8 may very well offer one.

Also, you people really expected to download this and run it from VirtualBox? WOW


DNS hijack hits The Register: All well


Some Turkish translations

Just in case anyone cared to know:

Turkish is an agglutinative language and very idiomatic.

güven - feeling of being safe or secure

güvenlik - security, safety (think of lik as roughly meaning with)

Turkgüvenliği - Turk related security, safety? (Obviously there is some heavy irony and idiom here.)

yumurta - egg..... or testicle!

kabuk - outer covering; eggshell

yumur​ta k​abuğu - more verbose way of saying eggshell; scrotum is usually haya torbası

So would you trust a DNS named "eggshell" or what could be a veiled reference to scrotum?

Maybe you can see now why the Turks might be getting more of a kick out of this than you thought. Like if you got everyone to use a DNS server called up1.gentlemanssausage.net. Hehehehehehe


Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Note


But I don't know what to call it!!!!!!!!!

Got to love the people who immediately question products that don't fit into THEIR current form factor framework. As if they even knew what a tablet was until they saw an iPad. Or that it had been preceded by poorly executed devices going back almost a decade. This device actually makes great sense for business people. They tend to have sufficient pocket space and would often rather use a headset anyway in order to multitask. If the implementation/integration is good its success only comes down to marketing.