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UK lays carbon plan before Earth Goddess

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Which data points?

"Drought warning in England is normal for December suddenly?


How about February in 2006? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/4719748.stm so yes not all of a sudden.

However, you really need the actual data to view wether this is as a result of climate or other factors.

Number of water users from 1900 to 2011 (I think that you will see a significant increase in residential and commercial water users over the past 30 years).

How about water consumption rates yearly over the past 100 years even the uneducated can see that we all use more water now than we did 40 years ago. As kids we used to have a bath once per week whether we needed it or not!

Number and volume of water storage facilities in the South East? I can think of a few that have been filled in and built over. It was a good revenue generator for the Privatised Water Companies.

Volume of leaks as opposed to percentage. If the utilisation goes up and the percentage stays the same or reduces the volume could still be increasing.

enough said!


London councils to spunk £25m on SAP deal

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"Business systems are complex and people are not good at doing complex things."

In my experience business process are simple, management makes them complex, and most people don't question the logic of why something is done a certain way.

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Implemented SAP in 2000, on time (6 months start to finish), within budget and saved the company over £1,000,000 in stock reduction over the following 12 months.


Apple girds loins for 'obscene iPad sales surge'

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The profit of the device is irrelevant

Wether Apple make 1c or $300 per iPad is irrelevant, the revenue stream is the sale of Apps. Over 10 billion sold and over 30 million downloaded every day. Even though a great majority of these are free the paid for ones are still a huge number. In 2010 Apple's App Store revenue was $1.78 billion.

Until the other hardware manufacturers fully get to grips with the Gillette approach, sell the hardware cheap and make money on the consumables (i.e. content , apps etc) then they will all fail. Its surprising that the first one to throw in the towel is HP which fully understands this model as printers have been their most profitable line for a while.


The real reason Google bought Motorola

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In addition

public bodies should be restricted from doing business with companies that avoid paying their fair share of tax. BTW the company that HMRC sold 60% of their property to and leases it back from is based in a tax haven.

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The other thing it gives them

is an additional legal way to move profits from high tax countrys to low tax countrys by collecting IP royaties from it's subsiduaries.


New UK 'leccy meters remotely run via Voda 2G

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Oh so wrong!

You won't have a choice this has been mandated by the government (obviously after much lobbing by the energy companies stating Climate Change as the reason).

We are all paying for the installation of these meters as a levy has been added to energy bills to claw the installation costs back.

The energy companies and government will have the ability to switch off power as and when required:-

Not paid your bill - Power off

Possible brown outs due to lack of generating capacity - Consumer power off, business run as normal

Rioting in London - Power off so that the media cannot esculate the problems.

Then there will be the equivilant of train fares for energy taffifs:-

Want to use power at peak times ££££££


HP Pre 3 punters peeved as expected price cut is a no show

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Price reduction was not a rumour

The eurostore.palm.com (which is a HP owned domain) on Tuesday 23rd said that there would be a substantial price cut but they were only selling the phone as a bundle and you had to reserve one at the £299 price to be eligible for the reduced price.