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HDS bigwigs gaze into optical storage at IEEE storage confab

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Re: Comparing apples with oranges

"No presentation is complete without the presenter presenting it".

The take away from this factoid is that the "format and the medium" is still compatible today. Materials improve over time, just look at the M-Disc content. Just like a tape or disk from 31 years ago is greatly improved today, but try using that 31 year old tape or disk today, even if the bits are still readable.


GE brings holographic storage back from the dead

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Micro-Hologram is not the only architecture

Thanks Chris for bringing this subject some much needed attention. There has been a bit of a "quiet" period in this space, but rest assured, there is exciting development being done in the labs and research facilities to advance this technology. I posted a response to your blog here,


I describe what Hitachi is cooking with Holographic storage and how it compares with GE's architecture. Cheers.