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Would YOU start a fire? TRAPPED in a new-build server farm


Re: Did I read that right ?

No, you did not. Redundant power cables are where a power supply is fed from multiple sources so it can use any in the event of failure. If all input supplies are up - pulling the plug on one won't cause anything to happen, except a large 'POWER FAIL' warning.


Greens threaten to sue over solar 'leccy cash slash


The subsidy in its current form is broken - a large slice of the money people pay to get 4kW of PV panels goes to 'non-jobs' - essentially made up to help the building trade.

The cost of a rational rooftop system would be based on payback times of field-scale solar.

if you want to put a small panel on your roof - you can - but you only get the subsidy at the same rate it'd be paid to a more efficient scheme.

This would need the regulatory scheme to be largely scrapped.

If you want to install a 'solar shed' from B+Q, with a 1kW panel on the roof DIY, you can, and it will pay back after 20 years or so.

But getting subsidised so that spending 60% more than the cost of the raw panels upfront is a good investment was barking mad.


Ofcom misses deadline: but on Sitefinder, not 4G


Sitefinder is comedically bad, and not fit for purpose.

Sure, if you're in a city, it's sort-of-OK. You can zoom out to a level where you can probably see the tower serving you.

If you're in a more rural location - the process is more like find your location - now zoom out and find that the towers dissapear at a low zoom level, so you zoom out one level only, and do a manual scan around the area using the hideously clunky interface.

It took me around 20 minutes to find which tower was serving me.


'The most ambitious project at eBay for a long, long time'


The above is very powerful.

I used to for example - have a search "-(polar*,"brand new","free shipping",sealed) (repair,faulty,spares,broken,"not working",crack*,dropped,water)" - this worked well to find broken cameras.

Unfortunately, they've improved it, so you don't now get a list of matching auctions, it's aggregated by model.

I do not look forward to ebay 'improvements'.

Making search work well for most is good.

Breaking it utterly for some isn't.

Improvements need to be turn-offable, especially fuzzy matching. If I'm searching for a particular part number, and know the exact model, returning 'close' matches without the ability to turn this off can be completely useless.


'Leccy price hike: Greens to blame as well as energy biz


One major annoyance

I want to put up some solar panels - DIY.

i can source these for perhaps 1/4 the cost of certified panels.

Unfortunately, if I were to connect these to the grid - I can't even get back what I'd normally pay for electricity - only 3p/kWh or so.