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BIG DATA wizards: LEARN from CERN, not the F500


Re: It would help if the author knew what he was talking about.

I think perhaps you should go back and re-read the article. Mr Nicholson makes some great points. You're right that transactions aren't the same as sensor data; I'd question the merit of moving from a relational model for all but the most specialist areas. Where's the payoff? Just what is being stored? If it was being dropped before (presumably because something was wrong with it?), is it really needed?


Sony Xperia Tablet Z: Our new top Android ten-incher

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TN Screen? That's not at all premium..

You can get sub-£100 tablets with IPS panels. I know the Sony has a lot going for it, but the screen is the number-1 most important feature of any tablet. Viewing angles, brightness, responsiveness, colour. After that battery life, speed and weight, etc.

Seems that Sony spent their cash in the wrong place so won't be getting mine. Perhaps they could put a better screen in their Windows-8 version of the tablet (not announced, but I'm hopeful!).


Ten Windows tablets


Give RT a break! It works great for what it is!!

I hate it when people slag off stuff they have never owned or probably even tried.

**All tablets have compromises**

I bought a Windows RT Tablet (Asus vivotab RT) a few weeks ago for £286 on eBay (they're typically going for between £230 and £350). It has 2 USB ports, BTW - there's an adapter in the box for the second port that you can use on either the tablet or dock. The combination of a really light tablet and a detachable keyboard with the extra battery is just awesome. I can work on it with the keyboard and trackpad (e.g. at work in meetings), then detach the screen and use it on the sofa or loo like a tablet.

I have an iPad 1 (for the kids), iPad Mini (wife), Windows 8 tablet (main desktop PC) and I have tried everything else - 2x Android tabs, WebOS and even Blackberry for a bit. The Windows RT tab is *easily* the best so far for my needs. NO, it's not my main PC, but then I want a sofa surfer that can also do other stuff when needed. It's the tablet I go to first, carry around with me and use the most.

I could write essays on the problems with them all, but basically what I like about RT (and 8) most is the UI. I love the swipey gestures for navigation - it feels very natural and fluid. The UI is always responsive and smooth (unlike Android, even with Jelly Bean). I think Microsoft have done a fine job.

Windows RT is awesome for its market, (i.e. not a desktop/laptop replacement) and it is easily able to compete with the iPad while soundly beating every Android device I have tried.

The main downside for me at the moment is a lower number of apps/games compared to IOS and Android. But app count is not what it seems!

I can't really complain about IOS in this department because it's the clear leader in both quality and quantity of apps (although I can complain about the User Interface - so where's the innovation in the last 6 years?).

The apps that Windows 8/RT do have beat your average Android experience hands-down:

Android apps are often (usually? always?) not tablet optimised, so you get a scaled-up phone experience (try the eBay app on the iPad, Windows 8/RT and then any Android tab).

Android apps sometimes don't work at all because the developer didn't know about, care, or was able to support all processors, screen sizes, memory configurations, etc. that the grossly fragmented ecosystem has to contend with. I have had 2 of the very best selling Android phones and 2 tablets with every version of the Android OS since Froyo and I have *never* gotten Sky Go to work.. Ever. Worked first time on the iPad, though.

You're often unable to actually buy most Android apps.. Ad supported may cheer-up the free-tards thinking they're getting something for nothing, but I don't want to lose 20% of my screen to an ad banner flashing away continuously. I'd like to support the app developers a bit (the media says that Android developers don't earn much) but how can they compete when their app costs a quid next to someone else who "sells" it for nothing and people don't seem to care about the banner ads?..

Ugh. I'll stop there. I'm starting that essay that on-one wants to read. Either go along with your life believing the haters, or go out and actively try stuff for yourself.

You might be surprised.


Review: Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2


Re: At £700 a pop...

Just on price, a 64GB iPad with 3G is £659. And I'll bet you can get the Lenovo for less than that if you shop around. In my experience you can't get discounts on iPads (even the rare expensive ones). Admittedly you'll get a lot more of your £659 back when you trade in your iPad after 2 years.

If you want to play games, twitter, facebook, email, surf and watch TV then get an iPad. If you ALSO want to get real work done (office, photoshop, software development) then the Lenovo is a good (but not the only) choice.


Alienware assimilates Dell FROM THE INSIDE!


... Sorry. Did I misread this as an article or piece of news?

Looks like a paid ad to me.


Xbox SmartGlass hits Android ahead of schedule


doesn't work.

Android 4.1.2 Tab = No workey. Who can be arsed with the side-loading shenanigans? This is a typical Android problem. Yes there are billions of droids on the planet, but any given app will only work on a subset of those devices. Sometimes a very, very small subset (thinking of the Sky Go app).

I know this is all off topic, and I'm sure that the MS app is useful. I just can't see it, that's all. Perhaps this was a ploy to highlight one of Android's failings?


Intel rewrites 'inadequate' roadmap, 'reinvents' PC


Hmm. Intel have a whiff of panic about them ATM..

I think they're seriously worried. Paul's keynote looks to be very much like a "stick with us, partners! We can do low power, too!" effort. I mean, that last Atom core is even named after a lot of hot air isn't it? And that lovely thin laptop-cum-tablet slide.. What on that slide can only Intel provide. In fact, what on that slide can competitors do right now and Intel not do?

If I were him, I'd be worried, too.

When your phone has a 32GB SSD, removable storage, always on fast internet, 2GB RAM, HDMI and a dual core processor with meaty (think PS3+) GFX processor you'll wonder what your desktop PC is meant for.

Windows on ARM. That's the fourth shift.


Samsung quietly lowers tablet graphics chip spec

Paris Hilton

They all have their good and bad sides

Yes, when it first came out the Samsung Galaxy S' UI was a little bit laggy and GPS was iffy. But Samsung have supported it and continue to bring out updates (gingerbread 2.3.3 is coming v.soon).

With Android 2.2.1 all my Galaxy S niggles went away; it's a superb phone. Fast, easy to use and does much more than a stock apple iPhone.

The 3G Galaxy Tab has been problem free (so far - only had it for 3 weeks).

But I hear Apple, HTC, Sony and Motorola users griping, too, about bugs and updates. Nobody has the perfect phone with faultless support. It's a fact of life unfortunately.


Star Wars: From dream sci-fi bride to perfect Blu-ray wife


It's broken! Wah!

I think someone pulled the plug. The domain is currently redirecting to fox movies.

But who would have anticipated the high demand?

It's not as if star wars is popular, is it?