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How to get $542m from Google: Dress as a SPACEMAN with dayglo dancers – Magic Leap

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Someone should inform...

The Inland Revenue ;-)


Tech hacks should admit taking corporate coin, but don't start a witch hunt

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Foss patents

To be honest I was extremely surprised about the comments re Florien Muller.

I've read his blog for several years and always found him to be pretty bang on the money. Given that he makes money from his consulting work; rather than his journalism; I would imagine that it's more important for him than most bloggers to be accurate in his analysis since that's how (and he is clear about this) he picks up his consulting jobs.

I'm also a long time register reader and haven't failed to spot that you are much more friendly when your big advertisers (Rackspace for example) have an epic fail than you are with other companies with whom you have no commercial relationship.

I've also never seen a Reg article with a 'Rackspace (or insert other advertiser name) pay my wages' disclaimer (which is always what you see with Mr Muller).


Groupon sues ex-sales heads for defection to Google

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I think there are several orders of magnitude of error at only 6m USD.

Still it's probably a few orders of magnitude less of a problem than disclosing your complete subscriber list :-)


Rackspace backtracks over toff-proof sign-up process

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sponsors abound

Presumably this was an ad for rackspace (everyone's favorite sponsor of el reg) rather than actual news.

Since, indeed, it isn't in fact news.