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Panasonic PT-AT5000E LCD projector


Re: > £3000???

£3000 is a high price, but one that I considered worthwhile. I have the earlier AT4000E which cost £2,500 retail a year or two back.

This gives me a device that creates a screen that is just shy of 3m diagonal in full HD, at a lower noise than any of its competitors when it was released. I can watch pretty much any movie I choose in the comfort of my own home, with cheap beer and snacks, on any format or source (DVD, Blu-ray or streaming from my media PC) in 7.2 sound (with my Onkyo AV amp). Allowing pausing of the show when the lady needs a comfort break, no concern or cost of baby-sitters and not least of all none of that crud that comes with sharing space with sweet wrapper scrunching, chattering hoi-polloi with big hats.

Last time we chose to visit a cinema, we shelled out over £50 for two, with snacks, fuel, parking... The picture and sound was worse, the chairs less comfortable, queues there, along with noisy f***ers.

I would recommend looking into it. How much would a 110" LCD or plasma cost?

That said, I would bother with 3D, it's sh**


NEC goes out on a limb with arm-tap gadget control



You have never heard of, use, or own a headset, wired, or otherwise...

Or do you use a dick to phone?


Hollywood eyes Blade Runner replicants


Kill it dead, with its own arm...

Then the rain will come, to hide my non-existent tears