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COW a-BUNG HER, dude! 'Secret Santa' Bill Gates buys lass a HEIFER


Cows trump Rococo in my book.

I loathe Microsoft software, but if Bill Gates manages to spend his fortune better than countless oilmen and other industrialists, perhaps we'll all share in his terrific luck.

P.S. Bill, I'd be willing to accept $189,271 for my past troubles with your products and call us square on my end of the 'luck' sum--the bad to your good.


Former Microsoft exec barred from taking job at Salesforce

Thumb Up

Excellent use of Bill

no doubt Ballmer is bungling staff appointments -- this guy just wants out!


Nintendo brings fibre to Elephant & Castle


Not worth the link from Leaf coverage.

No picture of the festivities ?

Perhaps reporter was there and forgot camera.

Let's see a shot of the gray anyway -- for the challenge: Elephant and Castle v. Aberdeen

***Quiet little electric cars around couldn't hurt (unless you don't see one coming)


Electric cars not as 'green' as advertised

IT Angle

How can the advertising be green ?

surprise, it's just an advert.

The car runs on batteries, not gas. I plug in at home rather than drive to the station for power. The car is almost silent and gets me from point A to point B with a few packages. I can feel OK about gaseous emissions during transit as they will only occur when I open the passenger compartment to the outside; the coal plant far away produces the primary byproduct of my power source-- we're going to focus on making that cleaner v. millions of moving targets, right ?

And, you know, its like, a new car.

*** Buying new cars is not a green activity

But this one might make city life more enjoyable.