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HP rocks Redmond with webOS PC play


not relevent... yet

It does ring a bell, and I have tested it. however:

1) Its not finished yet, and as such isn't ready for a production environment.

2) Although I am fine with setting up a samba server (and have done it on may occasions), every other member of my staff is not. Its been surprisingly difficult to get competent Linux staff who are wiling to work in a mixed windows / Linux / Mac environment. this means there are massive training issues, and also business continuity issues should I move on.

3) Samba 4 doesn't support all the higher enterprise functions of AD... yet.

4) If your in an enterprise with multiple sites/departments. The chances are you will have windows server boxes already out there. At which point, the licensing issue is still there, even if you replace some of them with samba.

5) As much as I respect samba for its performance and rock solid abilities. Its just no where near as slick, easy to use, easy to setup, and easy to manage.

believe me, I am watching samba 4 with deep interest and can only hope it turns out as well as I am sure many of us want it to.


competition is good but....

Is it just me, but the competition seems to be sat squarely in the home user and non business user. While this is an important area. As an IT manager, despite wanting to find decent alternatives to Microsofts OS tax, I find myself returning to it time and again when my professional name is on the line.

Don't get me wrong here. I love linux, and use it wherever possible. IOs, Android, and WebOS are very goof mobile OS's. However, Linux still hasn't got anything to match the slickness and manageability of Active Directory, and non of the new mobile OSs truly have the enterprise ready features I need in my work place.

The same seems to be equally true in other areas such as web browsers. I despise IE, yet a move to firefox and chrome is just a none starter due to the extremely poor manageability tools.

If hp, really want to take over the world, they need to give WEBos some real enterprise credentials to match its great usability.