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Card skimmers targeting more than ATMs, says EU


Why are ATM fascias so complicated and intricate?

I think the design of ATM machines makes it easier to attach card-skimming devices. They have lots of joints, recesses, protrusions, badges, unnecessary styling features and so on. Even genuine ones look like they've been assembled from various mismatched components over a period of years.

If the entire ATM facia was a single large moulded piece of smooth curved plastic, preferably flush with the wall of the building, it would be easier to spot at a glance recently attached card-skimming devices.


TDK ST-700 High Fidelity headphones


Do they block the noise of co-workers?

I'm still looking for a pair of headphones that can block the noise of my shouting, yawning, sneezing, coughing, farting, burping, coin-sorting office-mates, while I'm trying to concentrate on coding.

Are these any good for that?


DEC founder Ken Olsen is dead


I was a MicroVAX man

My memories of DEC's products:

- VMS was rock-solid, and made MS-DOS look like a toy in the early nineties.

- The reliable, well-documented compilers for Fortran, C and Ada, and the way in which it was easy to write programs that mixed languages.

- The excitement of receiving several large cardboard boxes full of tapes and manuals each time a new version of VMS was released.

- TK50 tape drives that sounded like a dentist's drill.