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Dropbox defends fantastically badly timed Condoleezza Rice appointment

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Re: Interesting timing

I'm glad you picked up on that.

He was the red herring.

Good to see there is some stout life around here yet.

Give that man a raise.

It could have been worse.

I might have said Ronny Raygun.

Imagine the hilarity that would have ensued after that.


a nation of probably about 200 million homicidal maniacs and you pick carter?


I've got a bit of a mad men moment going on here. You are Don Draper and I am demoted to Pete Campbell.

I'm sorry Don. Did that offend you?


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Interesting timing

Winxp dies. Baam!

Heartbleed surfaces. Whump!

Dropbox loses its mind and commits suicide. Guffaw!

What a week!

From the school of propaganda that says 'hit them with it quick, do not relent, turn their world upside down, teach them that everything they have ever known is wrong, make them question their most intrinsic, integral beliefs, hit them with it again, till they are reeling from the shock and arguing amongst themselves, even with themselves'.

Maybe not. Just a thought.

Still, interesting timing.

This would not have stood a year or two ago. They are preparing us for insanity.

I doubt there are any terrorists left now.

I mean.

No XP. We all know what cheapskates the bombers are, spending their money on aluminium powder and chippati flour. No cash for OS upgrades. Wide open.

And for the clever ones using encryption: All your secrets are belong to us! OpenSSL. Right out in the open it would seem.

And finally, Condy. If you put it in a novel, it would be rejected as too absurd. But this is the reality they have for us now.

DropBox just got TonyBlaired. They wanted him, but he wasn't available. Condy was the next best alternative. They snapped her up. Third place was either William Hague or Jimmy Carter.

Good job I don't keep my revolutionary plans on there. Just a few patches, nothing of importance.

Not that I have any revolutionary plans, of course.


This post might not make much sense. Almost as if I was winging it and making it up as I went along. Fair cop. I was just trying to get into the spirit of things.


NSA denies it knew about and USED Heartbleed encryption flaw for TWO YEARS

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In other news...

The Queen of England denied reports she has been shagging her beloved Corgis for decades.

"Any similarity between my beloved and Prince Charles is purely coincidental, said her Maj".


France bans managers from contacting workers outside business hours

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'Do you work to live or live to work'

I don't fucking work at all.

Solves that little dilemma for me.


Spy-happy Condoleezza Rice joins Dropbox board as privacy adviser

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Fox in the Hen House

Er, do you think Condy reads the Reg?

<Whack> <Smack> <Crack>

"I'm sorry Mrs. Rice, I didn't mean iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Urghhhhhhhhhh. Splutter. Gurgle."

</Whack> </Smack> </Crack>

"Drop him in the box boys"...

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$date = '01/04/2014' ? $laugh : $cry;


Cheat Win XP DEATH: Little-known tool to save you from the XPocalypse

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I'll bite.


A lot of people* sticking with XP are doing so because they are too tight to buy a new OS or a new PC or just too lazy to do anything about it.


You must be one of them there computer nerds. Perhaps even a geek. Yeah, probably a geek.

I'm sure some are sticking with XP because they are too tight, but maybe also because they are a bit skint. Or horror of horrors, it does everything it needs to do, is working perfectly and after a while of figuring it all out, it is going to mean a major upheaval and a new learning curve to tackle. Then again, you may also be right when you say they are too lazy. No law against laziness last time I looked.

But where your major oversight is, I think, in the fact that microsoft have not provided a pain free alternative. And by them slowly moving the goalposts bit by bit with the changing of APIs and the purposeful obsoleting of hardware in collusion with the hardware manufacturers (win/win for both of them - microsoft get to sell more software - the hardware vendors more hardware), we have now reached a point where the bluffs are being called all around. It's the software vendors I feel most sorry for, if there is an innocent party in this unholy shitstorm, they are probably least to blame and the most held to ransom to go along with it all.

Unless it has escaped your attention, microsoft once attaining the full monopoly have not just used their customer base for experimentation, they have corralled them into a pen for total control and submission. They have created an OS that is intended to be used on mobile touch screen devices, all because what they have is not enough for them, they want MORE, seeing the riches being gained by their rivals. They want it ALL. Good old fashioned greed. They have basically told their Most Valued Professionals to go and fuck themselves. Dedoimedo for one example was noting what a cluster fuck win8 was 2 (TWO) years ago. And he is a big microsoft fan, giving credit where credit is due to them. Look up his tutorials and viewpoints on system hardening in windows via EMET.

I will speak for myself here. I am happy to use win7. It is a hog. Illogical at times. And not very customisable (you can't change the glaringly white background of an explorer window for example without slipping into classic mode, which is what I run all the time making my win7 resemble something more akin to bleeding win95). But it works well, very well for the most part with the myriad of Audio software I own and use. In fact, I am forced into using win7, because the software devs were forced into only supporting it via the change of APIs. And not all of them have come up to speed. It is actually another unholy cluster fuck with virtual folders being employed because microsoft says 'naughty naughty' bad software and slaps it down to the naughty step. So a lot of Audio software is in transition. It won't work on xp, but it still does not work perfectly well on win7. I digress.

So, when forced to use win7, I use win7, and for software that will not work on win7 but will only work on xp, I use xp. Microsoft totally, willfully split it down the middle. No transition. Disruptive technology, indeed. And that is just xp/win7, win8 is another level of hurt again.

If I have spent thousands of pounds (literally) for software (I don't use cracks except for research [No, really, I do not use cracks in production, only to test in certain circumstances]), why should I just suddenly say, oh, never mind, put it all in the bin, forget about it. Spend another couple of thousand to upgrade? If I had the money I would still not appreciate being held to ransom. I don't anway as it goes, but I want to keep on using the software I LOVE, that I have spent years learning how to use to a professional level.

And this is without getting into the hardware that I have that will not work on win8 because of lack of drivers. Yes, that old chesnut. Still getting away with it.

But that's just me. Most of the people you have maligned just want to stick with xp because they have games or industrial software that will not RUN on new systems, be that because of the software being 16-bit or a lack of drivers.


As such this advice means nothing to the majority of XP users.


Not sure what your point is here, so I'll stop 'biting' now.

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Re: Dear author


The Windows 7 XP Mode VM on the other hand, is provided free of charge for Windows 7 licence holders (effectively it is included in the cost of the Windows 7 licence). So if you are using it and don't have a Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate/Enterprise licence then you are quite definitely in the legal wrong. If you have a Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate/Enterprise licence but are using the XP Mode VHD within Linux then I would suggest that that is another of those questionable legal/moral issues.


Ah. That is sort of what I expected and how I pretty much look at it, not knowing any better.

I don't use it for production (though I aim to one day) and it is strictly for private/educational use.

I am curious now about this XP Mode in win7. I think I am going to have to try it out. Not sure if you even need to put in a serial no. for it. Not sure how it works at all. Or if it even will be accessible in Linux. I'm sure it won't take long to figure out. If I did get a working VM up, I wouldn't bother with it in Linux anyway. I have enough VMs and am seriously running out of disk space. I made a separate 50GB partition for VMs and that has practically all been eaten up now, just keeping what is left for the dynamic re-sizing. Surprising how much extra space gets eaten up when you start playing about and installing extra crap (beyond the size of the crap you install).

Anyway, whether in Linux or win7, both the winxp images just absolutely fly along. So no need to use Linux in this case.

I'm just looking at buying a bog standard Dell system for someone. And they aren't just technophobes, but computerphobes. They HATE computers. They can barely switch the thing on or off. They will lose all their programs if I get win8 for them, otherwise I would. One benefit of being totally ignorant and not having any understanding of how a computer works is, that when the goalposts are moved, it makes no difference to them. They switch it on, start firefox, log onto facebook. And they play their games. And that is it.

So I'm going to get them the win7 Pro license and then set them up with XP Mode. Not sure how it will work with connecting to the printer, but we'll see. Seems perfect for them otherwise.

Do you know, I didn't even know there was an XP Mode in win7 and I've had it a couple of years?

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Re: Dear author


"The author gave the caveat that the virtual XP machine should only be used to run the existing old software that won't play nice with Win7 etc"

He certainly did, but you've got to get that old software onto the VM somehow. We're talking about a new XP install in the VM here, not a virtualisation of the one you already have the software installed on.


Sorry, I'm probably being dense and just not getting it, but why can't the whole xp shebang be done perfectly legally through the win7 pro setup - download, install of software etc. - and then, once set up and you have a new legal working xp VD, what law is there that states that that image can not be accessed by VBox or whatever in Linux?

I often switch between using my VDs in both Linux and Win7 and tweaking as I go. Proof of concept more than real world usage as I'm new to all this, but still. Am I actually breaking the law by accessing an xp VD from VBox, even though it is on the same machine/physical drive and is a legitimately licensed copy? Serious question. I'm not using the win7 xp virtual mode, it is an old boxed copy that I bought from Tottenham Court Rd. years ago, and that is no longer used on any machines. Shouldn't make a difference anway, should it?

Don't tell me after all this money I have spent and given to one of the biggest companies in the world that I am being criminalised, after great effort, trouble and expense to remain on the straight and narrow.

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Re: Dear author

"If you must have XP then buy a Windows 7 Professional and run XP Mode legally in that."

He/they, chances are, already have that license, making it morally ok in my book to run XP in Linux. Whether it is technically legal is another matter. We could argue about this ad nauseum. I don't even disagree with parts of your viewpoint. But if I had a previous OEM license that I could no longer technically use because I don't own that software, merely license it, and I am in fact following that diktat, and go to all the trouble of buying win7 Pro which includes the new XP license for the purposes as mentioned, then who is going to dob me in if I just have a little tinker 'round in me ol' Linux install? It's not as if you could possibly use both at the same time anyway, being booted into one os or the other.

"Then as new versions of your old software become available you can install them in your Windows 7 installation and phase out your XP Mode VM."

Not really. New versions of the software don't become available because microsoft moved the goalposts and changed the APIs. Not to mention native 16-bit/32-bit/64-bit compatibility. That is why some of us NEED to do this time consuming bullshit, because we have no other choice, if we choose to use our otherwise obsolescent software. Not because it's fun, or hacking or any of the other golden age of computing rationales. In fact, I know of people that have actually upgraded their software and choose to use the 'older' version out of preference, and there is no way that will run in win8 without a VM because it is 16-bit. The new crappier version just sits in the draw unused.

Just like microsoft, they took something that worked perfectly well and ballsed it up and no one wants to use it now. This is another argument, granted, but, pertinent, I feel. Amelioration is the name of the game. A word I fear that is not in their comprehension. Instead, they re-invented the wheel. Guess what? It was not an improvement, and now we are left with this clusterfuck of either abandon your old software that you need/love, OR upgrade to new versions and abandon your old software that you need/love, OR possibly find some kind of way to keep that software running despite the drain on your wetware resources to do so.

I agree in principle with your first point, if not in spirit.

As to your second point, well, I just thought I would point out some alternative views.

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Re: not to diss open source software

Well, I have only ever used VBox, but the winxp VDs I have set up, absolutely blaze along on a very mediocre laptop that is very sluggish with win7. And this is running VBox off of Knoppix7 off a USB stick. No complaints at all.

I'm going to be trying VMWare next though now I've got my head around cloning and re-sizing disks in VBox and whatnot. Even set up a shared disk and usb for transferring stuff. Works remarkably well in win7 too. I should use it more really. It's night and day in terms of speed when surfing, plus the extra security it provides.

And a browser is a browser is a browser pretty much. You forget you are in a VM. Whether that VM was started off a usb stick in Linux or your hard disk in windows. Plus being able to transfer stuff you download is a major convenience. It is also a security risk too, I suppose, and that is why I have a couple of VMs, one with a shared disk and one without which is locked down and isolated.

If VMWare turns out to be faster than VBox, I will be most pleasantly surprised.

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Re: Or Another Way

Taken from the VMware vCenter Converter pdf


Third-party virtual machines or system images

Acronis True Image Echo 9.1 and 9.5, and Acronis True Image Home 10 and 11


Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery (formerly LiveState Recovery) 6.5, 7.0, 8.0,

and 8.5, and LiveState Recovery 3.0 and 6.0 (.sv2i format only).

Norton Ghost version 10.0, 12.0, and 14.0 (.sv2i format only).

Parallels Desktop 2.5, 3.0, and 4.0 (.pvs and .hdd). Compressed disks are not


Parallels Workstation 2.x (.pvs). Compressed disks are not supported. Parallels

Virtuozzo Containers are not supported.

StorageCraft ShadowProtect Desktop, ShadowProtect Server, ShadowProtect Small

Business Server (SBS), ShadowProtect IT Edition, versions 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2


The Microsoft VHD format for the following sources:

Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 and Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (.vmc) Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 and 2005 R2 (.vmc)


So yeah, 11 and earlier, but not as early as 8, which I have a load of images for. Bummer. I'd really love to find a way to make a Virtual Disk out of them. It would save me a lot of time and trouble rebuilding them. Maybe there is a way.


Ancient Earth asteroid strike that dwarfed dinosaur killer still felt today

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Re: Assuming that..

Well, I wasn't being entirely serious. Just rapping on a muse, man.

I've heard that theory about the birds being the modern day dinosaurs. I suppose they had to come from somewhere. They lay eggs. Not sure where the whole reptile thing comes into it, but if people more knowledgeable than me say it is so, I'll believe them, until I maybe one day do my own research and come to another conclusion.

As for the crows. I know. Fascinating creatures. They can talk you know? Only one or two words, but still, very impressive. Even my dog can't do that. Well, apart from 'sausages'. I watch the little buggers around here sometimes. Magnificent creatures. They occasionally have a little sortie where an invading party of about 10 or so swoop down. There is a commander of course. He's the big black burly bastard with the beak. There is a scout looking out for protection. A few underlings being trained up in the art of warfare. They collect bits of material for their nest. When they find something suitable, they put it to one side in a pile, go and gather some more, then when they have what they need, they pick it all up and fly off. They are like the SAS, they just get in, then they get out. This all takes about five minutes. They don't hang about.

But the talking thing is still more impressive. In our language. Of course they have their own language. I can hear them screaming/communicating now. Haven't a clue what they are saying. But it is a structured language of that I have no doubt. Crows have a very hierarchical system as far as I can tell from observing them from around here. Beyond the family unit, I mean. They really are like a little army.

You must have seen that viral viddy on utubez with the crow on the snow covered slanty roof, using a jar lid or somesuch to skate down, and then he would pick it back up again, go to the top, skate back down. Hilarious. You can fly, but you think it might just be fun to 'play' for a while doing something a bit different. That is where learning comes from. Curiosity. Exploration. Higher intelligence.

Anyway, I didn't mean to malign the dinosaurs. There may have indeed been some nice ones. And maybe they did have an intelligence far more advanced than we suspect or are able to detect. It is entirely possible that one or two even made their way around to a bit of tool use. We shall never know.

And apologies for calling them nasty. You are right again. That's just where they were at on the evolutionary scale of things. Being carnivorous as opposed to the many herbivorous ones around, needing to eat meat was a problem only really solved by killing other animals for their flesh. Nothing personal. Where as with humans as you so duly note, it is a choice we make. There are alternatives for most people. I exercise that choice, personally speaking.

But it is not just the eating of animals for food and sustenance that makes man nasty. I think that can be forgiven. Evolution wise we have come a long way very quickly, a little bit too quickly in fact, which is why we are at the point we are at now and having the problems we are having now as a species. No, the eating of meat is still understandable. But the mistreatment and torture of animals for fun and profit is not. I doubt the dinosaurs ever engaged in any such behaviour. Hell, we even torture those of our own species purely for fun. Yes, there are good among us. Many. But I can't help feeling that whatever comes after homo sapiens is going to have to be an improvement. Who knows.

Either Man is going to travel to the stars and find new homes. Evolve. Or he is not. We have another few thousand million years to figure it out. Well, not really that long. The next Ice Age, soon to be upon us is going to be a right bugger. That will sort the men from the boys. But being optimistic...

And what is Man planning in mitigation for this next Ice Age? Nothing as far as I can tell. Man has no vision beyond maybe a few generations down the line where his legacy will still be felt. Pictures on the wall of 10 generations of sons.

There is no cooperation of the species. Man is clever. Certainly too clever for his own good. But not as clever as he thinks.

Man should start getting it together. A good project would be the detection and obliteration of asteroids/meteors. He can go on murdering and slaughtering his fellow Man in the meantime. But it would be a start. (I have no worries about a big rock from space landing on my head, btw.)

Like they say in Game of Thrones - "Winter is soon to be upon us".

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Re: Assuming that..

You're probably right!

I hadn't really thought it through.

I shall refrain.


And stfu.

But I can dream can't I?

(Anyway, if you're going to be clever about it, virii are even smaller than scorpions, certainly not as clever, and a whole lot nastier)


In a brave new world. With just a handful of virii. They'll start -They'll start all over again - all over again - all over again - all over again...

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Assuming that..

...the dinosaurs weren't very bright, and rather nasty to boot, AND, that humans are a bit brighter, and slightly less nasty, can we find a correlation between 'size/cleverness/nastiness'?

So, the bigger you are, the dumber you are, and the nastier you are. Conversely, the smaller you are, the more intelligent you are, and the nicer you are.

There is a myth that man's main purpose and imperative is the propagation of the species. That might have been true once, but now we have pornhub and overpopulation, it's a new day. BFO rocks flying about at speed through space, and all it will take is one whopper to do for us all. No more pornhub!

If man was truly still directed by the imperative of the propagation of the species, would he not be doing something to mitigate against this albeit low probability, but high significance event? So he can keep on watching pornhub?

But let's assume the human species just ain't no god damned good in the universal scheme of things and God's holy eyes, just like those nasty brutish and dumb dinosaurs were. And so he has to go. What next? Now, assuming that man is basically along the lines of a cross between a rat and a pig (some people are more like rats, others more like pigs, others again resembling both) in the macroscopic scale of things, can we assume than another animal another order of magnitude smaller than us again is prepped to take over? The Ants! The Bees! And mutant variations there of when all the spent nuclear fuel gets released into the biosphere and birth defects and darwinism take over. Give it a few hundred thousand years, say.

So, now what we have, assuming our correlation is correct, is smaller, more intelligent, nicer creatures. God is having another shot at it. Saying to himself/herself 'Let's see how much I fuck it up again this time'.

There are no laws of the Universe that says this can't happen. They can evolve intelligently more and more and considering that they already have the cooperation genes built in, they would have a head start in the long term game compared to us dumber and nastier less cooperative souls.

They could build and evolve the structures that they are already used to building. Think of a termite mound but in the shape of the Burj Al Khalifa, built with stronger and more eco friendly materials, and populated by more worthy inhabitants.

Sure, they might not reinvent the wheel, or the TV or the internet, but they might have no need of it, already having other communication systems in place. In the same way that they might not even need aeroplanes, already being able to fly. They might develop things we could not even dream of.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Just a silly thought.

Then again, at that macroscopic scale, they'd be pretty buggered if they did want to cooperate and build an anti-asteroid shield, I suppose. Maybe we are God's chosen few after all. Let's not fuck this up as well. Remember, no life, no internet, no pornhub!


Say WHAT? ATVOD claims 44k Brit primary school kids look at smut online each month

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

someone was spying on these kids ?!?!?!

For Mad Mike. (Don't know why they call you Mad Mike - don't want to know - any friend of Big Herb's is a friend of mine). Anyway..

I was thinking this the other day when I was studying Wolfsbane or Monksbane poisoning. Aconitum poisoning actually. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aconitum

I was like, how the fucking bejeseesus do dey know dat, if dey never put a man tru dat in der life, like. Fooking crikey moses...

And after 24 seconds, the man will start to convulse. After 40 seconds he will turn purplish, but maybe what some will call a slight shade of blue, perhaps green. After 60 seconds he will call for his mother...

By jeebers. Did they get all this from the side notes of a Doctor?

It sounds like they side tracked a ship to australia with big strapping lads and fed them a whole load of horse shit, I mean, Wolfs Bane. Monks Hood. Did you know it is the main food of the British Bumble Bee? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombus_consobrinus

I shit you not.

Ah, go ahnn... Ah've anudut cup a' Wolf's Bane!







Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Re: @Bradley... -- My how things change....


if she'd just said "boys, give me those cards and pay attention to what I'm saying, you can't have them back until after school."


Ooh stop it. You're making me all tickly!

I dunno.

Maybe like the Catholic Church. Such a strict Disci(whack)pline!

One day you crack.

Let it all out brother. Let it flow. Let it all go. I'd trust my daughter (I don't have a daughter btw) with a hippy before a Catholic Priest. No offense to Catholic Priests...

But yeah, let's not be too sensible about this. You were saying..

"you can't have them back until after school."

Not unless you do something very very naughty, I mean, fuck, sorry, finish your homework, that was it, same thing, what the fuck?


The Reg is becoming more debased by the day. Nothing to do with my mind. Stop it now! Pics or STFU. Shit, did I just say that. I'm out of control. I'm like a naughty little fluffy rabbit that needs to be...

Oh jesus, just shoot me now!

Can't you see what they have done to our minds?

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Re: My how things change.... Take 2

"you're all the most filthy-minded disgusting little boys I've ever seen"

Maybe the little minx got off on it?

She knew what she was doing!

Can you imagine a Male teacher getting away with that today?

"you're all the most dirty little disgusting tarts - look at you all! just gagging for it. short little skirts. can't get enough can you? I'm going to give you all a ruddy good spanking!"

One law for them and one for us. Sex discrimination is what it is!

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Re: My how things change....

They certainly do.

Then you got it for free.

Now you have to pay good money to be talked to like that!


This changes everything: Microsoft slips WinXP holdouts $100 to buy new Windows 8 PCs

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

As for VMs

Yeah, I run WinXp3 off usb sticks in RAM. Have to use the virtual hard disk on my main physical disk of course. Who would try to run a disk of a usb drive?

It flies. It works very very fast.

The problem is with drivers. But getting there. Spent a long time trouble shooting stuff.

Got things going great with the gfx drivers. But audio drivers are more difficult.

Then there is wine.

There are lots of alternatives coming to light.

Virtual Hard Drives.

Say no more. Say no more. Course she does. Course she does.

There is a very interesting push/pull dynamic developing recently between the vested interests of Microsoft and whatnot and those of us that have mucho mega megabytes of real work invested on extra drives/external drives. We have graphics/audio on there. That stuff is gone if there is fire. That stuff needs to be backed up in triplicate, off site. I think most in the game understand that. Even then it is not for ever.

This is not about freetard/lazy. Hell, it's not even about redundancy (though that is a very good and valid argument for another day).

This is a major logistics problem of people building up data that is coupled to software (os), and the lack of foresight from both party's views to do something about it.

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Case study two


Me me me! It's all about Me!

I work in audio predominantly. I do other stuff too like 3D, but I'll leave all that out. This will be focused on my use of Audio and how I see all this affecting the Audio community now that support is being withdrawn for XP.

First off. I use an excellent little (and I mean little) nLited install called DuXP. Look it up on the Cockos forum. The iso is out there, but you will need a valid serial/license to use it alongside LEGITIMATELY.

This guy knows what he is doing and has stripped out to an almost brutal extent any services and dlls that are not needed to run a fully functioning and extremely fast WinXP SP3 install. The rationale being: it is stripped down and you shouldn't use it if you don't know what you are doing and if you do know what you are doing you will know how to reinstall any services you need. It has many thousands of downlolads, no complaints, and many compliments.

Now the problem is not buying new software or paying for new software or being able to afford new software. No. the problem is: Re Registering new software. Ahhh! You know like that time you bought a new hard drive and Ableton made you wait three days after crippling your install, because you put in a bigger faster drive? That's it. Now, Ableton were pretty brutal to do that. But they are nothing compared to all the small software developers that I buy software from. And I am not alone. Whilst being an afficionado of reverse engineering, I pay for ALL my software. I spend silly amounts. More than you spent on Fucking Visual Studio or what not. Really. It is a MASSIVE AMOUNT.

But, and it is a very big but. I am punished for it. Because. If I was to have to re-install all the software I have for every program (dll) be it synth, drum machine, effects - it runs into thousands actually, then it would take me days and days and days to do this.

All because, I pay for my software. Every single piece. In fact, and I have mentioned it before, I give away stuff and work for free on a few bits of this software. If you use a lot of VSTs then I bet you are using a GUI I designed or altered for free.

Enough about me me me.

It's not all about me.

But, I will say this. I am not alone, there are many people that pay for every single piece of software they use. Ok, they may not be the majority, but the times are changing and they are not the minority any more. It is seriously frowned upon to admit to using crack software in the audio community. Yes, everyone does it. Even if it is just to 'test' (stop snickering at the back there).

And once you 'pop' you can't 'stop'.

Times 10. Time 100. Times 1000 for some nutters.

So, you see, it is not just a case of a quick simple OS install.

This is why many many do not want to 'upgrade' to a slower OS and have the majoy royal pain in the arse that this would be.

Ok, small niche. Extreme use case.

Rant done.

Over and out.

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

This might all turn out to be a bit more interesting than the Millenium Bug

All those 'Air-Gapped' systems. Some running critical infrastructure. The irresistible force and the unmovable object (Customers who have paid for and set up their software, with some of them just being 'tight' and 'freetards', the others being pragmatically locked in, albeit by worsening economic times or lack of forethought, or perish the thought, both! AND Microsoft, respectively).

But I know little about that. Except with this latest news that it is turning into a bit of a game of 'chicken'.

What do I know about? Well. Let's start first with me being the typical unpaid tech support to family. You know, called in for a 72 hour hacking run to restore a not backed up system, because of another family member visiting dodgy sites. That kind of thing.

Mumsy got bought a win8 laptop and I tried to put on there the only thing she uses a computer for - SCRABBLE! (Excuse the caps, that was the sound of me SHOUTING!)

Of course, it being such an advanced version of the Kernel, it will not run 16-bit programs. She has a more up to date version. She is not a freetard. But, go figure, she likes the old one better. I made an .iso of it for future use as the old one was scratched worse than a Tom Cat that fancied his chances. She uses the computer for nothing else. She can not switch a computer on or off. She can not use email. She can be sat down on the chair and pointed to a search engine and she can sometimes get lucky and find websites of interest. But this brings its own problems. She might sound like a retard and being the Mother of a son with diagnosed HFA/Aspie, you may be forgiven that the tree is never far from where the apple might lie. She is however, an exceptional poet and human being. She is also extremely infuriating. This is turning into a bit of a case study, so switch over now those of you with small attention spans.

In short, she is not a moron. She is not an average user either, granted. Her little game of Scrabble (I've calmed down a bit now) in the afternoon keeps her sane while my Stepdad sleeps off his medication. Ah, my Stepdad. Another case study.

Follow me, as Dedoimedo says...

We get on great, no animosity at all. But he thinks nothing of getting the arsehole with me when I now try to fix their computer. I installed Ghostery (not even the vicious fascist ADBlock) and Disqus stopped working on the comments in the Independent. He never quite forgave me for that. Or forgot.

Now, on this win8 lappy that I tried to install the 16-bit Scrabble (see, I'm still calm) on, there was a queer little problem. The CPU hit was through the roof, the machine was practically hung, in short it was crippled. After 20 minutes of trying to find the equivalent of the Task Manager, I finally sussed that the problem was McAffee. I shit you not. It is an oldie but goodie as they say. The best part was, that half of the hit was for message: "YOUR ANTI-VIRUS IS ABOUT TO RUN OUT IN 4 YEARS. YOUR MACHINE IS VULNERABLE. YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK. ALL THOSE NAUGHTY KNICKER PICTURES YOU POSTED TO YOUTOO? NOW HAVE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND CREDIT CARD NUMBER ATTACHED. I REPEAT YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK. CREDIT CARD NEEDED NOW FOR YOUR RENEWAL FOR 2018. THIS IS NOT A VIRUS. THIS IS NOT A VIRUS".

I exaggerate somewhat for artistic definition. Those lacking in the irony department, feel free to pull me up on this one. Those lacking in the humour/sarcasm dept. just downvote and stop wasting everyone's time.

The best part is about to come though, for those not short of attention and long on perseverance.

So, I thought, maybe, just kill it with fire, nuke it! What the hey, the subscription that they did not sign up to runs out in a few months (I will admit to lying about the earlier time frame I posted for affect earlier).

My face red. Veins starting to bulge. Whole morning computer session ruined by an operating system that I don't know how to use and a fucking extortion virus planted by an anti-virus company (and you wonder why we love that little white fluffy nosed head case that shoots his own software for fun on youtube?).

And I say to my Stepdad (and this is after I have explained that I can get the 16-bit Scrabble to run in a VM, but it might take me a bit of time coz I am new to all that, but I am pretty sure it can be done. And she won't need to put the original CD in any more to the CD player, just click on a linky), I say: Oh your AV is running out in a few weeks (again, exaggerating the other way this time - I am not to be trusted really), why don't I just uninstall it as it will cost you 50 quid just for a year and you will need to pay that again in 12 months time (not even I could exaggerate how long a year is - this guy is no chump!)?

At this point, he starts to get agitated. Now it is him trying to keep his blood pressure down (see what you have done Microsoft/McaFee [same company - go figure - McaSoft's the name, extortion is our game]?).

Please excuse my pathetic parenthesis. I'm sure that someone who codes C++ could do much better.

No, he is trying to control his anger and not doing a very good job of it. A frisson ensues.

He says: But then I won't have any Anti Virus on there, and I will be open to Virii (he doesn't say 'Virii' but pedantically he should have).

I says: No problem, I will put on there, another solution, also by Microsoft, the makers of your Operating System. It will be free, invisible, and highly effective (ok, I lied about the last part - I did tell you I was not to be trusted - you are seeing the worst of me here, and this is a fight for survival now). You will not know the difference, and it won't cost you 50 quid!

He explodes with rage! Cough, Splutter, Stroke (Again I lied and it's not good to trivialise these things, but then again it isn't a good thing to increase your chances of that exponentially when someone is trying to fix your fucking computer for you for free).

He says: How dare you, putting another VIRUS on my computer. I still have not FORGOT (my bold) that last time I could not use the disqus comments on the Independent.

Me. Mixture of facepalm through back of the head with 'time to go apeshit'.

I bit my tongue. Shut the fuck up. And went down the pub. Got fucking wrecked.

I can not deal with these people.

Btw, when I go to see my folks every now and again, the system hardening I have put in place seems to have worked, because when I check the logs, they are clean.

Thankless task.

Now, my Stepdad uses software that he has no backup for and will need to buy again.

Does he say thanks for my researching and finding open source alternatives for Microsoft products he bought and still has the disks for, but Microsoft 'discontinued'? No. Course not.

Not only would the data migration itself be a pain and need some kind of strategy to be effective, but it would also cost money. He plays games and buys everything. Again he is not a freetard.

Microsoft is fucking about with his mind. In a few days time his software is going to stop working, and it won't be because XP (SP3) blows up. It will be because Microsoft withdrew support a little while ago for people (devs) providing the said software. And hardware of course - that goes with out saying.

That shall be the point of my next post.

I've had enough for now. I could rant on for hours more. I am ready to answer questions.

But, maybe, you will have caught the gist of case study one.


Actually, there is an Arapaho word for 'pliers'

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

paper-clips simply don't inspire in the way pliers do

So says 'Mad' Lester Haines.

(Friend and close associate of the terrible twins - Potts and Orlowski.)

Hard to torture someone with a paper clip.

Then again.

If they've annoyed you enough. OUCH!

Best not think about it. Do unto others and all that..


Official: British music punter still loves plastic

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

I know that lame - the best encoder....

"I know that lame - the best encoder - used to do this as standard at 128kbps, but they probably still do and maybe for different bit rates too."

Sorry, I got a bit carried away there and had to edit my post down from the 10,000 limit - that bit got lost in the translation...

I was talking about the lame encoder using a LPF (Low Pass Filter) to cut everything in the audio frequency spectrum above 17KHz. There, should make sense now.

Sorry 'bout that.

I only went off on one because despite being constantly corrected by people that actually know what they are talking about, people still seem to want to propagate this myth that mp3s sound crap. They don't if recorded and encoded properly, which I went to some lengths to explain why, and why that the best mp3s are indistinguishable from CD. I know that other people corrected them before me, but this time I thought I might go to some lengths to explain why.

In fact, even in the audio world, an awful lot of people think they know what they are talking about when they do not. I only have a very average understanding of these things at best. But like any good scientist, I don't try to explain things I understand. And unlike most people who talk crap on this subject, I know when I don't understand. This thing has been explained so many times now it's not funny.

Honestly, don't listen to me, look up the science on the subject and if you still think you can hear the difference between the best encoded mp3 and a CD or Flac, then the scientific community would love to hear from you. There's money to be made in the freak show! Oh and those usb cables costing 500 quid? The same thing. If you can tell the difference between that and the one that came with your cheap HD, then again, the world eagerly awaits you. Because they don't and you can't. FACT. Scientific fact.

And this is coming from someone whose mind is very open. I did a track yesterday and as I cut off the low frequencies with my HPF (High Pass Filter - the opposite to what the lame encoder is using), it actually brought out more high frequencies from the bass, which is impossible. But even in the audio world there are illusions. There must have been a good reason for this appearing to be this way, but I've no idea what it was. Illusions are one thing though and reality is another.

Then again I don't suppose this BS will ever go away, most musicians do not understand this and keep spouting this crap. Hell, even audio engineers, because they think it makes them sound like they are the ones with the Golden Ears, and if you can't hear it, it must be because you are a drummer or something.

Jesus, I'm getting carried away again. I'd better stop.

Anyway, I still want to know the bit rate and depth of a bit of vinyl!


Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Vinyl will be with us for a while

First off, it is physically impossible for a human being to distinguish between the 'best' mp3 encoding and the original file. Notice how I didn't say 'source'. Of course a live band sounds different to the recording coming out of the speakers in the studio as they record or master Dark Side Of The Moon.

So, you are fine with mp3 which is a lossy format, but then again Ogg offers the same quality at even smaller sizes of compression. Flac is of course a lossless format, but there will be some idiot who argues that vinyl sounds better.

I know that lame - the best encoder - used to do this as standard at 128kbps, but they probably still do and maybe for different bit rates too. The info is out there if you care to look. As an audio engineer, I know when to use my eyes and when to use my ears. I use the Voxengo Span plugin in a freely available audio editor such as Wavosaur or Audacity, after placing it in my VST folder, when I want to look at the frequencies. But you mix with your ears which are hard coded and your brain which is soft coded. So you can train your brain but if your ears are physically damaged or you are getting on a bit, you're SOOL. I also can't hear anything over 15/16KHz, but that is average for my age, and lucky to have that considering.

Anyway, the developer of FLStudio got called out on this when someone ran all of the mp3s they encoded through an analyser and noticed that they were brutally HPF'd at 17KHz. He admitted writing this into the spec as 'no one can hear that high anyway'. And even if you were a kid and could hear that high it is a very very unpleasant frequency. They make those kid defender bat screechers don't they that they put outside chip shops to see off all the young punks and stop the mods and rockers clashing. You might have heard of them. But you probably won't have HEARD one.

When the CD came out, people were blown away. Indestructible they cried. No hiss they proclaimed. No goddamn scratches and warps shouted others. Also not as heavy to carry as much music as before, physically. Ok, you couldn't dj on them at the time, but still. More than one or two people sold their entire vinyl collection when moving house, only to replace the lot on CD, justifying it to the wife as, well it will save some space darling.

One of the greatest and best sounding albums ever recorded - Slave To The Rhythm by Grace Jones - was actually mastered at 14 bits, not even using the full 16 bits that was soon to become the standard. Nobody complains about the quality of that recording. And so it came to pass, and so it was burned to CD, and lo, how they did rejoice: 'All hail the CD, all hail the CD'. The future had arrived.

But the djs who themselves still had to lug around their vinyl to do gigs and were understandably bitter still said 'vinyl sounds better'. That was back in the day. And a lot of them are still saying the same thing now. My mind is not made up on this one. There probably is a reason why vinyl sounds different, apart from 'analog warmth'. And anything that the human brain can perceive to be different it can perceive to be better. As long as the record is not scratched and it is played on a good system, I'm sure vinyl does give it a run for its money, but saying it has more low end or whatever is missing the point. It is not supposed to have more low end. If God, sorry the producers/mix engineers had wanted it to have more low end, they would have mixed it into the track which would have then been played back faithfully by a digital clone reproduction on a 'transparent' system. Sheesh, so easy to run rings around these hi-fi idiots. They just don't think right. As has been displayed by people selling a frigging usb cable for 500 quid, and people buying it. Sadly I am not joking. But enough of that argument. It's been done to death.

Take a look at labels like Astrophonica. I don't know if they are even still going, but I watched a video of them on youtube (Fracture and Neptune) doing a little master class on making a toon, mastering it and running a small label. Great stuff. If you like high quality Drum and Bass they do it very well. And it is because of people like this, slogging on for little to no reward that vinyl will not go out of fashion in our lifetime. DJs still love to use vinyl. Ok, they can use CDs now, but if you think Armin My Armchair would be seen dead 'spinning' a CD you sadly don't know much about the 'Glory Boys' of the current music biz. They even fly around it jets and things. Lots of money still to be made from the punters. Clubs and dancing will not go out of fashion in our lifetime. The government killed of the real thing of course - nipped it in the bud with their true policemen - the gangsters who killed the scene. It's been dead pretty much since the beginning of the millenium, but that is another argument.

Kids today like to listen to crap music by crap djs. They like to get off their little numb skulls on crap drugs in crap places to escape their crap lives. I could quote HST here about how there was a time when if you looked a certain way when the waves rolled back. But luckily for you I won't.

Today's music has, to quote the great Dave Pensado: Had the dog piss squashed out of it. Well I'm paraphrasing actually, but none the less. It is all about Dynamic Range, not the BITS. Be that Bit Depth or Bit Rate. Remember Slave to the Rhythm being 14 Bit? Then pressed to a 16 Bit format? 16 Bits is MORE than enough for playback. It is not enough for RECORDING because whilst wholly adequate if you are careful and watch your levels, 24 Bit gives you more headroom and is more forgiving and quicker and easier to work with. One masters down to 32 Bit to send to the mastering houses. And all the shenanigans that go inside your DAW are at 32 Bit/64 Bit now anyway for reasons of floating point calculation accuracy or sommat. That and a bit of Mojo. And once one proclaims '64Bit' they will all be at it lest to be seen losing the arms race. But there are sound reasons for using 24 bit for Recording. Some can even make an argument for going up to silly levels like 96KHz or more, but again, I will leave them to it because it is all very techy stuff and for Recording. There have been some very convincing arguments made as to why you would never want or need to go above 16 Bit - 44.1KHz for PLAYBACK. Again to do with the mechanics of the human ear, General Physics Theory and even a bit of common sense. Inter Modulation Distortion is one of those arguments. Again, it's all out there if you want to spend years educating yourself, or even five minutes.


Today everyone wants their music to be the loudest. And surely enough, the reason why the music on soundcloud sounds crap even if it not is because they have used a limiter to reduce the dynamic range and push the levels up to almost the point of white noise. Nearly everyone does this, because when you first make a track, you don't send it off for mastering, you do it yourself and you notice it is not as loud as everything else, so you learn about compression and limiting and then squash the dog piss out of it. And after spending 300 quid on that nice new shiney software limiter - sure you want to be pushing it another couple of dB, right? So it is people not knowing what they are doing, but it is more than that. So many very talented and capable engineers just argue that that is where they stand on the side of the loudness wars. If music sounds crap today it is because, well, it sounds crap, never mind the music. It is fatiguing to listen to for more than three minutes.

When I put a track up at soundcloud, it is not quite as loud as the other stuff, but in my music, you can hear it rise/fall, ebb/flow. You can't with their music. You might not like my music and you will have to 'turn it up' a bit. But that is the whole point. When you do turn it up it sounds great. When it is a square wave the human tendency is to actually turn it down. I can still make a relatively loud track though, because even I am not Pink Floyd and making a bit of Drum and Bass or Dub, I only need so many dBs of Dynamic Range. Everything else is fair game. The loudness war has been fought and lost I'm afraid and there are only us straddling pathetic hippies wandering around with a dazed expression on our faces, saying 'why did they hit me? I'm a pacifist!'.


Vinyl is expensive to produce, it is hard to take care of, and it probably does NOT sound as good as a CD depending on your criteria. But it is not going anywhere. It will just become more boutique and desirable. For every fuckwit that spends 500 quid on a usb cable for his 10K quid CD player, there will be 20 or more that stretch to getting a bit of plastic fantastic into their lives. And they don't sound half bad either when pressed properly, but as any small label producer will tell you, it is hard enough getting a decent ME (Mastering Engineer) to finish your tracks off, let alone finding a pressing plant that is not going to press a 1000 or possibly 500 minimum run, up in the middle of the night and you go pick them up in the morning only to later find that all that hard work, time and money and creativity, actually sounds like it's being played back on a 19th Century Gramophone, even with your oxygen free, platinum coated 500 bucks usb cables. You pays yer money, you takes yer chances.

Btw, what is the Bit Rate and Bit Depth of a Vinyl Pressing? Never thought about it before. Don't have a record player.


Gay hero super-boffin Turing 'may have been murdered by MI5'

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance
Thumb Up

Re: I say!

Gosh. I don't know what to say.

I could do the old 'oh but you were just being ad-hominem and provided no real counterpoint to my argument' type of thing. But I don't think I'll bother. I'll take my compliments where I can.

Yes, it does take a lot of talent to beat the competition, I quite agree.

Shame you couldn't be more specific and enter into the arena, but all the best to you anyway.

I thought it was all built on preposterousness anyway - this thread I mean - "gay boffin super hero" - gave it up for me.

It's a loss to me why I'll never know why you think the things you do. But anyway, just keep telling people. They might not understand you, but I'm sure it makes you feel better. Wait a minute, that's another definition of insanity there.

And thanks for the thumbs up. At least you're not sarcastic. Though I feel, and hope, you are being deeply ironic. I do not hold my breath.

It's a new day, a new year. And life is too short whilst troubles are too long. I've rambled on and on. In danger of. Breaking into poetry. Best to just let it be. Unlike Paul McCartney. There. See. How deranged do you want to be? Enough for you. And me.

Thumbs up to you too, sir.

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

I say!


*Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex


I have heard of the L, G, B and T bit. All for it, in fact!

To paraphrase Feargal Sharkey: A good Tranny these days is hard to find. But never mind that now.

I'm curious about the Intersex thing. WTF is that? I suppose I could look it up on the webnet. But I'm an innocent that still doesn't know what 2 girls one cup is about. No really, I don't. La la la can't hear you. Please don't try to pollute my beautiful mind ((c) B.Bush).

Got to admit, I am kind of curious though. Not bi-curious mind you. Oh no. Just you know..

As for that Tatchell chap. Isn't he just the British White equivalent of the Reverend Al. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Don't like the cut of his gib to be frank about it. Then again, never burn your bridges, might need to give him a call soon to find out what t'Intersex ting is.

Please god no, don't let it be what my dirty mind might think it is. Deep fried crisp, shirley not! Mind vacuum needed Mother! Oh sweet cheese crisp, please not. Not that. Anything but that. I'm definitely not looking it up now.

They will be worrying Rhododendrons next and calling it Art.

All I can say is: If you tolerate this, then your children will be next. Will be next. Will be next...


Cryptolocker copycat ransomware emerges – but an antidote is possible

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Re: Locker...

If you're interested in this concept, this might enlighten you -



Most modern malware, including banking Trojans, use tricks to thwart malware research by avoiding debugging and automated analysis systems that can reveal its purpose. The vaccination feature in HitmanPro.Alert 2 makes easy use of the malware’s own tricks. It makes malware belief it is running in an unwanted research environment, automatically causing most sandbox-aware malware to disable itself.


It's free and mainly for banking trojans via browser exploits.

You might also like to check out http://www.surfright.nl/en/kickstart


HitmanPro.Kickstart is the solution against police ransomware and other persistent malware that has taken your computer hostage or prevents normal computer use.


You make a bootable usb stick with it and reboot if you get infected. It's free as well. All the instructions are on that link. No idea how well it works.

Just thought I'd mention these because they are two fairly new products and some may have missed them.


Bigger on the inside: WD’s Tardis-like Black² Dual Drive laptop disk

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

I replaced my laptop hd with a 750GB WD Black. It's a very fast drive and has a 5 year warranty. I've tested it with quite a few tools such as hdtune and about half a dozen others. It seems a good bit slower than what people were getting in testing when they initially reviewed the drives. They showed some pretty impressive screenshots. But it's still a blazer of a drive and I doubt that would be grounds for returning it anyway.

One thing it does is, whenever I am in Linux on either one of my usb stick installs or the LMDE on the HD itself, it makes a horrendous clicking sound, loud as a thump almost. It doesn't do it in windows at all. Apparently it is a known problem with most people saying it is harmless. I think it is parking the heads or something. I have also done S.M.A.R.T. tests with quite a few tools and everything appears fine so far, though I am keeping an eye on it. It does seem to be a specifically Linux issue and it does it with all different flavours I've tried so far.

But the thing only cost me 60 quid. It was the largest/fastest 2.5" drive I could find for the money at the time. I'll tolerate the clicking and the slightly lower than specced speed. Doing audio on it with large channel count throughput on multiple tracks. It's a superb drive for the cash.

As for this new hybrid WD drive - no thanks. The paranoid bastards that make audio software (like their stuff isn't cracked black and blue already) make you go through a full re-authorisation which dependent on software can be anything from mildly irritating to full on you have to be kidding me jumping through circus hoops that take five days of emailing fucking customer support. There are quite a few cases where a lot of the audio software people don't make you do that, to be fair. But I have a silly amount of software and it all adds up. And everything paid for in full. I even buy software I haven't installed yet to 'support' the devs.

So the hassle with two drives in one would at first glance just be double trouble. It takes days to re-authorise everything already. I wouldn't want to risk the nightmare with this new one. I like the idea of it though. If not the price.


Confessions of a porn site boss: How the net porn industry flopped

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

I hate porn. It's crap. I _want_ to like it. I _try_ very hard. But no can do. It, er, sucks.

If I ever meet anyone that makes porn, I will ask them first of all if they are a camera man. If they admit to this, I fear I will be unable to stop myself from reaching for the nearest Daily Telegraph and after styling an impromptu but never the less very effective cosh, beating him profoundly around the head region where it will do most damage.

You see, in my research into on line porn, I have come to the stark realisation that I am a raging fucking pervert. I've seen all kinds of shit. There isn't anything I haven't had a little delve into (apart from the nasty stuff of course). But I have a very unusual and particular kink that is not catered for by any pornographer to date. Ok, I'll come out with it - I've got a thing about women's faces! There. Out of the closet. Big sigh of relief. I don't know what it is. I know it is highly unusual - practically unheard of in fact - but it's just how I'm wired. I can't help myself. For me, the female face is the most alluring part of the female anatomy.

Now. What kind of misogynistic butcher takes the job of a camera man in porn these days? What has he got against the female face? It's tits this and fannys that. How many bumholes can a man see until they all merge into a sea of homogeneity?

And it's not just the bum camera men (ho ho ho)! What about the bastards doing the editing? I have lost count of the amount of times I have been perched aloft on my seat, expectant. Thinking 'here it comes sweet jesus, here it comes, they really are going to show it this time, they really fucking sweet jesus are...' Just for the bastard of a video editor to cut back to her gash. Sweet jesus not again. I shit you not. It is a fucking hour long video. It has had nothing but her gash in it for fifty five fucking minutes and just when you think you are about to be delivered - Lights, Camera, Action. On her bumhole again for a bit of variation.

The worse part is this. The bastards actually show a shot of the woman's face at the beginning. Oh god she is beautiful. Truly beautiful. The only proof of a God in this Universe. The face that launched a thousand ships. The reason why some men dedicate their lives to writing Hymns to women and their profound ineffable beauty. But no, 58 minutes out of 60, that could quite frankly be my or your bumhole, probably with a bit of shaving, granted, but never the less. I might as well have just got out my Gillete Blue 2 and stuck my Samsung where the sun don't shine and edited it down with some bad 'oohs' and 'ahhs'. Auto erotic onanism in one fell swoop.

I almost can't watch porn any more. And the worst thing is that not only do they tease you with the beautiful face of this Godess, but they tease you with the face of a Godess who has only ever made ONE bleeding porno in her life. Talk about a missed opportunity. And this goes across the board for ALL porn. S and M. Teen. Mature. Watersports. Need I go on? Ok. Midget porn. I think I'll just stop there as if you haven't got the point by now...

I mean, when a women is getting ready for a night out, she doesn't spend 2 hours painting her splodge, does she? At least none of the women I have known ever have. YMMV. I mean, who's going to see it anyway. I would imagine a woman would prefer to be complimented on her good looks, not the muscular fortitude of her rectum. "I say darling that really is the most ______ _____ ________ I have ever encountered in my short life span".

"Your eyes look like limpet pools in the snow" might be aging as a good one liner in this day and age. But surely, if sincerely mentioned at the right moment, it's got to be more of a winner than, you know...

I am spotting a massive gap in the market here. It could be revolutionary. I am thinking of setting up a website that features real women with real faces having real sex with real shots of their most beautiful part - their face! Porn made by men who love women. Who love to be loved. Ooh, love to love you baby like Dirty Donna used to say. It suited her.

Are there any other sick perverted individuals like me out there? Or am I just weird and doomed to never find that 'sweet jesus' moment I so achingly long for on film? Go on tell me I'm a sick puppy. I can take it. I've always known I was different.


Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Re: Page not found for first part of article



Microsoft touts SCROOGLE merch: Hopes YOU'LL PAY to dump on rival

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Heady days..

I remember Visual J++. A free IDE. Got it on a Computer World CD iirc.

This was before the internet. Or rather, before I knew about the internet. Or could have even afforded the internet, had I known about it.

I was learning Java. I was going to be a superstar. I read James Gosling's code and my head spun, my heart skipped a beat, and my pants took a poop. Still, I ventured further.

All thanks to Microsoft. A true 'Integrated Development Environment' in my grubby little hands. Cross Platform. Performs on any browser...

I started out with the obligatory "Hello World". What can I say? I was a noob. A drone. Unimaginative. It could have been "FU_M$", but alas, I just didn't have the wherewithal. I was lacking in the wit and guile department, but hey, I was trying, and I was winning, for a while. With my new shiny cross platform I.D.E. Don't say you haven't done the same when you were learning PERL or ADA, or ERLANG!

If you've read this far, you know how the story ends. It was a thing of power and beauty to hit that kinky little compile button at the top. Of my I.D.E. And not return too many errors, or warnings even. (Always was very good at ignoring the warnings, but errors were a bit harder to get around)

Anyway, I got it to work eventually. Trumpets sounded. Well at least in Internet Explorer, because it wouldn't bloody work in Netscape Navigator. Cross-Platform my bung-hole!

And the fact that they changed the event handling model significantly after the 1.02 JDK, which then became the J2SE, didn't help. But stop me now. I was meant to be having a go at Microsoft not Sun Microsystems.

I ended up re-writing it all in Lingo anyway for a Director Script. Don't let me have a go at Macromedia here. And that was even more fun! It was a teach yourself to play guitar with images and chord patterns and samples of the very chords themselves. But I'm drifting down memory lane here and just blowing my own blow-hole.

Where was I? Oh yes. Remembering what a sneaky little embrace and extend and extinguish bunch of merchants Microsoft were. Lot of people tell me they haven't changed since then. I gave up coding not too long after that. Not Microsoft's fault. I was just crap. But still. I got around to hacking some PERL just for the crack. It was nearly 1000 LOC. Guess what it said? "Hello World".



Google, Microsoft to drop child sex abuse from basic web search

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Re: The "Cure" for Paedophilia will be VR

Harry. Can I call you Harry? Harry Kiri?

Sorry, bad cultural reference joke.

Er, I'm all for it - anything that protects the kids. Seriously. But you do know that shit you posted is highly illegal don't you? If I got caught with a scrap of paper with a doodle on it, in my pocket, and some deranged sicko decided it depicted the image of a young girl/boy engaged in a sexually explicit pose, then I could be strung up as one of them there threats to the nation - your common paedophile.

How exactly do you think they would feel about an immersive experience in full 3D? With a fully rotational throb-stick connected via USB3? Worse again, with detachable stereo hairy mitts?

I'll tell you how they'll feel: Front page of the daily mail and a dark dungeon for 30 years. Whilst being prodded by sticks by a one off visiting party of O.A.P.s on a 'special' provided by Paul Dacre.

They are not interested in reducing the harm to children. They have the technology. They are openly bragging about it.

You and I and a thousand others are agreed on this matter. Let those that have sick and under-developed fantasies play them out in a neutral environment. Sublimation might have been the term Freud used. But it don't work like that. As many people as possible need to be made as guilty as possible, as quickly as possible. Everyone shall be a criminal. You have probably broken some kind of law by proposing/positing this concept, and I for agreeing with you.

Any anyway, Mr. Kiri, never mind young people in Japan stopping having sex. That is the easy part! Try prising their mobile phones/5G devices out of their clammy little hands. That is when you will realise what type of fight you have on your hands.

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

I'm off to look up John Wyndham.

So to speak. Oo er and all that. Missus.

Is it any wonder we're all so sexually fucked up in this country with the diet of evening time television we were brought up on? I believe there is even a Mr. Dick Emery that posts on here. God help us.

Now it's child abuse this, kiddy porn that, ad infifuckingnitum and ad fuckingnauseum. (Mind your language)

It's almost as if they are trying to brainwash us into being sexual degenerates. (My programming is pretty much complete already)

Anyway, John Wyndham. Didn't he write 'Foul Play Suspected' and 'The Secret People'?

Say no more, say no more. Nudge nudge...


A thought just occurred to me. It must be horrible growing up as a child today. You wouldn't trust or respect any adults you came across. You would think one half of them were spying on your private emails, and the other half were spying on your private webcam. And you'd only be half wrong most of the time. And twice as right some of the time. Little buggers don't stand a chance.

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance
Big Brother

Husbands will have to ask their wives...

...if they want to watch porn at home, Cameron _WARNS_ (emphasis mine).


Scenario 1:

"Darling, you don't watch any of that nasty smut, do you ?"

"Why of course not, darling, you are all I need, all I'll ever need, for forever and a day".

"Thought so darling. That's good. Darling. It's just we got a saucy letter from our ISP telling us they were going to censor our internet, whether we liked it or not, but if we wanted to, we could put ourselves on the NEW PERVERTS SEX REGISTER (emphasis theirs) and everything would be as normal. For now."

"Oh I don't think we have any need for that kind of filth. I for one, am happy to welcome our new covert/overt censoring overlords."

Cue mad rush to find cheapest monthly VPN that doesn't keep records.

"Darling, what is this charge for 9.99 per month made out to 'Vpnz_R_Us' ? "

"Er, darling, I can explain. But you might like to get a cup of tea and sit down, while I get my story straight, I mean, while I explain everything to you".


Scenario 2:

I'm still in shock. I don't know where to begin. I feel as if my whole life has been turned around. Everything I thought I ever knew has come into question...

I don't know where to begin. The start is as good a place as any.

My Wife and I have been married for over 14 years. We are soul mates. She is the one for me. And I for her. She is all I have ever wanted. And all I'll ever need. For forever and a day.

I particularly dislike pornography and the kind of smut that degrades women. The exploitation is the worst we have to offer as a species and it just shows how far we have to go in the human race before we can even start dealing with the very real problems that are now facing us. It's why I don't read the Daily Mail.

So imagine my shock, when my Wife cagily broached this subject one evening last week after dinner and one too many bottles of Merlot.


"Yes Darling."

"You do know that I love you, don't you?"

"Yes darling. I do."

"Well, there's something we need to talk about."

"Out with it, my good lady."

"Well the other daaaayyyy, I got this very nasty little letter in the poooooost."

"Really darling, what did it say?"

"Well those nasty men from our ISP are going to be censoring our internet. Rationing the tap of true knowledge and enlightenment that used to be Man's birthright, one and all. And the only way around it is if we sign up for some silly little SEX PERVERTS REGISTER. No ifs or buts."

"That is disgusting darling. We shalln't be doing that. Oh no. You know how I feel about those sex people."

"Well, that is what I wanted to talk to you about darling. You see, I have a secret addiction - it's not that I don't love you, for forever and a day, but, I don't know how to put this - I like to see skinny white girls getting spannered sideways by big nasty black men with 12 inch cocks! There, I've said it."

"You certainly have darling. How long have you been feeling this way?"

"Oohoooohhhh, I don't know, since before I met you. It's not that I don't love you. So I was wondering if we could maybe sign up, well YOU actually for that nasty little SEX PERVERT'S REGISTER - the bill is in your name after all. Then that way, I could keep getting my daily dose of smut and tickle myself into a stupor every day before you get home from work."

I hope by now you are getting the picture of the difficulties I am facing. Obviously I had no idea this sort of thing was going on. Can you see the bind I am in? Do I sign the SEX PERVERT'S REGISTER and keep my wife? Or do I decline to sign it and lose her for ever?



So many things wrong on so many levels. Politically, Technically, Socially, Sexually, etc. etc...

If you read that Mail article, you will see them once again conflating the argument with people that use TOR/VPN.

This is an all out assault. Someone has thought very long and hard about this and they are 'making it happen' with the requisite engineering. They do know how to press those buttons. But it works for them and gives them what they want. Start from a seed of an argument that no right minded individual could disagree with and work up from there until you log on to your state approved terminal with your genitals.

Many on this very website have been saying for sometime now, it's only a matter of time. VPNs will be illegal to use. Proxies too. Bit by bit they will take it down and take it back. Because they are very very afraid. In fact, I never realised they were this afraid. People this afraid are dangerous.

One thing I know is, Cameron et all don't give a fuck about the abuse of children. They have the resources to tackle it and 'backtrace' it and stop it. Nip it off at source. But no, they are too busy using it as the main excuse to spy on and curtail all our rights and liberties and freedoms. They are as bad as the very people that rape young children to my mind. They are perpetrators because it suits their sick and twisted agenda. Images of child abuse will still be available in 10 years time. But the use of VPN/TOR for the average man, will not.

Is there any one out there that can not see what this is really about and where it is really going?

"Do it to Julia! Do it to Julia! Not me! Julia! I don't care what you do to her. Tear her face off, strip her to the bones. Not me! Julia! Not me!"


Winamp is still a thing? NOPE: It'll be silenced forever in December

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance


if you are interested in AIMP3 as a replacement for Winamp.

Run the URI through urlvoid if you don't trust it.

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Audacious and QMMP http://qmmp.ylsoftware.com/

for Linux.

Foobar2000 and Winamp 2.95 for win.

Big fan of REAPER for win too - http://cockos.com/products.php

Justin is a pretty cool guy and has carved out a nice little well-respected niche for himself in the Audio world. REAPER isn't everyone's cup of tea, but most anyone can benefit from the tools it has, even if they don't use it as their main production DAW. I even use it for auditioning files, because, well, in the windows world there is no good Audio Browser believe it or not. Not free any way. Or even remotely free. If anyone comes up with one for 50 quid/dollars they will make a killing. People in the audio world been crying out for one for years now. Don't look like it's gonna happen. Iced Audio - AudioFinder for windows would be a dream, but it's Mac only. There are lots of promising and half-baked solutions out there, but no complete solution.

But yeah, Winamp 2.95 for the light fun stuff, and Foobar2000 for the heavier, more audiophile work. Check out the Hydrogenaudio forum - them boys knows their audios - all free. They host the Foobar2000 site there and you can see screenshots and get an idea what it is capable of. You can theme it from a bare bones small single window to a full screen multi-playlist monster with your own skins/colours.

I've got a REAPER licence up to v5, and it is so reasonably priced, I'll be buying another one when the time comes. Thanks Justin. Who knew all those years ago when that Winamp thing came out what an amazing journey digital audio would take, even just a few years later. A true revolution.

There's a thread about Winamp disappearing over at the Cockos (Justin's new company) forum:


AIMP3 seems to be quite popular as a replacement for Winamp itself though.


Brit PM raps Facebook for allowing GORY beheading vids

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Re: bigtimetroller - Pascal


Plouzhnikov did not call you a troll, nor did he even mention the name anywhere in any of his posts.


I am fully aware of that. I never said he called me a troll. I was calling him a troll. I'm sure he's not. But I was finding it hard to see where he was coming from with such an over-reaction to what I said.


Strawman attacks and inventing slurs in order to insult someone are, however, hallmarks of a troll.


You may be right. Let me understand this though - are you accusing me of 'inventing a slur' and of being a troll?


Additionally, if anyone is "jumping the gun" or being patronising, it's you.


Why would that be?

I could elaborate and go further and rip your very poor argument to pieces, at least in my own head, but I find pissing contests on the Reg so boring. In fact that is why I come here and like the place so much - most people have the good sense not to enter into futile ego contests.

I really don't know where you are coming from, and why you are defending a supposed slight on someone that is so disconnected to you. You obviously have some vested interest. But you will never tell me, so I won't ask.

If I didn't know better, I would say you lot probably work for facefuck. I mean someone's got to, I suppose, out of all the people that post on the Reg.

I just gave a very emotive response to something and only offered my silly little opinion. Even in my own mind I didn't think it was any more than that. Yet my words got such a great response. Surprising.

What is the Latin for: "Who trolls the trollers?"

But really. Such poor quality arguments from the lot of you. I sincerely hope you don't write code for a living, because with logic like that, well...

Then again, this thread is a few days old as I didn't get the chance to respond at the time. Which is just as well. Because it wouldn't really have added anything to the overall argument. So I am probably the idiot, for even bothering to post this now.

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Re: "It’s funny..


Got me there!

Robespierre. Those were the good old days. He was a 'hacker's hacker' no doubt about it.


Put your wig back on! Your over powdered and rather smelly wig at that, by the sounds of it.

Seriously though, did you just ask me why I don't think that the lack of mass entertainment executions is not for the better? It was kind of ambiguous.

If you clarify I will answer.

But just out of curiosity - I've shown you mine, so now you show me yours - have you ever watched a video of a human being being tortuously murdered against their will? I take it you might be a bit of a fan? No? Where do YOU draw the line? Children? Kittens? Moslimists? And please, do tell me how you reference that with your non-sequitur gobbledygook about the bleeding French Revolution?

(See what I did there Monsieur?)

Sorry, I'm really not getting your logic or your fallacious argument at all. Or even if it is in fact an argument.

The French Revolution. I'd be careful there. If you carry on like that we'll be having a kind of 'Godwin's Law' for it, for people throwing that willy nilly into a diatribe.

Please formulate an argument not based on false assumptions and have at me. What the hell, just formulate an argument!

This is fun!

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance


I'm really not one of those people that calls somebody a troll just because of an opposing viewpoint. But seeing as it's you, I'll make an exception. Feel free to check my posts to find out one example of me ever doing it before.

But I can only assume that you are a troll or a shill, because you do realise that you haven't offered any argument to my opinion. I only offered my opinion, yet you made some pretty solid judgements about me.

Please allow me to counter, good sir:

I grew up in one of those parts of the world btw. Just a few miles away from Saudi Arabia. They don't call it Swordi Arabia for nothing ;-).

You say that I didn't know this went on before. But how do I now? I still haven't seen it. Do I need to see something with my own eyes for me to believe it is true - that it 'goes on' as you put it.

But you are right about one thing though - I would like to live in ignorance about 'some things' that go on in this world. Take Kitten torture porn for example, by your argument, did you have to actually to go and watch the video of poor little fluffy in distress before you knew it was real? That it 'went on'. Or maybe you didn't know that some people do that? Did you know there are animal rape brothels in parts of Scandinavia? Grown men with wives and children at home pay money to pimps to break the legs of dogs, cats, chickens, while they rape them, very often killing them slowly in the process. All perfectly legal. You did know about that right? Because you saw the video didn't you? If you didn't know that that kind of stuff 'goes on', then I think you are the rather ignorant one, wouldn't you agree? And if you did know it 'goes on', pray tell good sir how you got that information in today's glorious uncensored world.

I'm waiting.

And by the way you were wrong about having access to communications that are not censored. Try downloading or watching that video of the little baby being raped. It 'goes on' you know? I think you will find that it is censored. What is the criteria here? Can we watch babies being beheaded? Do you have to be a Moslimist before you qualify. What about GI Joe? Is he fair game? Do we get audio too? Hearing him begging for his life, seeing the look of fear deep in his eyes as he knows he has just seconds before he meets a painful death? Hearing the cries as the rusty blade hacks back and fore? It 'goes on' you know?

Did I mention that I grew up in Arabia?

You've made false assumptions about me and patronised me. How did that work out for you?


And btw, before you jump the gun again, I am neither an animal rights activist or an Arab. Just a concerned citizen, citizen.

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

"It’s funny..

..how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen.”

"Right," said Dr. Brodsky. "It's association, the oldest educational method in the world. And what really causes you to feel ill."

"You felt ill this afternoon," he said, "because you're getting better. When we're healthy we respond to the presence of the hateful with fear and nausea. You're becoming healthy, that's all. You'll be healthier still this time tomorrow."

So, let me get this right. Facefuck is pushing real life snuff movies to 13 year old children?

Isn't there a law against that? Am I allowed to make CDs of it and sell them down the market on a Sunday?

To 13 year olds?

Er, is this a joke, publicity stunt or one of them there psychological operations I keep hearing so much about?

I've never seen anyone have their head or any other part of their body chopped off so far in my life. Personal choice and all that - hope I never do. Don't need it, like I don't need to hear the blood curdling screams of a small kitten being tortured, but I am aware some people get something out of doing it and others get something out of watching/hearing it. Don't see the need to desensitise people to extreme violence and encourage it. Is there an agenda here? Quite obviously so, but I'm buggered if I can work out what it is. There is no altruism or common decency from these low life soul sucking bastards and bitches, is all I know.

So they want to gauge our disdain do they? Who the fuck made these sinister clowns the arbiters here and why do they give a shit what I think or how I react?

I won't ever be joining facefuck like I won't ever be having children and bringing them into a world like this. This is not the world I grew up in. Something has changed and it hasn't changed for the better. And it won't be changing back. If I did ever end up having kids by some slim chance, they wouldn't be allowed a mobile phone either until 18. I know, I know, they would be bullied and emotionally tortured by their peers and socially excluded and that would be my fault right? Of course it would. Better not to have children today.

How would you feel if your wife or daughter had 2 million people 'liking' the fact that their head had been chopped off? I'd rather see my daughter being raped then beheaded - at least she would still be alive. Has someone lost their sense of perspective here, because I really don't feel as if I have. Some would argue that an animal's life is not as valuable as a human's. Can I upload a video of a kitten having its head chopped off, because 'that wouldn't be as bad'? What kind of precedent are they trying to set here?

I can think of a 101 things very very wrong with this on as many levels, but time for a cup of tea and then do the dishes. Let me pass the torch of my disdain to the next person to comment on.

But just one thing before I toodle off - If you ever meet me in real life, do not whatever you do, tell me you work for facefuck. If you do, I promise you that I will 'rip your fucking head off', metaphorically of course, within the laws of the land and within the bounds of the decency that I personally adhere to. No need to even raise my voice, break the law or do anything illegal, to wipe that smug smile off your face. Just sayin' as they say. Fucking shameful. Just when you think the scum can't sink any lower or smell any worse.

At least google have an argument for the evil they do - we can't monitor all the videos all the time. They don't actively push it and then advertise the fact as some macho bravado.

Ok, what's next? Babies being eaten by the baby eating bishop of Bath and Wells - pay per chew?


</chain well and truly yanked>

It's a sin!

I'll leave the last word to little Alex:

“The common people will let it go. Oh yes, they’ll sell liberty for a quieter life. That is why they must be led, sir, driven, pushed!”


MoJ fined £140K for EMAILING privates of 1,000 inmates

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Excuse me sir!

"Bit of a cock-up on the clerical front. Do you mind if we come in and have a little chat with you about your responsibility to delete the aforesaid clerically cocked up stuff?"

"Good consternoon afterble, by all means, do bumble in, Occifer."

"We wuzh jusht 'avin' a liddle afshternoons refrejmunts. S'not aginst der law izzit?".

"Ha, ha - ha ha".

(Cue much merriment at no. 23 Acacia Avenue - curtains twitching left right and centre)

"And afjter oll, if you've got somethin' wrong, you've done somethin' to hide." (Burp!)

(Wide eyed loon smile from Mrs. Parker [Nosey to her friends, but that's just because of her rather large facial appendage]).

"Come in. Come in!".

Officer Afterble bumbles upstairs to the familial computer viewing wing of the house.

Little Milly and little Billy are gathered around the screen. Eyes agog, mouths ajar. Motionless, save for a slight almost imperceptible shake. Body temperatures slightly lowered. Faint bluish tinge to lips. (It's true what they say - you never forget your first bodily mutilation video - but there'll be plenty of time for sweet reminiscing later on in their little lives)

"We wuzh juzt washing one of dem der dee dee capitation viddyos, Occifer. On zer gud book".

"Snot againsht da lawz izzit?".

"Ha ha, ee eeh." (Cough, hackup and splutter - gobules hitting the screen where poor old Ahmed Amrilliwollah's head used to be, making him look as if he has [or rather had] an extremely bad case of the Afghani Flu)

"Ah, hum yes", proffers Occifer Afterble. "I mean, No, no. Not against the law. Not yet, anyway".

(Not until you start enjoying it too much anyway, he silently thinks to himself, but thinks better of saying out loud)

He faintly smiles.

He persists:

"Yes, I understand you were recently sent something by mistake...."

"Oh fuck it, I will have that drink after all - make it a double 'n all!"


Can anyone else see what is wrong with this picture?

Just what have we come to? Really. What have we become?

Is there any fucking hope at all for humanity at this point?


Ryanair boss Mike O'Leary hits Twitter: 'Nice pic. Phwoaaarr!'

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

The Reggie Perrin of airline companies

Just not as funny.

Remember Reggie? Starts with a G, ends with a T.

'GROT', wasn't it, the name of his company iirc? No matter what he did - lowering the standards of products, raising the price, insulting his target demographic (which he knew forensically well), the mug punters just kept buying into it, and the more he just flaunted it in their faces.



He didn't get where he is today by not knowing a good idea when he saw it, for sure for sure.

The only difference between MOL and Gerald Ratner is that Ratner didn't wilfully insult his audience to 'deconstruct' his brand and customer relationship, and no doubt thought 'God what have I just done?', when it just hit home to him, about what he had just done, probably not long after he had just done it. Oops.

He milks the Irish thing. Takes the mick (pun possibly intended) out of it even. But when I flew into Dublin on a short flight, I've never experienced such sour-puss faced flight attendants that really didn't mind showing how extremely unhappy they were. They were just crying out 'Don't, just fucking don't alright!'. And of course no one did. No one dared. People were even scared to go to the toilet. I know I was. If there even was in fact a toilet back there. Probably would have got sucked out by the reverse vacuum if I'd opened the bog door. Mile high club? No fucking way!

As for the flight attendants:

Then again, probably can't blame them for being bitter. Not every day I meet someone whose life is more miserable than mine. They gave me hope. In the morning. It smelt like.... Kersosene!

MOL. Eh?

Starts with a C and ends with a T, more like.

It's hard not to like him, really.





Techies with Asperger's? Yes, we are a little different...

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Re: background noise

I was told by a psychologist about 'cocktail syndrome' and it was the polar opposite of what it is supposed to be.

He told me it was the ability for the human brain to wonderously filter out myriad conversations and home in on specific details that are being 'pattern matched' by the neural network of your wetware.

Like I said. Polar opposite to the common interpretation.

For example: You are at a party with loads of 'chatter'. You can't hear yourself think, let alone what that beautiful babe is trying to say to you from half a foot away (as much as you are really really trying). Then someone says your name. HELLO. Or maybe not your name, maybe something in your life that is important to you 'Breast Cancer'. BINGO. It is as if the brain is constantly running this PERL script in the background, filtering out unwanted noise, and flagging it up like a good 'un when the regular expressions make sense.

Yep, pretty much opposite of what Cocktail Syndrome is supposed to be. One of us is damned confused suffice to say.


But not only can I not hear what people have to say if I am in a room with a TV on and people are trying to talk. I have to walk out. The high pitches cause physical pain to my auditory system. And I can withstand 100dB plus SPLs. I also have very good hearing for my age. Typical hearing - not great, but in common with 90 percent of others in my demographic.

But as for the TV - yes, it causes physical discomfort too. And no, not everyone has this. Especially drink/drug addled people because that desensitises the senses. They are fine with it, but that is to be expected. This is best judged in a room full of sober people. But the again, who would be a 'sober person' in a room with a goggle box going ninety to the dozen with Fucking Eastenders going in the background? You would hope their aesthetic sensibilities would be offended before their sensory ones. But no...


Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Stress? I'll tell you what stress is!

That is just pure comedy gold AC @ 17:01

That just proves how quickly a nightmare scenario can unfold. I can imagine it now: Your wireless microphone mercilessly feeding back, not just deafening you with your ultra-sensitive auditory perception, but pissing off a load of beered up punters to boot. Spotlight on you, blinding your sensitive little aspie eyes. :-)

It could only have been worse if there was an unannounced anti-terrorist drill and you had got buzzed by black helicopters (with more spotlights and loudspeakers) and the boys in black unfurling themselves off long bits of rope to take you away for a bit of rubber hose cryptanalysis.

But bravo! I wish I could have been there to experience it for myself (with some earplugs and a pair of shades of course). But yeah, never again! You know, people 'on the spectrum' might not always get the joke, but they remain to this day some of the funniest buggers I've ever come across. It's a wry, dry sense of humour, but hey, if you get it.... Maybe you had to be there!

I see the same old 'ooh, you're just trying to be trendy' comments. It's ok. Let it out my little NT cousins, let it all out.

I see the 'no way in hell am I tarring myself with that brush without having to' comments too. And that's ok, I don't bleeding blame you. Anything someone can use to get one over on you...

I see the 'oh, we'll soon be having diagnostics for the colour of peoples eyes next' comments, and you too my perceptive little bedfellows are quite right as well.

Then there are the 'we are all mad, it's just a case of how well you hide it, so just crack on' comments. And these are just as perceptive and valid imho too.

But I think my favourite has been the 'we are all different and we should learn to accept and embrace that and not be afraid to be honest about who we are' comments. Believe me, I'm the first to puke an organ when it comes to American style therapy bullshit (no offence to our over the water relations). But yeah, I'm all for honesty and self-discovery. It's powerful stuff. I believe they are trying to make it illegal. :-)

But anyway, I've learned a load from this thread. I've realised by following some of the links that I suffer from HSP syndrome too as well as being an aspie with PDD/NOs. HSP? I hear you clack into your little google box? HSP - Highly Sensitive Person syndrome! I shit you not. No, I'm serious. Deadly serious. I couldn't be more serious unless I was cancer.

Look it up, follow the links, drink in the Dabrowski and the Jung. The R.D. Laing and the Maslow. Fascinating stuff. I now have another string to my bow. It's all about development or lack of. About being normal, but not quite. About bright lights, over sensitivity/excitability, to external stimuli and internal emotions. Conflict and resolution. Or not.

I have high functioning autism. I didn't want it. I didn't ask for it. My family are ashamed of me. They think I am hiding behind a 'flag', in a 'box', 'trying to be trendy'. It's ok. I don't mention it any more to anyone. Certainly never when I f*** up. That would just seem like an excuse and give all you 'oh it's just an excuse for you to be an arsehole' crew somewhat of a valid argument. At least in your eyes. Even though it doesn't. Now you'll never know if I really am an arsehole or an aspie. Little secret, I _can_ be a total arsehole sometimes too.

But I also display extremely high emotional intelligence. Probably not for you, because you, ironically enough as the NT are not capable of listening to a bloody word I'm saying. Then again, I can get the wrong end of the stick and get battered to a bloody pulp by a gaggle of stewed up brew-heads. It happens, not so much any more because I try to avoid those situations. I have blind spots. Do you get that?

I have also learned not to avoid eye contact, to the point where I can actually stare at someone. Properly stare. I've done it to women out in public with my g/f. Totally innocent. But the repercussions aren't. Boy can you get into a lot of trouble for that. But sometimes, you just go into your own little world. It might be that you are thinking about a higher philosophical construct and your eyes just get 'locked' (honest your honour), or it might be that someone's face 'transports' you back twenty years to a long forgotten image of a friend (officer).

Yes, the beatings come in all shapes and sizes.

The majority of those who are truly on the spectrum will be co-morbid with far more serious stuff - anxiety - depression. According to some sources. Who knows? I don't. Some say that only one in 4000 people have aspergers. And it effects men by low digit multiples more than women. Do the math. Other figures are several orders of magnitude in the other direction. I honestly don't know.

And as for 'high-functioning', it doesn't mean you are a savant. It means you are towards the end of the spectrum where NT people reside. Them being the most high-functioning of all. Chances are that you are not as clever as them because those with aspergers are actually slightly under average IQ. Then again, some say aspies are slightly over. Confusing eh? Who to believe? Who cares. Just crack on.

I'm pretty clever. I have a broad spectrum intelligence. But I have blind spots. I supposedly have an IQ of 138 on the most well regarded test I could find on line (what a load of bollocks). And btw, I scored 38 on that online test that some one referred to earlier. Whilst there, I took the opportunity to understand a bit more about PDD/NOs but I still can't bloody understand it - no wonder they flattened the diagnostic for that in the manual. But here is what matters, when I went for a programming job, they gave me some kind of test. I failed miserably. They told me so. I was upset after spending a couple of years learning Java and not doing a bad job of it. But they said 'you'll never be a programmer son'. And they were right. I'm too thick.

But to be perfectly honest, even with myself, I answered those questions semi randomly because I could feel a meltdown coming on. I answered the best I could. In truth, I just didn't know how to answer them. I knew how to score for a 'no you're not on the spectrum', and I knew how to answer for 'you are so on the spectrum'. But I really struggled with getting it 'just right'. I've found this with all tests I have done. And passed them all with flying colours - 'yup - on the spectrum'.

Btw, when I was diagnosed by a consultant psychiatrist (who yawned in my face - wasn't sure if it was part of the test), it took him a flat 45 minutes to label me aspie. And a second session of shorter length for him to label me PDD-NOs. No family involved. No history as such.

Anyway, just have to crack on.

One has to regroup, find one's strengths. Don't focus on your positive points, focus on your negative points. Be brutal with yourself and forgiving and gracious towards others. That is how one grows. It is called personal development. I know. I have a diagnosed disorder of it. Not otherwise specified, of course....

This has been a somewhat off the cuff, trite and glib post. I'll just leave it here:

Someone you may think of as a 'retard', for that is what we really are - 'retards' by common definition - I would never use the term myself in RL (though I am proud to be a 'commentard'), and I use the word unashamedly and unreservedly - may one day be able to offer you support on a level you never knew existed between human beings based on your experience of NT relationships.

And no, I'm not talking about 'have you tried switching it off and turning it on again' type support.



NSA using Firefox flaw to snoop on Tor users

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance
Big Brother

Computing has become a funny old game

For one it has replaced (kind of) the letter and the telephone call.

But it's also opened up a whole new world of forms of communication. From the drunken rant replying to some idiot posting extreme racist hate filth on Youtube - the equivalent of coming home from the pub in the old days and screaming into the mirror - to hanging around at random places that really have little interest to you, but you do, just because you can - I frequent maybe once a month, one of the British Army forums, and maybe once every 3 months a well known UK Electricians forum.

I have no interest in joining the army (not like they would have me anyway) and I couldn't operate a multimeter even if you put a gun to my head. I don't troll, I join in where I can and there are some extremely warm and witty people to be found in both places.

New forms of communication. Just coz we can.

In the old days, it was assumed that no one opened your mail or listened in to your phone calls. There was no way of knowing and most people just assumed that if this was done it was done for very good reason and only to the deserving few. Common folk being 'communication raped' as a matter of course, wholesale across the board, if known to be a fact would have caused outrage.

Now we just accept it. The lines are blurred. Depending who you talk to, and even before all this storm blew up - who you talked to - the opinion was either: Yes everything you do is monitored, if not in real time, then stored in a database for retrieval, or, Oh no, they wouldn't dare do that, that is against the law, and besides they do not have the resources or manpower.


Still the argument about Tor. Very few people, even those working in the higher echelons of IT have the ability to know for sure just how compromised this system is. Too many unknown variables. Most cite the point about it being 80 percent funded by the US govt. and that is a good point in deed. Some cite the actual technical infrastructure of the system and lay claim that in these roots lie the inherent anonymity that has been claimed.

Now, I'm no IT bod. But this is what I think. Because I do not know. I think, that maybe Tor is pretty solid if you use it properly - Tails distro etc. - but I would never use it for any nefarious purpose with impunity. As a good hacker friend told me once: If you don't want to get caught - don't do it! And that has been my mantra ever since. It is fortunate that I don't want to buy illegal drugs, have enemies bumped off, or download images of vulnerable humans being abused. But that's just me. YMMV :-)

I think it is fair to say, that no one will completely trust Tor from now on, if they ever did before. But it still has its uses.

I use it for visiting websites where I don't want to be tracked or identified. All perfectly above board. It's a personal thing, that I wish sometimes. Nothing nefarious at all. And even if the spooks could see where I go, they would think 'wtf is this dude using tor?'. And even if the people at the other end _could_ identify me, it would merely be an embarrassment, not a disaster.

I could have worked out how to use Tor to access the Silk Road to have a couple of keys of doobie do delivered. But apart from being ripped off at the end point of some long game of one of their sellers, I trust my postman even less. It's just all so much damn effort.

Anyway, computing has become a funny old game, like I said. We now know that even if our communications are not compromised, the powers that are hanging on, are doing their damndest to rifle through our knicker draw.

I coined the term 'Internet Rape' a couple of years ago after being horrified that my ugly mug appeared on a forum to do with music hardware and software. I confronted them about this and they actually denied it. The photos were from a blog and I believe the culprit was Gravatar who had 'sold my arse'. The music software and hardware company actually denied it. I mean, after this photo of mine only ever being uploaded to a totally different site on ONE occasion and this very same photo appearing on their website, they actually freaking denied it. What balls! And when I emailed Gravatar, they ignored both of my emails totally. Class act.

Congratulations my son, you have just been 'Internet Raped'!

And now I coin the term 'Communication Rape'. You can work out what it means. Steaming open your letters is the least of it. Everything, every single thing you communicate will be violated against your will. The internet has become a cess pit. And the greatest offenders are not the purveyors of abusive images, they are the creators of its infrastructure and the very governments that some supposedly voted into power, through a 'democratic process'.

A large boot, stamping on humanity's face. For ever!



WTF? Been seeing a lot of recommendations for Mint Linux to newcomers, why?

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance



Firstly got Mint on a P4 and the NVidia graphics crash on TF2.


What version of Mint are you using? It used to be that generally speaking most people found nVidia cards worked better than ATI cards. But that situation seems to have changed a bit lately. Bottom Line - you can get lucky with graphics drivers, but it is a common bugbear along with wireless drivers. You will just have to post or search on the relevant forum and someone will probably have had the problem before you and possibly got a workaround. Not sure what TF2 is though, so can't help you there.


Not sure where to look for drivers, how to install them, this is the first Linux PC I have had dealings with.


Go to 'All>Additional Drivers' in your mint menu. It should detect your basic hardware and give you options for downloading any proprietary drivers it finds for them. 3rd party Graphics and Wireless drivers that can't be distributed with the distro usually. Follow the instructions. Restart. Or you could open the Package Manager or even Software Manager and download from there after ascertaining what exact hardware you have and what drivers go with it. The hardware manufacturers websites are a good place to look for this info. System Profiler from the mint menu should tell you what exact hardware you have.

Or you could open a terminal and type in this command:

lspci (l is a lower case L) lists units connected to PCI

This will pick up your graphics/audio card, inc. ethernet controller/wireless etc..


Secondly what is the best way to learn Linux, as an example what is Linux CD, DIR, NET USE, DEL, RD, MD


All of those commands are covered in this excellent and concise tutorial -

The 5-Minute Essential Shell Tutorial


Just learn as you go, don't be afraid to search before you ask a question that has been answered a hundred times before. Don't be afraid to ask a question that has never been asked before. Don't be offended when some body is rude to you for asking that question even though you have searched and the question HAS never been asked, let alone answered. The Mint community is a good place to start. They can be a bit indifferent but they aren't as all out brutal as say the Debian forum. Then again, I have had good experiences at the Debian forum. If you show them that you have searched and give them all the info they need and not expect them to be mindreaders, they will at least be civil to you.

Have a look around the Mint forums for your particular distro and read the general F.A.Q.s. There is a wealth of to the point info there. Make use of it.


Oracle defends Larry Ellison's whopping package

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

I heard Oracle are changing the company name


Because he's worth it!


How many apps does it take to back up your data?

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Re: Speaking as a humble home user

Yeah, it's true what you say.

They think they lost data, but had me come along and rescue it.

They think next time will be the same.

I tried to explain that there may come a time when I won't be able to help.

I pray they never learn the lesson. Because everyone has some precious data to lose, that would impact their life.

So many sailing so close to the wind. I know the risks and accept them, as brutal as they are. They have been told the risks and refuse to accept them. Some difference.