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New Reg mobile site - feedback here!

Anon 17

I'm running BBOS 10.2.1 on my Z30, and accessing the site using Evolution Browser. (Love that built-in ad blocker!)

The list of stories is straightforward and easy to navigate, and previously visited links within the stories are obvious. It would be nice to have a similar indication for the headlines in the list.

I noticed th e option to switch to desktop mode at the bottom of the story, but it makes more sense to put that at the top. Those who want the option aren't going to want to scroll all the way down to make that switch. .

I think the large size for the top story is overkill - the other four are sized about right, although I'm not convinced it's really necessary.

Logging in to post this comment was a pain, since the fields are tiny. It was possible in landscape mode, but very awkward.

I'm unlikely to use the mobile version. I can zoom the desktop version to fit my phone's screen. If auto-detect is eventually turned on, I'll just switch user agent strings in the browser.


IBM 'one atom, one bit' storage breakthrough

Anon 17

Is it just me

Or does the notion of a man named S. Loth making extremely high speed measurements strike anyone else as hilarious?