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Google shocks world with unthreaded Gmail


I disagree

I have used Gmail almost since the service started, and I would hate to lose conversation view. I subscribe to a number of mailing lists, so I frequently read deep-threaded conversations. I have never had the problem you speak of. Finding the correct person to respond to is trivial, and if you need ways to find the messages you haven't responded to, there are a number of options.

I could see there are times when switching to non-conversation view might be handy, but I can't say I have ever wished that I could do it.


Most smartphoners don't give a flip about apps


Then why buy a smartphone?

If all you care about is making phone calls and you don't care about apps, why buy a smartphone?

Regarding bloatware -- I agree. I hate the (cr)apps that carriers load on phones. Thank you [INSERT CARRIER HERE] but I can better apps elsewhere. And why on earth do they feel it necessary to "protect me" by now allowing me to remove their crappy software? It's reasons like these that "tech savvy" people prefer a clean slate (or wait until we know the phone can be rooted). We know what we want, and it most definitely not what _you_ think we want/need. I would argue that most of the time the carrier-provided (cr)apps are desirable to no-one, except clueless people who don't know there are alternatives.


Yahoo! 'owns several patents' on Google Instant


Streaming search is good for users because...

I have nothing. It seems like a useless "feature" that simply wastes bandwidth and energy. Why someone even though this was a good idea is beyond me. But seeing as there are multiple companies that have developed this I guess there must be something to it, other than simply more ad impressions. No, there probably isn't anything more to it than that...