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Apple patent foresees ultra-svelte iDevices

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They all look crap, simply leave the socket as it is and design around it, making it look like jet fighter exhaust etc. There is nothing to patent there.


Amazon buys Lovefilm


Oh, this reminds me...

...must cancel my Lovefilm subscription. Don't think I'll ever be going back there, their priority list is a big fat joke. I've had some titles in High Priority for months and they kept ignoring them and sending me low and medium priority things.

Bye bye Lovefilm, can't say I'll miss you.


Armed with exploits, ATM hacker hits the jackpot


Security costs money

Call me a cynic but until it starts costing banks MORE money in lawsuits, recovering stolen money and loss of customer confidence they won't significantly increase their effort in securing the ATM's.

At the end of the day all they care about is the money in their vaults, the rest is semantics and marketing BS.

I'm sure that any big ATM manufacturer could increase the security of their machines dramatically, but how do you convince a bank to spend millions on replacing their infrastructure on strength of a few isolated incidents?

Look at HSBC - their online banking system is positively 19th century and it's not as if they lack the funds to invest in development.

I think it all boils down to human nature, as they say in Russia - 'Пока гром не грянет, мужик не перекрестится' which can be loosely translated as 'until the thunder strikes a peasant won't cross'