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Ofcom: Parents, here's how to keep grubby tots from buying Smurfberries


You don't have small kids do you?

My 14 month old can unlock an iOS device (as long as there's no PIN), find the folder with her apps in it and launch them. She also knows how to quit out of an app to launch a new one. Trust me, kids are fascinated with touch screen phones/tablets.


Can Bing ride IE and WinPho to Google triumph?

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People expect second best??

"...the web surfing public has had its expectations shaped by a decade of second best from Google. They now expect second best, ..."

Bull. Every time I've compared Google to Bing, Google (despite the content farms and spam) still manages to put relevant links higher up the page than Bing. To me that's not second best. It doesn't matter about any other "features" Bing might bring to the table - if it isn't is as good as Google at searching, I won't use it.


India to place $11bn order for AIP hi-tech submarines


India not the first with AIP

"The cash is intended to see India become the first non-Western nation to deploy long-touted, much feared "air independent propulsion" (AIP) submarine technology."

Pakistan deployed it's first AIP submarine (PNS Khalid - an Agosta 90b class boat) in 2008. The other two boats of this class are due to be upgraded with the same (MESMA) AIP system from 2011 when they are due for their first overhaul. I'd expect better from a former naval officer.